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MyStreet Phoenix Drop High: Graduation Days
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October 4, 2017


October 14, 2017

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MyStreet Phoenix Drop High Season 2

Falcon Claw University

MyStreet Phoenix Drop High: Graduation Days premiered on the October 4, 2017 and ended on October 14, 2017. The series was supposed to consist of 5 episodes according to Jason Bravura in one of his tweets[1], but ended up having 6.


Aphmau, freshly graduated from Phoenix Drop High, enters college orientation week at Falcon Claw University, coincidentally the same university that Aaron is attending. Aaron recognizes Aphmau, conflicted with anxiety, he works to overcome his fears to talk to her again. Fellow students Jenny and Diana become immediately infatuated with Aaron, beginning a long rivalry between the girls as they fight for his attention.


Episode Title Posted Date Duration External Link
1 "Last Day of School" October 4, 2017 28:11 Last Day of School
2 "Will She Notice Me?" October 6, 2017 22:02 Will She Notice Me?
3 "Will Aaron Notice Me?" October 7, 2017 19:00 Will Aaron Notice Me?
4 "Aaron, You're Cute..." October 11, 2017 20:32 Aaron, You're Cute...
5 "Lost In My Eyes..." October 13, 2017 16:29 Lost In My Eyes...
6 "Aaron's Last Chance!" October 14, 2017 18:25 Aaron's Last Chance!


  • This mini-series was mentioned in one of Jason's tweets[1] about a week and a half prior to its premiere.
  • The third episode was renamed after it was uploaded.
  • The logo was made by BinOfTrash aka Amy.
  • This is the first prequel series to have an intro sequence.
    • The intro song is 'One More Time' by Ramin.
  • The first episode had to be taken down and re-uploaded due to some audio bugs which caused Jenny, Cathy, and Betty's lines to not be heard.


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