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My Inner Demons
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June 29th, 2019


November 16, 2019

My Inner Demons is a Minecraft roleplay produced by CatFace spanning 26 episodes that began airing on June 29th, 2019.


On a dimension called Daemos, Prince Asch and his knights, Leif, Noi, Pierce, and Rhys, retrieve the last human soul to use the magic within it. In the portal room, Lady Grandma takes the soul and requests one of them to aid in creating the portal to Earth. Noi is forced to offer his remaining magic, leaving him drained of his powers. The five Daemos men enter the portal, and Lady Grandma sends a spirit to watch them as the portal closes.

On Earth, the Daemos meet a human named Ava, who they take as their "prisoner." They decide that they will reside in Ava’s apartment while they become more acquainted with Earth. Reluctantly, Ava accepts their presence, with hopes that they will eventually leave her alone. The Daemos are unsure of how they will conquer Earth, and frequently disagree over plans. When they learn that Ava is the “princess of Earth,” they wish to marry her for an opportunity to rule Earth and take the humans’ magic. Over time, Ava and the Daemos develop a more personal connection and become attached to each other. This is shown through the Daemos’ eventual reluctance to kill her and Ava’s fear of their departure.

During their time living with Ava, parts of the Daemos’ past are revealed in different ways. In episode 6, Ava thanks Pierce for his kindness in helping her sleep. This causes him to have a flashback to a human telling him that “You Daemos lack kindness,” and threatening that what happened to the humans would happen to the Daemos. In episode 8, Noi tells Ava that because he cares about love, he “has to work extra hard to prove himself.” Later on, in episode 19, Leif tells Ava that, when he was an assassin, he was abandoned by his clan during a mission. These point to the fact that kindness and emotions are not valued on Daemos and seen as a sign of weakness.

After Ava and the Daemos visit the Fall Festival, they become closer friends and Ava becomes more open to socializing. During this time, Lady Bish figures out exactly where Asch went. Creating a portal, she sends Zex to Earth, instructing him to bring back Asch unharmed and to kill any knights if he must. On Earth, he meets Ava and follows her to her apartment. Upon his entrance, the five Daemos know that he is not human and become extremely aggressive. Zex takes Ava and, holding her at knifepoint, reveals to her the truth that the Daemos came to Earth to capture humans and take their souls for magic. As a result, Ava loses her trust in the Daemos. Asch agrees to return to Daemos with Zex if he would spare Ava. However, Zex drops a potion that sends all of them back to Daemos, intending to make Ava his prisoner. As Zex drops the potion, Rhys uses his magic to disguise Ava as a Daemos.

On Daemos, Asch, Pierce, Rhys, Leif, and Noi along with Zex begin their hunt for Ava. Separated from the group, Ava lays unconscious on the landing of the steps to the castle. Asch's brother, Rhal, finds her and takes her inside for future questioning.






Episode Title Posted Date External Link
1 The Prince's Desire June 29, 2019 The Prince's Desire
2 "True Source Of A Woman's Power" July 6, 2019 True Source Of A Woman's Power
3 "Ava's Magic Portal" July 13, 2019 Ava's Magic Portal
4 "A Demon's Sweet Weakness" July 25, 2019 A Demon's Sweet Weakness
5 "Ava's Modeling Career EXPOSED!" August 3, 2019 Ava's Modeling Career EXPOSED!
6 "The Kindness of Humans" August 10, 2019 The Kindness of Humans
7 "The Date Begins!" August 17, 2019 The Date Begins!
8 "Ava's Demon Boyfriend" August 21, 2019 Ava's Demon Boyfriend
9 "Daemos In Love!" August 24, 2019 Daemos In Love!
10 "A Spa With Daemos" August 31, 2019 A Spa With Daemos
11 "Ava Is Sick!" September 7, 2019 Ava Is Sick!
12 "How To Become A Queen" September 14, 2019 How To Become A Queen
13 "Demon In The Driver Seat" September 21, 2019 Shut Up and Drive!
14 "The Most Impressive Things Guys Do" September 28, 2019 The Most Impressive Things Guys Do
15 "...Who Is The Boyfriend?" October 5, 2019 ...Who Is The Boyfriend?
16 "How To Date A Guy In 7 Words - Movie Date PART 1" October 12, 2019 How To Date A Guy In 7 Words
17 "A Kiss For A Prince - Movie Date PART 2" October 13, 2019 A Kiss For A Prince
18 "Demon Turned Gentleman" October 19, 2019 Demon Turned Gentleman
19 "Pierce's Quick Moves" October 20, 2019 Pierce's Quick Moves
20 "Ava's Halloween Disguise" October 25 2019 Ava's Halloween Disguise
21 "A Lush Bubble Bath" October 26, 2019 A Lush Bubble Bath
22 "Rhys' Lucky Break" October 31, 2019 Rhys' Lucky Break
23 "Pierce Shows His Strength" November 2, 2019 Pierce Shows His Strength
24 "Breaking A Girl's Heart" November 8 2019 Breaking A Girl's Heart
25 "A POTION To Capture Asch - FINALE PART 1 November 9, 2019 A POTION To Capture Asch!
26 The End of Ava - FINALE PART 2" November 16, 2019 The End of Ava


Track Title Artist Link When it was Used

Episode 1 - The Prince's Desire[]

001 Fog Over the Forest Flouw Fog Over the Forest Ep 1 at 0:00
002 [Missing] [Missing] [Missing] Ep 1 at 0:56
003 Sinister Passage Sage Oursler Sinister Passage Ep 1 at 1:36
004 [Missing] [Missing] [Missing] Ep 1 at 2:48
005 Sneaky Fingers T. Morri Sneaky Fingers Ep 1 at 3:57
006 Hypothesis Jo Wandri Hypothesis Ep 1 at 5:19
007 To the Singularity Bonnie Grace To the Singularity Ep 1 at 9:01
008 All of This Hallman All of This Ep 1 at 10:24
009 You'll be on my Mind (Instrumental) Waykap You'll be on my Mind (Instrumental) Ep 1 at 13:09
010 Hadouken Lupus Nocte Hadouken Ep 1 at 14:35
011 Trailed by Horror Trailer Worx Trailed by Horror Ep 1 at 14:47
012 Ain't it Funny Mica Emory Ain't it Funny Ep 1 at 15:51
013 Your Action Craft Case Your Action Ep 1 at 17:03
014 Tune in Baby Alexandra Woodward Tune in Baby Ep 1 at 17:14
015 Soap Bubble Technician Mike Franklyn Soap Bubble Technician Ep 1 at 20:49
016 [Missing] [Missing] [Missing] Ep 1 at 22:40
017 'Cause you're the one Waykap 'Cause you're the one Ep 1 at 24:27

Episode 2 - True Source of A Woman's Power[]

018 [Missing] [Missing] [Missing] Ep 2 at 0:00
019 [Missing] [Missing] [Missing] Ep 2 at 1:08
020 [Missing] [Missing] [Missing] Ep 2 at 5:34
021 Some Catalan Mysteries Redeemin' Some Catalan Mysteries Ep 2 at 6:06