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Original Run

September 2, 2015 - October 28, 2015

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10–19 minutes per episode



Minecraft Kindergarten was a short, mini-roleplay series about Ms. Aphmau becoming the substitute teacher (then permanent teacher in Season 2) for many kids. These kids include ones from her roleplays and fake kids of her YouTube friends.


Season 1Edit

Episode Title Posted Date Duration External Link
1 Minecraft 101 Lessons September 2, 2015 19:54 Minecraft 101 Lessons
2 ART CLASS September 6, 2015 17:39 ART CLASS
3 Puppy Love September 8, 2015 18:25 Puppy Love
4 Recess September 10, 2015 18:24 Recess
5 The Play September 16, 2015 17:37 The Play

Season 2 Edit

Episode Title Posted Date Duration External Link
1 Back to School October 13, 2015 16:55 Back to School
2 The New Little Angel October 28, 2015 14:07 The New Little Angel


Miss Aphmau Edit

Miss Aphmau is a substitute teacher for Mr. Craig. She can be sensitive, but she is a loving teacher that you wish to have. However, she does have her not-so-nice side, which is seen where she tries to break into Principal Super Mario's office in Episode 1 of Season 2.

Mr. Craig Edit

Mr. Craig is the teacher before Aphmau, who is the subsitute for him. In Season 2, Episode 1, it's said by Principal Super Mario, that he quit his job. He had a mid-life crisis and went to Tokyo to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a Japanese sumo wrestler. Super Mario also said that it makes no sense because he's a twig. Mr. Craig also went to Minecraft College. Principal Super Mario also mentions, that he had issues with the kids, especially those four who blew up the classroom in Episode 1.

Jinbop Jr. Edit

Jinbop Jr is the (fake) son of Jinbop. Jinbop Jr. can be nice but he can be a troublemaker. He's best friends with Sky Jr., Ross Jr. and Barney Jr. He really loves his teacher.

Sky Jr. Edit

Sky Jr. is the (fake) son of SkyDoesMinecraft. He's nice and loving but with mischief. He's friends with Ross Jr., Jin Jr. and Barney Jr. He also loves his teacher like his other friends.

Ross Jr Edit

Ross Jr. is the (fake) son of YourPalRoss (House_Owner.) He's a bit of romantic and nice, and a type of the ladies man. He is friends with Jinbop Jr., Sky Jr. and Barney Jr. He really likes Megan, and It's unknown if he and Tommy are enemies because they both have feelings for Megan. He also apparently want's to go to iHop and live there, forever. He is very shy and kind.

Barney Jr. Edit

Barney Jr. is the (fake) son of ThatGuyBarney. He's crazy and a great artist, and just like his dad, likes goats and dirt. He called Miss Aphmau "dirt" on her first day teaching, which ended up getting him in trouble. He is friends with Jinbop Jr., Sky Jr. and Ross Jr. He also really likes his teacher.

Megan Edit

She is known from Mod Mod World. Megan is nice and loves dinosaurs. She's really close to Tommy and it's unknown if she likes him. In the first episode she caused trouble from pretend attacking Tommy. On the season finale of season one she admitted to liking Ross Jr.

Tommy Edit

Tommy is a character from Mod Mod World. Tommy is smart and a science lover like his father. He likes Megan. He is a good kid, as he never causes trouble, which is very opposite of the series he is originally from.

Levin Edit

Levin is a character from Diaries. He is fun, and the brother of Malachi. He loves playing with everyone.

Malachi Edit

Malachi is a character from Diaries. Malachi is a ghost kid, and is brothers with Levin.

Alexis Edit

Alexis is a character from Diaries. She likes Levin, Kyle and Malachi, and also loves pink and food.

Kyle Edit

Kyle is a character from Diaries. He is very fun and calls Miss Aphmau, "Apple".

CaptainSparklez Jr. Edit

CaptainSparklez Jr. is the fake son of CaptainSparklez. He's put in Miss Aphmau's class for being one of the more troublesome kids. He is friends with Steve Jr.

Steve Jr. Edit

Steve Jr. is the fake son of Steve. He's put in Miss Aphmau's class along with CaptainSparklez Jr. for being a troublesome kid. He is friends with CaptainSparklez Jr.

Lizzie Jr. Edit

Lizzie Jr. is the fake daughter of LDShadowLady. She is a sweet loving angel, but males mischief too. She explained in her introduction to the class, that she is 5 years old, she has a cat named Buddy, and she likes pink. She then also made her cat invade the class with other cats.

Principal Super Mario Edit

Principal Super Mario is the principal of the Kindergarten. Aphmau dislikes him because he's giving her stress because of him signing her with the troublemakers that need to learn responsibility.

Vice Principal Luigi Edit

Vice Principal Luigi is the deputy. He thinks Miss Aphmau's play is overrated.

Mrs. Daisy Edit

Mrs. Daisy is a teacher. She put on a boring play of "Humpty Dumpty" a year prior to the series, and as explained by the Vice Principal, it was a real snooze fest.

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Trivia Edit

  • The series was most likely put to a close due to Jinbop deciding to go on a solo YouTube career.