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"The Breeding Lo~oove Doctor"

Minecraft Diaries Origins [Ep.6] - Mo' Creatures, Mo' Problems


Jess: Hey, guys! Aphmau here, and welcome to Minecraft Diaries! In this episode, I have mo' mods for you, but, for the meantime, I am now back to being a human. As you may have remembered, I recently did the Spider Queen mod, and I lifted the curse of the Spider Queen by defeating the Evil Queen 'cause she was no match for me! Um, and I decided that I'm going to come back to my village. As you can see, it's totally populated with guards. Everyone's perfectly happy. They're rejoicing that their queen is back. And I decided I'm going to also spend some time with my family, you know, quality time, get to know them. Who knows? Maybe even get them a pet, because I have installed the Mo'Creatures mod, ladies and gentlemen! It is a really awesome mod. I just got it. And I-- Ooh, look, look, look! What was that? Did you see that? I-I did see that. Oh, my goodness! Look at that! That's a creature! That's a lo-- What is that? What is that, is that locust or is that a cricket? If that's locust, I've very, very concerned now. Where did it go? Where did you go, locust? G-Get away from here. Look, there it is. I hope that's a grasshopper. I don't want it-- I don't want a plague to descend upon my village as I just resumed my reign over it. But, uh... Where did--? It's just, like, circling around me like it's the boss or something like that! Get away! I don't wanna be next to you. Don't bring your friends here to this village. I need my village to stay alive. All right, so I have installed the Mo'Creatures mod and I'm looking forward to exploring it. I'm looking forward to seeing a bunch of things. I have not read much about the mod. I want to experience it all firsthand. Uh, but... there is one thing I have read, because with mo' creatures means mo' problems. And mo' problems means mo' kitties! So, I have read about the kitties in the mod, and I'm exciting to, um... show my kids the kitties. Because as you know, I have Katniss and Shepard, who are right here. Hello, Shepard! How are you today? Let's see how he's doing. "Oh my gosh, PLEASE leave me alone!" What?! Okay, Shepard's not very happy with me. All right, Shepard, I will leave you alone. Uh, let's interact with Katniss. She's listening closely. All right, so thank you, Katniss. You're being very, very good today. And let's go see what my husband's up to because we always have to check in with the family before we start our lovely adventures. And yes, I have had, um-- Uh, okay, my husband is apparently hungry, and he's asking me if I had a nice day. Yes, I have had a nice day. Um, I'm getting hungry too, so I should go ahead and make some-- Ooh, iron. I should go ahead and make some raw fish. But the kids seem a little on edge lately... so I decided that it's time for us-- Kids, kids, come here. Come here, follow me. Uh, follow me. You follow me. And you follow me. Now, kids, I have decided-- (stammering) Come here. I haven't spoken to your father about this, but I have decided to let you kids have a pet. Oh, look how excited they are. They are just so excited, they're running around the house with excitement, and Katniss almost left the house, she was so excited. Um... so, Aceton, I hope that's okay. There is a new kitty store in town and I'm going to take you guys there because I believe you're both responsible enough to take care of a pet. Um, so let's go ahead and take some cooked fish. And, uh, we'll take the raw fish out. I actually do need some fish, so I'll keep, like, half of the raw fish and I'll put some of the raw fish in there. All right, kids, so let's go buy your first kitty. Come on, kids, let's go. Oh-- (stammers) Thanks, Katniss. Thank you for closing the door on me. All right, so Shepard and Katniss, we are going to go buy a kitty for you to take care of. Um, now... the kitties spawn in the Plains biome, I know that much. However, I decided that I was going to make a pet store in town. And look! This is the Kitty Store, the local kitty store that just opened up, and Katniss is so excited, she just ran into the-- Into the cat shop. So, let's go ahead. Come on, kids, come on in. Ooh! Here we go. Uh, okay, the clerk is sleeping-- The pet owner is sleeping. That is not very good. Um... but as you can see, they got fresh kitties in stock! Or, uh... they have a kitty in stock, which is perfectly fine. We'll take him, we'll love him, and he'll be ours. Uh, Katniss? Katniss, can