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"Don't Drown!"


APHMAU: Hey guys, my name is Jessica, and welcome to Minecraft Diaries Season 2! That's right, a lot of you guys have been waiting for this to come out, and some of you don't even know what it is. For those of you that don't, I have right here in my hand, my diary, which goes over all the episodes, in terms of days, and what I did. I did a ton of crazy stuff. I had a family, I raised a village, I got a Pegasus, and a Unicorn! It was crazy! I even became the Avatar at some point. But like all good adventures, they come to an end. However, a new one is beginning right here right now, and there's gonna be a ton of crazy stuff. There's brand new mods, there's some interactive story line going on, literally, the whole shebang.

Aphmau walks inside.

APHMAU: So while I put this Diary away, here-

Aphmau looks at cat near the bookshelf

APHMAU: you can see my cat kind looking at me like 'What are you doing?' I'm gonna begin a new one, right here on my desk, and it's gonna be fantastic, and I look forward to you guys joining me on this adventure. So without further ado ladies and gentleman, I give to you, Minecraft Diaries Season 2. Enjoy.


Two guards are conversing.

UNKNOWN GUARD 1: What are we going to do? Since our last Lord passed away the people have been going crazy. Not to mention we are running low on local resources, and we have no connection to the other villages.

UNKNOWN GUARD 2: Zenix, do not worry. I have a plan.

Zenix turns around.

ZENIX: Wait! Did you hear that?

A mysterious man dressed in green and brown, who was hiding behind a tree, runs off.


APHMAU: Day 1, and now it is time to of course find some shelter, before the night falls. As you can see the day has just begun so I have got plenty of time, there's a lot of trees around here, so I should be good in terms of getting, like a crafting bench going, and all that kind of stuff. But let's just go ahead and find a nice little hole...

Aphmau sees a small hole and goes to take a look at it.

APHMAU: That's a terrible hole I'm not gonna go in there- let's just try to find a nice little hole or something I can-

Camera zooms into the same man in green and brown as before, cutting down a tree.

APHMAU: Hey there's a guy over there! Come here, I need to talk to you! I need to find a nice little hole. If you happen to know where-

Aphmau runs to find the man, but once she gets to the tree, he is gone.

APHMAU: What- where'd he go?

Aphmau looks at the half chopped down, floating tree.

APHMAU: Oh my god, he did- that really upsets me the fact that-

Aphmau spots the mysterious man again and chases after him.

APHMAU: Come here, hey! Come here I need to talk to- you just left that tree- you just really left that tree undone. You just literally were-

Aphmau runs into a village while chasing the man.

APHMAU: Oh my god that guy's getting attacked by that guard. W-Where'd he go? Where'd he go? Uhm... alright. He's gone but he led me to a village! And there's some awesome guards here! This guard is pretty cool, what are you doing?

Aphmau starts to conversate with a guard with armor on, he has white fabric on his chest with a black cross on it.

UNKNOWN GUARD 2: I don't think anyone in the village will listen to any of the guards. Not after how horrible the last lord was...


Aphmau turns to the second guard, who is also wearing armor, his eyes can be seen.

APHMAU: That's Garroth and this is Zenix.

ZENIX: Now that the Lord is gone the village is in chaos. What are we going to do?

APHMAU: Oh. Oh! What kind of chaos is the village going through cause I could help out!

Aphmau starts to wander around the small village, to observe the said "Chaos"

APHMAU: I mean I just spawned in the world so I could absolutely take over this village and become the new terrible Lord. I mean Awesome Lord.

Aphmau comes across a well, with people inside of it.

APHMAU: Oh my god. Oh my god! There's so many people in here! Literally in this water! I don't know where that other guy went, but I'm-

Aphmau falls down a hole into a cave.

APHMAU: Oh hey here's my hole, look at that! This is a nice hole to begin in.

Aphmau climbs out of the hole and begins to look around the village yet again.

APHMAU: Alight so really let's go ahead and see what's going on in this village. So I got a lot of people here and there's' a lot of people literally taking a little nice bubble bath, I don't see that-

Aphmau falls down the same hole again and climbs out.

