Mistletoe Wars PT.1
MyStreet 8
Season 1, Episode 8
Post Date December 15, 2015
Duration 23:46
Written By *Aphmau
  • Dom
Directed By *Aphmau
  • Dom
Produced By
Edited By
Storyboarded By
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"The Decoration Fight"
"Mistletoe Wars PT.2: The Kiss"
"Mistletoe Wars PT.1" is the 8th episode of MyStreetIt premiered on December 15th, 2015.


"Laurance and Garroth are having a conversation in the living room about Garroth's missing pet, when Dante walks in."

Episode OverviewEdit

At the guys living room, Garroth is still distraught from losing Sprinkles. Laurance tries to lighten the mood, when Dante is acting strange. He pleads that he was heading to his room, due to getting "sick" from the broken window. 

Suspicious of his odd behavior, Garroth and Laurance go barging down Dante's door for some answers. Dante is seen holding an invitation to Aphmau's party, which he believed that it was directly for him. Angered, Dante mocks the two on their immaturity and heads to the shower. As a retaliation, the two flush the toilet so he receives a cold drizzle. 

At the girls house, Aphmau is in hyteria as the party is nearing in. Aphmau asks Katelyn for her assistance but denies to help. Their preparation comes to an end, the party begins. 

In the living room, Michi and Brendan are sitting on the couch while another set of guesses arrives. Aphmau joyfully welcome them in and expresses frustration as she receives to help from her roomates. 

At the balcony of the second floor, Kawaii~Chan is nervous to meet Reese. Aphmau approach Kawaii~Chan and reminds her of the deal they made in exchange of talking to Reese one-on-one. However, this fails as Kawaii~Chan becomes flustered and runs back into her room, while another doorbell alerts Aphmau. 

At the door, Aphmau warmly greets Nicole. Surprised by her arrival, Aphmau is amazed of her appearance, due to not knowing of Nicole's invitation. Nicole suggest heading to Katelyn's room to knock her out of her mood. Nicole adds the result of her rooming with Katelyn instead of Aphmau, thoroughly explaining that their fights are heated. 

Exhausted, Aphmau refreshes herself by drinking water. Dante approaches and flirts, but ultimately fails. Dante then leave the room, while Aphmau sees McCloud dancing on top of their table, while he receives criticism from the crowd.

Aphmau checks on the other guests, before she notices the door of the basement is opened. In the basement, Nicole and Katelyn are mocking the love shrine. Nicole asks Aphmau to lock Katelyn's room to force her to socialize.

In Katelyn's room, Garroth and Laurance discover Katelyn's poster and pastes a photo of Zane on Zayn's head. The two then ask Aphmau to follow her, but is reluctant to do so.

As the tension hits a climax, Kawaii~Chan is angered by Garroth's and Laurance's sneaky temptation. She corners the two by the door to stop their actions. However, she receives an unwelcome greet by Cadenza, who destroys the door. She expresses that Laurance is the one Aphmau belongs with. This then attracts Nicole, who comments that Garroth is the one who should kiss Aphmau. The three are about to begin their fight but stopped by a quiet laugh. 

Aphmau is revealed to be under the mistletoe with Celeste. She affectionately kisses Celeste, which the girls seem to be fond of. After they finish, Michi and Reese are now under the mistletoe and kiss, which causes Kawaii~Chan to faint. 



  • At 23 minutes and 46 seconds, this is the longest episode released to date in the series. 
  • This is the first episode that expands over mutiple parts (or episodes), for Mystreet.
  • At the end of the episode, Michi and Reese kiss under the mistletoe, much to the dismay of Kawaii~Chan. 
  • The ongoing gag of breaking down doors is debuted


Mistletoe Wars PT.1 Minecraft MyStreet Ep

Mistletoe Wars PT.1 Minecraft MyStreet Ep.8 Minecraft Roleplay


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