you please stop being excited and get off of the table there? I'm sure the clerk would not appreciate that. All righty, so let's go ahead and try to tame this kitty. Ooh, wait, did you guys-- Did you guys bring a medallion? Uh, no, you didn't. All right, so you stay here, and you stay here. You guys stay here, Mom's gonna run home and get a collar. I forgot to buy a collar from the, uh, the Mo' Mart. Mo' Mart. That's like the PetSmart but with, uh, you know-- That's like PetSmart but not-- With Mo' Creatures. But with Mo' Creatures, yeah. Sorry about that, a little tongue-tied. Now, Mo' Creatures seems to be really interesting because I've already seen some pretty scary things running around at night. I'm not gonna say what they were because I would like to keep it a surprise, but, uh... I'm a little-- I'm very excited to go and explore, but I wanna, you know, spend some time with my kids and make sure that they get the pet that they've always deserved. So let's see, um... To make a medallion, you need leather-- Oh, here's leather-- Leather and a gold medal, so... this is what we need in order to make a medallion. So you need two leather and one gold, and there we go! We have a medallion. And now we can go back to the pet shop and, uh, get that kitty. So I'm gonna come here... Ooh. Okay, that fish is cooked, and I'm gonna take that with me just in case. All right, so it's dark. That's perfectly fine. Um, we-- Oh, gosh. Oh, I thought those were skeletons! Those are my guards. All right, that's good, that's good. I was very worried there for a moment. All right, so let's get a kitty for Katniss and Shepard. All right, Shepard, Katniss... Oh, are you guys sleeping? You guys are totally-- I can't tell if you're sleeping, Shepard. You might be sleeping. I can't tell. Um, his eyes looked like they were open. But, uh, without further ado, let's go ahead and get this kitty. Hello, kitty! Um, I'm going to give you a cooked fish! There you go. Can you take the cooked fish, kitty? Kitty, can you take the cooked fish? I think he's stuck. I think he's just a little bit stuck, so let's go ahead and go into here with him. Take the cooked fish, kitty. You don't-- Oh, did you eat it? Oh, good, good, good, good! All right, so let's see if we can tame and name him. Ooh... "Choose your Pet's name." Um... Okay, uh, pet's name... Let's name him "Doomageon." [pronounced "Doomageddon"] Doomageon. There we go, Doomageon. Aww, Doomageon. Hello, Doomageon! Oh, are you hungry? Don't worry, Doomageon, we'll be taking you home. All right, kids. Are you excited? Uh, follow me. Um... "Are we going to come back?" Uh... no, we're not going to-- Uh, we might come back, depending if we wanna get another kitty, but let's take Doomageon home. Uh, all right, come on, guys, let's go, let's go. Let's take him home and show him, uh, where he leaves, his house, and-- C-Come on. One at a time, please. One at a time. Can we do this--? One step at a time, you guys got this. (stuttering) I raised you to know a little bit better than to crowd the doors, so I'm gonna go ahead and, uh, help my kids out here. Ooh, you just got right in front of me. Why would you do that, guard? (softly) T-That's ridiculous. That's ridiculous. (normal speaking volume) All right, so it looks like everyone can come out. Um, is the kitty following me? Kitty, are you gonna follow? Are you gonna follow me, kitty? Oh, Kitty is apparently very tired. Um... he's sleeping. (chuckles) Look at him, he's asleep! That's adorable. Okay, come on. Come on. Are you coming over here, Doomageon? All right, I have no idea how to-- Oh. (laughing) Apparently, I can carry my cat! Am I-- What is going on here?! Apparently-- (laughs) Oh, gosh. Okay, Doomageon is coming home with us. Come on, kids, I-I-I got the kitty. (chuckles) Let's go home. I don't know how this works, but we've got a kitty now. And, uh-- Okay, so let's go back into-- Okay, Doomageon, come here. Come here, Doomageon. All right, let's go back into the house. Um... (chuckling) All right, so... I'm coming into the house, kids, uh, with the cat. (laughs) With the cat. All right, so there's Doomageon, he's in the house. Um, let's see, there he is, all right. Aceton? Aceton-- Oh, Aceton is sleeping, all right. Um, I think we should go ahead and go to sleep too. But the kitty's gonna-- Oh, look, he's so happy! All right, Doomageon, I think you need-- Okay, Doomageon needs cat food, a kitty bed, and a litterbox 'cause, if he messes here, kids, it's your responsibility to take care of him. So, come