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Feb 8, 2017


Apr 18, 2017

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This is the second season of MyCraft with two little kids named Blue and Flower that were left on Jason and Jessica's front door at the beginning of episode One of Season Two.

Premiered on February 8th, 2017, and introduces two little kids, whom Jess and Jason adopt named Flower and blue which maybe could be her actual kids playing with them because she did mention in her Instagram saying something that Julia was hitting Jason while he was crafting.


Episode # Title (Internal Link) Posted Date External Link (YouTube)
1 "Mysterious Gift" February 8, 2017 Mysterious Gift
2 "Baby Survival GONE WRONG" February 10, 2017 Baby Survival GONE WRONG
3 "Flower's Garden SECRET!!" February 14, 2017 Flower's Garden SECRET!!
4 "Babies First Mine!" February 19, 2017 Babies First Mine!
5 "Baby Birthday Party" February 27, 2017 Baby Birthday Party
6 "Helping Jason Feel Better!" March 7, 2017 Helping Jason Feel Better!
7 "Swimming Little Baby" March 14, 2017 Swimming Little Baby
8 "Kids Moving Out!" March 27, 2017 Kids Moving Out!
9 "TOO MANY PETS!" April 4, 2017 TOO MANY PETS!
10 "Their Real Parents" April 18, 2017 Their Real Parents


  • The two little kids introduced in Season 2, Episode 1 are most likely based on Julia and Joseph, Jess and Jason's real life kids.
  • In the beginning of the episode, the children are left outside Jess and Jason's door.