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Sky Blue

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Meif'wa Scouts


Junior Meif'wa Scout

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First Appearance

"Will Aaron Notice Me?"

Voice Actor

Kimlinh Tran


Phoenix Drop High Graduation Days Edit

Nekoette first appeared in the episode "Will Aaron Notice Me?" (October 7th 2017), which was the third installment of the mini-series "Phoenix Drop High Graduation Days", where she is featured knocking on the door of Aaron's room in Falcon Claw University, trying to sell him some Meif'wa Scout cookies (a parallel to real life American Girl Scout cookies). She introduces herself as "a Junior Meif'wa Scout" and at first seems cordial and polite. This expectation is competed turned on its head as Nekoette gradually works in her sassy, determined personality and her innate entrepreneurial abilities.

The sale was made because Aaron eventually got fed up with her, so she left cheerfully to "find more SUCKERS" producing an evil cackle whilst carry the full wagon of cookies in her arms. Being the first operation Meif'wa Scout to patrol the university campus, Nekoette had no trouble whatsoever making lots of other sales. On that very same day she gained lots of attention from loads of students, including Tera, who send Aphmau on a search to find her, by which point she'd completely run out.

FC University Edit

On January 4th 2018, Nekoette (finally) features in Episode 19 of "FC University". Although she is not selling cookies, her routine of introduction to Tera in her room is a carbon copy to that of Aaron. Surprisingly, Tera did not recognize Nekoette's uniform, despite sending Aphmau for her a few months earlier.

Nekoette explains how she collecting donations of "cool stuff" for her Good Samaritan badge. Tera then lets her take a few things. After being allowed to enter, she has a momentray lapse of professionalism and peers at Tera's laptop, which was playing "Drama Rollercoaster." Tera sends her away and she takes the boxes she was told were full of donations as well as Woof, whom she mistakes for a donation.

In the following scene, Nekoette, now pulling her wagon, doesn't notice Woof fall out due to a rock she hit, and thus she disappears from view.

In Episode 23, "The New Werewolf in Town" (aired January 27th 2018), we find Nekoette conversing with fellow scout Kayla about a meeting she's forgotten about. Said meeting turned out to be announcing a troop festival, for which Nekoette volunteers almost immediately, not realizing she'd need an older sibling, or someone to act as one, for the event in question. Naturally, she chose the university as her searching ground and runs straight into a Werewolf Scout named Juno.

By the way she stared at Juno it can be interpreted that this is the beginning of a crush, possibly her first. However, this sentiment is quickly overshadowed by Juno's aggressive attitudes, which matched Nekoette's own snarky manner of expression. She then identifies him as the Werewolf Scout who also sold of "[her] territory", which sparked a rivalry between the two.

Since Juno also needed an "older sibling" to enter the festival, Nekoette gloats to him later after convincing Kawaii~chan, her role model and inspiration, to be her "big sister" and quits the scene, once again, triumphant.





Trivia Edit

  • Unlike her Diaries counterpart, Nekoette is a pure Meif'wa in MyStreet.
  • Her badges are a reference to Flowey from Undertale and her Diaries counterpart giving Aaron apples.
  • Neko means cat in Japanse

Quotes Edit

Why not wear sunglasses?


Everyone needs Meif'wa Scout cookies, toots.

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