on, kids. Stop freaking out. Stay right there, stay right there... I want you to both take care of your new kitten. Um... all right, so let's go ahead and start making this stuff for Doomageon. The kids should really be making this, but they're over there playing with their kitten for the first time, so I kinda don't really wanna-- I don't wanna get in the way of that. A-A-A person and a cat-- And any pet. A person and a pet bonding is one of the most greatest experiences. I've had a ton of awesome pets in the past and they're all wonderful. Oh, my gosh. Um, all right, so now we have a litterbox for the kitty, so let's go ahead and put this down. We don't want the kitty to poop anywhere, so, um-- Oh, and look, he's already-- He wants to sleep here. Go away, spider! There's nothing for you here! Go away, shoo! Okay, so now we got a litterbox for him. Go over there, litterbox. All right, well, it's in the center of the room, but that's perfectly fine. Um, let's make a bed for him now. And, uh, Aceton, hello! How are you? "I missed you! How have you been, dear?" Well, I've been buying the kids kitties! Um, we kinda stole the kitty. We didn't actually pay for it, so, uh, we might have some people visiting us here, but don't worry. Don't worry, it's perfectly fine. We'll handle it later. All right, so let's go ahead and make the kitty a, uh-- Let's make him a bed. So, the bed comes complete with a bowl because, at the Mo' Mart, we get mo' for our money. Um, and we need an iron ingot, I believe. Oh, yes, there it is. All right, so there's the white kitty bed. And we want to make Doomageon some, uh, some cat food. So let's make him some cat food. Uh, I believe this is how you make it. Is it? Um, I am not sure. Let's see, maybe it's with cooked fish. Maybe he has to have cooked fish in order to have cat food. No? Okay, well, that's perfectly fine. Um, we'll just give him fish for the time being. That'd be great. All right. So, uh, Katniss is sleeping, and I think Shepard is sleeping. Um... so let's go ahead and put down his kitty bed. All right, you need the kitty bed... there you go. Ooh, oh, I'm so sorry. I-I totally put that next to your, um, litterbox. That is terrible. That is a terrible thing to do. I am so sorry, Doomageon. But you're hungry... All right, um, let's see if I can, uh, figure out how to make cat food for the cat. I need to-- I swore I had it. I swore I knew the recipe. I thought it was a raw fish and that, oh. But let's go ahead and see if we can get the recipe. All right! I was close! It is not a raw-- It's not raw beef, it is a raw porkchop, and I hope I have one. If not, I may have to go out, children, and, uh, go out into the night and-- Oh, he's asleep. Aww! Look at everyone asleep. What a lovely family I have. Okay, I have a cooked porkchop... I don't have a raw porkchop, so I'm gonna have to-- Kids, I'm gonna have to go out. You guys take care of Doomageon. Um... let's see. All right, so I'm gonna have to go out into the night. Now, in the night-- I-I'm properly geared, my health is good. Um... all right, so I should be fine. I might wanna leave some stuff in here. At night, there are a ton of crazy mobs. I have seen a few. I haven't gotten up close and personal with them, but I am very afraid of them, let's just put it like that. T-They look very scary, and, uh... (softly) I'm just very scared. (normal speaking volume) So, after we get the kitten his food and stuff like that, I want to go ahead and start exploring because with Mo' Creatures, I have a lot to do. I just wanna kind of show you guys how cool the mod is with the, uh, with the kitten. Oh, what is that? That's a fly. Holy cow, that's a big fly! Oh, geez! Is that--? Oh, gosh, that's a huge-- Oh, that's disgusting. Oh, gosh. All right, all right, pig, pig, I need the porkchop. All right, so let's make sure that this-- Oh, oh, oh, oh! No you don't, no you don't. I gotta protect my village. I gotta protect my village-- (shrieks) Oh, no! Oh, no! Oh, God! They double-teamed me. And it was scary. Okay, die, creeper, die. All right, so there's a big hole here. I might expand this way. I'm thinking of expanding this way, I'm not entirely sure. Ooh, there's a spider! Okay. Die, spider! Ha-ha-ha! Yeah! All right. So, let me get-- Let's get some kitty food made. Um... it's a raw fish... Where did my raw fish go? Please don't tell me I ate the raw fish or, like, threw it out. And... put it-- I think I put it inside of this chest, honestly. Let's see if I put the raw fish in here. Um... Oh, yes I did, yes I