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Minecraft Isles
General Information
  • Jason
  • Aphmau


  • 9 (Aphmau)
  • 40 (Total)
Production Information
Original Run

June 24th, 2015 - August 1st, 2015



Minecraft Isles is a SMP (Survival Multiplayer) on a pirate era scenario, where there are different youtubers that have different perspectives on this map. Aphmau did a roleplay series in this SMP, but was sadly cancelled due to scheduling and difficulty to roleplay with survival.


While heading for the course to Tankard Bay, the pirates hit a strong storm. After the storm had settled down, they find themselves that only half the ship and the crew and passengers were still on the ship. They soon found out that the captain was gone which was good since they were all planning on muting him out anyways. They explored the new land before them and decided to have a competition who can prove themselves as the best suited captain.


Episode Title Posted Date Duration External Link
1 Who's Your Captain? June 24, 2015 22:02 Who's Your Captain?
2 Aphmau's Grotto June 26, 2015 17:38 Aphmau's Grotto
3 Somebody's Watching Me... June 28, 2015 18:05 Somebody's Watching Me...
4 The Boys July 4, 2015 22:30 The Boys
5 Ship for Sail July 6, 2015 23:27 Ship for Sail
6 Land Ahoy! July 10, 2015 27:01 Land Ahoy!
7 Arista's Cove July 12, 2015 15:53 Arista's Cove
8 Pirate's Cove July 18, 2015 20:44 Pirate's Cove
9 Washed Up August 1, 2015 18:17 Washed Up


After Episode 9, Aphmau announced that she stopped Minecraft Isles. However, sometimes the characters make cameos on some of Aphmau's other roleplays.


In May 2017, Jess and Jason announced the possiblity of a Minecraft Isles revival series with the involvement of mermaids. As of June 2017, the series is in development, but would not premiere until a few more months due to the finales of MyStreet: Emerald Secret, MyStreet Phoenix Drop High: Season 2, and later Aphmau's Year.

Youtubers Participated[]

Notice, that a few youtubers have set their episodes as unlisted, and/or privated or deleted them.


During that time Aphmau was on Minecraft Isles she met people who were quite interesting...


Pirate yar

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