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January 4, 2017


January 30, 2017

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MyStreet Post-Third (unofficial) is a collection of MyStreet episodes following the conclusion of the third season. 

This is last series to use their original eye design in the character, losing its solid colors. In exchange, the character eyes in the next side-story, Aaron's Ticket, are more detailed and clear. 


After the third season and the side-stories MyStreet Holiday Special and New Years Party finished their run, more episodes of MyStreet episodes continued to air without a season label or side-story beside it. These episodes are canon as it follows its the continuity from where the previous season and side-stories left off. 

Like regular seasons and side-stories, some of these episodes have an overall story arc. One of the most notable are the Shadow Knights moving into the new neighborhood and Aaron working odd jobs to take himself and Aphmau to Starlight Wonderland.

Lily and Alex marks their debut in the MyStreet main series after previously appearing in the prequel series, MyStreet Phoenix Drop High.


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Episode Title Posted Date Duration External Link
1 "Starlight Wonderland!" January 4, 2017 12:37 Starlight Wonderland!
2 "Netflix and Chill - Katelyn's Nightmare" January 5, 2017 14:16 Netflix and Chill - Katelyn's Nightmate
3 "Night Snooper Exposed!" January 8, 2017 16:38 NIGHT SNOOPER EXPOSED!
4 "The Messiest House On The Street" January 10, 2017 16:17 The Messiest House On The Street
5 "Operation "Get Gene a House"" January 12, 2017 15:02 Operation "Get Gene a House"
6 "Night of the Living Cats!" January 13, 2017 15:00 Night of the Living Cats!
7 "Curse of the Living Cats!" January 14, 2017 12:07 Curse of the Living Cats!
8 "Aaron's Odd Job" January 17, 2017 13:15 Aaron's Odd Job
9 "Don't Make Kim Cry..." January 19, 2017 14:57 Don't Make Kim Cry...
10 "Zane's Rock Hard Abs" January 20, 2017 15:10 Zane's Rock Hard Abs
11 "Fanfiction Writing Block" January 22, 2017 15:49 Fanfiction Writing Block
12 "Crashing a Wedding!" January 24, 2017 15:31 Crashing a Wedding!
13 "Kawaii~Chan's Heartbreak" January 27, 2017 12:18 Kawaii~Chan's Heartbreak
14 "Kawaii~Chan and Zane" January 28, 2017 13:00 Kawaii~Chan and Zane
15 "Shadow Knights Cause Trouble" January 30, 2017 17:58 Shadow Knights Cause Trouble


  • "Operation 'Get Gene a House'" was originally titled "Aar-roth-mau Operation 'Get Gene a House'".
  • "Don't Make Kim Cry..." marks the first time Aphmau is absent in the entire MyStreet series.
  • "Zane's Rock Hard Abs" marks the first time Aaron's been absent in an episode since the first season of MyStreet
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