did, it's right there. All right. Good job! Good job, me. All right, so we put this and the raw porkchop next to each other and we have pet food. Ah, yes, pet food. Uh, Doomageon, are you hungry? Um, this is kinda disgusting. I put his bed next to his fricking, um... Ugh, gosh, this is terrible. I'm so sorry, Doomageon. I wonder if I can just, like, pickaxe it or something. Welp, I can't move it, so I am very sorry. Maybe I can just make another kitty bed. If I have the wool, I'll make another kitty bed, so it's a lot more bearable for him. Let's see. All right, so do I have any wool...? No. All right, so you're just gonna have to deal-- D-D-Doomageon? D-Doomageon? (stammering) Oh, ay, ay, ay! Hey, come here. Come here, kitty-kitty. You should not go out like that-- (chuckling) This is hilarious. You should not go out... right now. (stammering) I mean, you're-- We-- No. Doomageon? (stuttering; sighs) My goodness. All right, come on. Let's go get you some pet food. All right, so Katniss, you're gonna be in charge of pet food after this. All right, Doomageon? There's pet food! Doomageon... Are you gonna come over here? I got pet food over here. All right, well, we've got him pet food. I'm gonna go ahead and leave it with Katniss. So, Katniss... Um, here. You have the pet food... and, uh, we'll give that fish to you because you're taking care of the kitty. All right, so are you gonna--? Oh, look, he's eating! He's so happy! Doomageon! You're amazing! All right. So let's go ahead and make sure that we are perfectly geared for exploration because I don't want anything bad to happen to me. I have a diamond sword... I need to make a, uh-- I need some, uh, some more tools. Like, I need to make an axe... Uh, I should take some supplies with me too. I'll take, like, half of the iron. There we go. All righty, there we go! Cool! So let's go ahead and make a axe just in case I find some wood because I'm going to start expanding my, uh-- Like I said, I wanna expand my village... so I need to have more wood. And I don't know if I wanna keep it all one color or make it different colors. Um, I'm not sure. So, hopefully-- I'm gonna see if I can house all of the guards here and house all of the people. That'd be great, to have all those houses and get people married and make them have kids and stuff like that. But for now, let's explore Mo' Creatures mod-- (softly) Ooh, there's this big area here. (normal speaking volume) All right, so I have three cooked fish, and let's see if we can find anything super amazing. Um... I don't see anything just yet. So, we're going to just go into the desert and see if we can find something, something pretty cool. Uh... things have been a little scarce because I think I'm in-- I'm in a Savanna, so I haven't seen anything super crazy just yet. Only at night have I seen crazy stuff. It's just-- Oh, oh, good! (softly) Good, good, good! I need this for cat food. I need that for cat food. (normal speaking volume) Um... Ooh, ooh! Oh! Oh! Oh, my gosh! What is this, a dolphin? Oh, it's a dolphin! (mimicking dolphin noises) I make terrible dolphin noises. What are you doing in the desert? This is totally, um... Oh, oh, you're making-- Okay. Uh, Flipper, what's going on? Flipper? Well, that's really cool, a dolphin. Oh, gosh, I hope there are not sharks in this. I think there-- If there's a dolphin here, I'm pretty sure there are sharks, so I'm going to make the assumption that Mo' Creatures has sharks in it. Um... (chuckles softly) Uh, like I said before, guys, I wanted to experience Mo' Creatures firsthand, you know, just see all the cool stuff. Um, the only thing I really looked up was about kitties because I wanted my kids to be happy with a pet. Because, you know, I don't want them to go outside just yet. I'm still getting over the loss of my other-- My other children!! All right, so we've seen a pig... Pigs are just regular. They're not anything special. They've been in Minecraft for, like, ever. All right, so what else do we have here? Maybe at night. I think night would be a cooler experience because of the crazy mobs. I don't wanna wander too far away from the house though because that could be... a very bad idea, especially since I'm already running low on, um, on food and stuff. All right, so I've seen a dolphin so far... Um, let's see. Can we find anything else? Whoa, whoa, whoa. A little hole there I need to watch out for. So, we've seen a fly, we've seen a-- Ooh. What is that? Oh, I guess a creeper must've blown up there or something. That's just a little... Just