Neapolitan Villages
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First Formation: Unknown
Second Government: Lorddom
Third Unknown
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The Neapolitan Villages include Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla Villages. Their lord is mentioned to be very lazy, and they only have two guards. They have a blacksmith, who later fixes Garroth's helmet, and a man named Aaron, who was murdered.

History Edit

Lq vanilla village 2

The Vanilla Village.

Their previous known lord was killed because he talked back to the Elder Council, whereupon he was replaced with a "fat glutton", who was the current lord of the villages in Season 1. No one knows what happened to the villages during the fifteen year gap between Season 1 and Season 2 or if the villages are still around after that time.

Appearance Edit

In the first season of Minecraft Diaries, Aphmau set out on an adventure to find Levin's mom. She had been flying around when she stumbled into a murder site. There was a man there, probably either part of the police or a sheriff of some sort, investigating the crime scene. Aphmau had begun to ask a lot of questions and refused to leave. The man then came to the conclusion that Aphmau was the murderer, because all criminals return to the scene of the crime. He threw Aphmau and her five dogs in jail, and shortly after waking up inside the cell she was released. Laurence and Garroth had come to bail her out. After getting out, she was asked to help solve the murder case. She interrogated three people each from one of the three villages.

Garroth first coins the name 'Neapolitan Villages' in the episode, Garroth's Face. The term was again coined by Laurance in Episode 56, when he said to Garroth "Don't you remember what happened to the Neopolitan Villages?"

Facts Edit

These towns are named Chocolate Village, Vanilla Village, and Strawberry Village. And for good reason too. Each of these towns are color coated with their names. Chocolate Village is brown, Vanilla Village is white and Strawberry Village is pink and red.

Residents Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Episodes 30, 31 & 32 are the main three episodes the Neapolitan Villages appear in, with episodes 37 & 56 mentioning the villages.
  • Despite the claim that there's only two guards in the Neapolitan Villages (well, three if you count Lord Puu's Guard), other guards can be seen walking around, throughout the episode, especially in Vanilla Village.
    • It's possible this could've just been a small error from the infancy of earlier Minecraft Diaries episodes, since the village still used Minecraft Comes Alive NPCs, which come with plenty of guards, and that the error in the setup or script, was never noticed.
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