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New World
Season 1, Episode 1
Post Date

March 11th, 2015



Written by

Aphmau & Jason/Dom

Directed by

Aphmau & Jason/Dom

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"Don't Drown!"

"New World" is the first episode, and beginning of Minecraft Diaries Season 1, and was uploaded on March 11th, 2015.


"It's been a while since we've written an entry but the time for a new adventure has come! Ladies and gentlemen: Minecraft Diaries!"



The episode begins with Aphmau standing in front of a little hut in the woods, holding a diary. She introduces herself and gives an explanation of the series, as well as giving some info about Season 1. She walks inside the little hut, places the diary on a shelf, and walks to a table where a new diary lays open.

A cut scene plays where two guards are talking. We learn that in the village the guards live in, the Lord has died, resources are dwindling, and there is no connection to other villages nearby to help. One of the guards, whose name is discovered to be Zenix, notices a man watching from behind a tree, who promptly runs away after being mentioned.

The cut scene ends and we are back with Aph who is now in the woods and like at the beginning of any MC series, goes to look for a hole. She only gets a few feet into the forest when she sees another player chopping down a birch tree. She calls out to him and he runs away, leading her to a village. Two guards, Garroth and Zenix, are standing on the edge of the village. The player is attacked by Garroth but escapes, seemingly uninjured. She looks around to see if she can find where he went, but gave up after a few seconds. She looks back at the guards, and hears Garroth make a comment about how horrible the last lord was. She walks through the village for a minute to find the well, in which many of the villagers are trapped

She walks around the well and falls into a small cave. Three times. She takes some carrots from a small farm, and chops down a tree. She goes into the library to use the crafting table and, after eating a zombie brain after Brenden The Farmer appears on top of the crafting table and is led out of the building, she crafts a sword, axe, and pickaxe out of wood. The pickaxe is used to free the villagers from the well. The three or so villagers that get out of the well immediately get back in. She tells Molly, Emmalyn, and Stephanie, or "The Babes" to follow her. She takes them to a small house, sets the place as their home, and dubs it "The Babe House."


  • The thumbnail for this video features Aphmau
  • This episode marks the first ever actual episode of Minecraft Diaries as a whole.
  • Brendan made Aphmau accidentally eat rotten flesh.
  • First appearance of Aphmau
  • First appearance of Zenix
  • First appearance of Garroth
  • First appearance of Vylad
  • First appearance of Brendan
  • First appearance of Dale
  • First appearance of Molly
  • First appearance of Emmalyn
  • Aphmau moved Molly to live in the Babe House.
  • This is where Aphmau began to live in Emmalyn's house. 



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