a little weird. We've seen some bugs, uh, we've seen the dolphin, we've seen a pig... again, not very special because we've seen pigs all the time. But, let's see. I don't know if there's anything else around here. I might have to relocate-- Like, I might have to make a camp somewhere so I can just start viewing the animals and become, like, a person who draws-- Like one of those sketch artists that work with animals and just sketch animals for, like, those awesome, informative, animal books! Uh, let's see, let's see, let's see. Um, I might have to just wait until night to see all the cool, crazy, creepy, icky... monsters... So far, I haven't seen anything, like, animals. And that's a shame. That's a shame because I have seen some crazy mobs and I'm very afraid for my village. Uh, okay... Is that a-- What is that? What is that? What is that? (gasps) Oh, that's a cow! (stammering) You are not very special. That's a sheep... That's a brown sheep. Well, that's a little bit special. That's a little bit special. Um, all right. So... Ooh, what is that? Is that something? (gasps) Ooh! Are those horses? I should've brought a saddle! I could've tamed a horse! Oh, gosh! Oh, I want to tame a horse. I want to ride a pony. I wanna ride a cool pony. Oh! Oh, that's not a horse! Oh, these are zebra! Oh, this is so cool! Look at the zebra! Oh, wow! Oh, awesome! Oh... ooh. A raccoon!! (high-pitched) Oh, my gosh! You are just so adorable! I love raccoons! (normal speaking voice) Hello, do you want, um... What do I have? I have... I have a-- Ooh, I'll give you a raw porkchop, little raccoon. You'll eat anything. You'll eat, like, from the garbage. I don't have a garbage can for you, but, uh... I'll feed you something cool. Okay, so there's zebras, there's horses... (gasps) Oh, my gosh! Big Bird! Rawr! (chuckles) He didn't like that. He didn't that I called him Big Bird. It's an ostrich. Ostrich, ladies and gentlemen. Or... or a chocobo. That might be a chocobo for me. I love Final Fantasy, so I might call that a chocobo in this game. I know it's not a chocobo, but it's now a chocobo. Oh. Oh, gosh, what's that? (softly) What's that? (normal speaking volume) What is that? Oh, gosh. That looks kinda scary over there. Uh, I shouldn't wander too far away from home. I don't wanna lose my-- Oh, whatever! I'm a good navigator. Ooh, wait. Is that a snake--? Okay, all right, I need to focus priorities. So, I need to go over here. Um... what is this? What is this? What is this? What is this? Obviously, I haven't been-- Ooh! Ooh! Ooh, that's a snake! I thought it was a worm. Oh, okay, all right, um... Hello, snake. Hello, snake. Oh, it's, like, hissing at me. It doesn't like me very much. Hello! Hi-- Whoo! Whoo, whoo! Whoo, whoo! Whoo, whoo! Okay, whoa. All right, did it drop anything cool? Ooh, I got a rattlesnake egg. Ooh, it's a rattlesnake. That's not good. That's no good. All right, so there's a dolphin... I don't wanna go in the ocean because I'm afraid there's gonna be a shark in there. I bet you there's gonna be a shark. Knowing my luck, there will be a shark. Is that a shark? No, that's a dolphin. Is that a shark-dolphin? Laser-shark-dolphin? I don't know. Oooh, my gosh! Okay, what's that? Is that a raccoon? Oh, hey, raccoon! I love raccoons! Oh, that raccoon ate that chicken! Why'd you do that, brah?! All right, ooh... Oh, oh, whoa. I'm a little-- This is a little scary. Hello! Oh, gosh. Oh, what is that? What is living in your leg? Oh, these are, like, the... These are, like, Trents. Oh, my gosh. Oh, wow, wow. This is really cool. Um, can I hit it? Uh... "Egg hatching soon! KEEP WATCH! The hatched creature located..." "--will be lost if you leave the area." Oh. Oh, wow. So, the egg is gonna hatch? Oh, gosh. Oh, maybe I should make a zoo or something like that. That'd be cool. So, I don't think I can attack these guys, and they don't seem to be interested in me, so that's perfectly fine. That's perfectly fine. I'm wondering if I can bring home any other pet-- Ooh, a deer! Oh, a kitty!! Oh, I could totally bring you home to Doomerader! Oh, my gosh! Another village? Oh, wow, cool! Another kitty?! Oh, my gosh, this is amazing!!! I'm finding, like, a bunch of stuff. Oh, there's a ton of guards here too. Oh, this is pretty cool. All right, so I've met a neighboring village. This is really awesome. They have horses here, they got zebras, so... Ooh, and they got a ton of other people. This is a really big village here. Hey, guys! I'm from... I need to name my own village. If you guys have any