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Zane Moonlight Ward Gif Minecraft Diaries Season 2 Ep 81 His Choice

Zane wielding the completed Moonlight Ward

The Moonlight Ward was a mythical item used by one of the Divine Warriors, presumably Shad the Destroyer. It was intentionally destroyed by Enki the Keeper and he placed a different curse upon each individual piece to discourage others from reforming it.[1]


The Moonlight Ward is an amulet encased in a golden latch with a silver chain. The orb within it flashes rapidly between multiple colors.


The Moonlight Ward has the power to pull multiple people into the Irene Dimension at once.[2]

According to multiple magicks users, the amulet radiates no magical aura.


The Moonlight Ward was taken by Enki, then split into multiple parts and all cursed in an attempt to prevent it from being used again. Each piece was disguised as trinkets that eventually all combined into one, all obtained by and orchestrated by Zane Ro'meave, who knew exactly how to mend the powerful amulet:

Cursed amulet

Jacob, showing his father, Aaron, the trinket Zane gave him

Jacob's amulet[]

Years prior to the events of Minecraft Diaries, Zane travelled to the village of Falcon Claw to give Lord Aaron's son this amulet. When Jacob gave his father the amulet, the whole village dropped dead in an instant except for Aaron himself. While Aaron was in shock over the sudden death of his family, Zane grabbed the amulet from him and escaped.

Alexis necklace Baby from the Pendant Minecraft Diaries S1 Ep89

The necklace given to Alexis

Alexis' necklace[]

The necklace was given to Alexis at her baby shower by Zane. Alexis later turned into a full-grown Shadow Knight and tried to attack Aphmau until Molly showed up. Alexis proceeded to pass out and enter a deep slumber until Aphmau erected a statue of Lady Irene in the town plaza. Everyone's prayers gradually turned Alexis back into a baby until she woke up.

Kikis Zonaralian Pendant Runaway Minecraft Diaries Season 1 Ep 61

Kiki's pendant

Kiki's pendant[]

Also known as the Birth Pendant or Zonaralian relic, this pendant was said to have originated from an ancient tribe known as the Zonaralian tribe. According to ancient drawings, the relic was gifted to the tribe by the Sacred Protector in the sky of the tribe. It was said to have had the power to birth children since the Zonaralian tribe consisted of only women. When Kiva spoke of the relic, she noted her ancestors spoke of the tribe and it was prominent in drawings for being a catalyst of Zonaralian babies. The pendant only requires the blood pricked from the fingers of a male and female.[3]

Zane gifted Kiki this pendant, which gradually caused her life force to degrade. In return, the pendant slowly became "alive" by radiating warmth and a heart beat. An infant girl was born from the amulet, which Kiki adopted and named Leona.

Combined Pendant Baby from the Pendant Minecraft Diaries S1 Ep89

The pendant bonded from Alexis' necklace and Kiki's pendant

Other parts[]

According to Oliver, two men from Levis stole two necklaces made of remnants of the Moonlight Ward. The curses placed upon them gradually turned one man turned into a pig when he ate, and the other man slowly and painfully turned into a statue over the course of two days. Once their transformations were complete, the pendants bonded together in a blinding flash of light. The Lord of Levis ordered the amulet to be sealed away in a vault, only to be stolen the next day.[4]

The amulets to Moonlight Ward Zane The Amulet's Secret Minecraft Diaries Season 1 Ep 100

Zane holding the two the final mended amulets about to bind into the Moonlight Ward


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