suggestions for the name of my village, I will totally take them because I am having a terrible-- Ooh, there you are again-- I'm having a terrible time coming up with village names. So if you want to leave a village name, just let me know because, otherwise, I'm going to call it Aphington. And that sounds like it's from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. It seriously does. All right, so I need to put this thing on the map. Do I have waypoints here? I need to put this on the map. Let's see if I have any waypoints. No, I don't think I-- I'll work on it later, but I know where this place is. All right. So, um... I need to get food, honestly. I should've really just murdalized those pigs for their flesh. That sounds terrible, but, uh... (chuckles) But I need food. It's the circle of life. (singing) ♪ And it moves us all ♪ (normal speaking voice) Okay, all right. Um, you guys... All right, so you, pig... Oh, wait, you weren't a pig, you were a sheep, holy crap. A sheep in pig's clothing, quite literally. All right. Well, I do have raw porkchops, so I could make use of that. I do need cobblestone though. Oh, look, a mouse! A little mouse... Oh, how adorable. I also need to name this village too, so if you have any suggestions for that, leave them below, of course. All right, so let's see, let's see. Oh, there's some more pigs over here which is really good. I wonder if the village has a furnace I could borrow. That'd be great... Yeah, that'd be very great right about now. So, kill the pig... I hope I'm not killing your livestock, dudes. Hope I'm not killing your livestock at all. All right, so let's see. So, I've seen a ton of awesome things from the Mo' Creatures mod, I've seen this amazing village... this amazing, really... really far away village, especially-- The fact that they have Trents... is a little bit, uh, scary because, uh, they might be, like, trying to start a war or something like that. That'd be a little crazy if they just kinda rode in on big tree-men. Big tree-men, ha-ha. All right, so it is getting pretty dark here. I do wanna see the mobs at night, so let's go ahead and take refuge in this house... Oh, hello, Jake the Farmer-- (sing-song) ♪ And Finn the Human ♪

♪ Michael the Farmer and Jake the Farmer ♪

♪ The fun will never end, it's Farming Time! ♪

Jess: (chuckles) Oh, man. All right, so let's put this down... I'm gonna give you guys a gift, a housewarming gift. Uh, you know, 'cause you're warming me in the house. So, I'm giving you this and I'm giving you this. I'm giving you a crafting bench and a furnace. So, there you go, guys. And I'll give you some lights, too. How 'bout that? All right. So, I do wanna see the mobs at night... Oh, wow. Okay, so that guard-- The guards here are pretty tough. Not as tough as my guards, but you know, tough enough. I really should get a saddle. I really should get a saddle for a horse. Especially if I'm gonna be commuting between villages and stuff like that. But I do have to work on expanding my own village, so I can't really worry about this village yet. But I should make a bridge between them probably. We'll get into that in a little bit. But for now, let's go ahead and take these cooked porkchops and... start exploring the night so we can see if there's any cool, crazy mobs. I hope I don't die. I will probably die. But you know what? It's okay, it's all good. Um... It's adventures, and we need to go into the wild to adventure! All right, so give me this... Gimme this. I hope Doomrader's doing okay. I know Shepard and Katniss are old enough to take care of a kitty, but... I really do hope they're okay. Um, all right, so I have my diamond sword. I'm ready to go out. Ooh, there's a zombie... All right, I've seen you before. Let's see if we can find mo'. Mo-mo. Momo... Mojo Jojo! Whoa! Whoa! All right. Let's see if we can take a look around... I don't see anything super crazy just yet. But that's how it started when we were looking for animals and then we just, like, ran into a whole slew of crazy things which was pretty awesome. All right, spiders, skeletons... I'm gonna run this way. I really don't wanna get involved with the spiders and the skeletons just yet. I wanna save all my ammo for, like, the crazy stuff that might come out at me. Um, so let's try to make the way back to the village. I'm sure we'll see a bunch of crazy things as we make the way back to the village. Ooh, no, get away from me. Get away from me, uh... Get away from me, zombie. Get away from me, creeper, I don't want you! I don't want you right now. Oh, spider. Please don't kill me, spider. Please. We used to be bros! We used to be friends! Why would you try to kill me?! Why would you try to do that? Oh, what is that? Oh, oh, what is that? Ooh, that looks so cool. Not the zombie, not the zombie. Oh, oh, oh! What is that? Is that a wolf--? Is that a dog? Hey, puppy! Oh, wait. I don't know if that's a good puppy. It's got, like, red eyes. Is it attacking me? Okay, it's totally attacking me. Yeah, it's attacking me. I wanted a puppy. Yeah, this looks like-- I think that's the-- Is that a wolf? It might be a wolf. I think it's a wolf. If it was a puppy, it would be a little bit, uh-- Ooh, ooh. Let's see, what is that? "Fur"? Oh. Oh, well, I-I-- It doesn't say if it was, like, wolf fur or anything like that, so... I can't really tell if-- I'm pretty sure it was a wolf. I'm, like, 100% sure it was a wolf. What is that, though? I gotta go see what that is. I gotta go see what that is. I need to know! What is that over there? What is that? Ooh. Oh! Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God, what the heck are you?! Oh, oh! Oh, get away, get away, get away, get away! Shoo, shoo, shoo, shoo, shoo, shoo, shoo! Yeah, it's barking. I-It's barking. (stammering) This looks like a human wolf. Yeah, it's walking. It's a werewolf. It's a werewolf. I'm pretty 100% positive this is a werewolf!! Oh, God, get away!! This is a little creepy! Oh, my gosh. All right, I'm goin', I'm goin', I'm goin', I'm jumpin', I'm jumpin', I'm jumpin', I'm jumpin'. Hopefully, they're not, like, super fast. All right, oh, gosh. Oh, gosh, oh, gosh, oh, gosh. Oh, gosh. I need, like, Van Helsing or something like that. There's a witch, there's a creeper... I don't even know if I'm gonna make it back to my village back in one piece. Oh, gosh. All right, just run, run, run. I've seen enough creatures. I've seen mo' than Mo' Creatures could ever "mo'" me. Oh, gosh. All right. Okay. Is the wolf still following me? No. Okay, I just got skeletons on my butt. But that's perfectly fine. I'm gonna start eating some porkchops-- What is that? What is that? Like, a zombie ant or something? I couldn't tell. I just wanna run! Get away from me, please. Just get away from me. Get away. Get away. Shoo, shoo, shoo, shoo, shoo, shoo, shoo, shoo, shoo! Shoo, shoo, shoo! Shoo, shoo, shoo! Shoo! I've already had a traumatic enough experience as it is! All right, um... I don't know if I could, uh, get back to my village. I know my village is close to a river, so I'll stay next to this river, and hopefully I'll run into my village. Is that a dolphin? Yeah, that's a dolphin. Oh. What is that? What is that? Oh, God. Oh, God, that doesn't look good. Oh, God, that-- Oh. Yeah. Yeah, that doesn't look-- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, no. No. No. Wait, is that next to my village? Is this my village? (gasps) This is my village! I must protect my village! You will die, evil troll! Oh, gosh, and you got, like, a spider homie back there-- And a zombie! And a creeper!! Ohh!!! Okay, all right. Dead, dead, dead, dead, dead, dead, dead. Troll, stay away. Stay away. Stay away. Stay away. Stay away. Just stay right there. If you can stay right there, that'd be super awesome because I could just, like... Oh, there we go. Awesome! All right, what did he drop? What did it drop? I have to find out. So let's get safe in our home because... (chuckles softly) That was really, really something. A spiderweb, cool. All righty, so let's go ahead and come home and see how Doomerader is doing. Uh, hello. Ooh, Doomage-- "Doomerader." Doomageon! You're just so cute! Everyone's sleeping. All right, so, um... let me see what I have. Uh, what do I have? Let's see. Was lagging a little bit there, but I'm perfectly fine now. Uh, what did he drop? He dropped... netherrack, I think it is? Sorry, guys. Had a little lag issue there, but, uh, now you can see that the troll had dropped obsidian, so that's really useful to know. I can totally get that from the trolls, even though I can easily find it and/or make it. Um, all right. But... we've explored a lot today, we've seen a lot of cool things. I'm looking forward to playing more with the Mo' Creatures mod and Minecraft Comes Alive. I got a lot planned, a lot in store for you guys. So, while the kids take care of their cats, I'm going to go ahead and take a nice, relaxing, long nap, but thank you guys for joining us for this episode of Minecraft Diaries. And until next time, ladies and gentlemen, see ya later!

[Outro Music]