APHMAU: Gosh darn it I did the same thing again. That is really going to hurt somebody, and uh that's not going to be a good thing and there's- hey look there's like a balinskin there! And who is that!

Aphmau falls down the hole yet again.

APHMAU: Oh my goodness that's the third time! Alright! First time shame on you, second time shame on me, third time I don't know what's going on. But alright so we got Brendan the farmer, and we have a bunch of stuff to work with!

Aphmau wanders down to the crops and starts gathering food.

APHMAU: We also have a lot of food here. Which was something that was about to be a problem but now that I'm actually here in this village I don't have to worry about that anymore. Alright so let's go ahead and get settled in here. I don't think that they're gonna mind if I'm here? I mean- Lydia the farmer... [Aphmau struggles to pronounce Lydia's name] Alright so there's a lot of stuff that needs to go on here but I think I'm gonna go ahead and settle in in this village. Uhm- I know I was looking for a hole, but I kind of already found it down below. Especially inside of the nice little well.

Aphmau makes her way to a forest surrounding the village and starts chopping down trees.

APHMAU: So, first things first, let's go ahead and start with the crafting bench. The basics of Minecraft literally visiting the basics of Minecraft. Uhm- I think what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna stay in this village now and-

Aphmau's first achievement pops up on the screen; "Getting wood" She starts to head back to the village.

APHMAU: Ooh! First achievement. Awh I always love getting that achievement because it's just like you're building your way up. And I might even try to keep track of like the achievement that I have so that way I can try to get them all, but I'm sure that will happen in due time. But lets' go ahead, get this village started! First, let's start by fixing that stupid hole. that's- that's incredibly annoying.

Aphmau glances at the people in the well.

APHMAU: And saving those poor people down in the well! Alright! Lets see, this is a nice- Oh.

Aphmau hears and see's zombies emerging from the hole.

APHMAU: Oh my god that zombie's about to destroy those people, and I just realized that I spawned in with a bunch of cool stuff!

Aphmau begins to cycle through her inventory, showing off the items she has so far. She brings out a gold coin with a dog head on it.

APHMAU: Right here I have a doggie charm-

Aphmau brings out a golden book looking item with what appears to be two swords crossed on the cover

APHMAU: A command elm-

Aphmau brings out a white baton with a golden ball on top.

APHMAU: And a pet wand.

Aphmau begins to beat the zombies up with the pet wand.

APHMAU: Which I am going to use to destroy... Oh. Okay. I can't use that.

Aphmau beats up the zombies with her hands.

APHMAU: I'm just gonna destroy them with my bare hands, I'll show these villagers how hardcore I can be!

Aphmau succeeds in killing the zombie.

APHMAU: There we go. I saved you guys from the zombies. Awesome. Alright so, we're gonna have a little rocky start here, not as rocky as these people because they're just- they're just terribly doomed and- Hey! There's a crafting bench here so I don't even need to worry and-

Aphmau accidentally eats the zombie brain she got from killing the zombies.

APHMAU: Why did I- Brendan! You made me eat a zombie's brain, I don't want to see you again just- follow me. Please, follow me. Here. You need a- sense you're a farmer, I'm gonna take you all the way over here because you could this could be your little farmhouse Brendan. Yeah. Or Bolin since his skin is actually like a Bolin kind of skin.

Aphmau leads Brendan to a house past the crops.

APHMAU: So, I'm gonna put you right in here since, yeah, I have some stuff to spare. You can come in here. See? Come on, you can do it. Oh man! I just housed one person.

Brendan leaves the house.

APHMAU: Hey where you going?

Aphmau brings him back into the house.

APHMAU: Stay right here. This is your house now Brendan. It's nobody else house but yours. You have your nice little place.

Aphmau starts to walk back to her house.

APHMAU: I'm already being a better to be Lord then the other person was. Hello, Aiden the farmer. Alright. Aiden is doing his thing. Wow, now that we have Aiden, we have a lot of farmer's here. I'm gonna have to see what I can do as far as helping them all out! All right, so let's grab some basic tools of Minecraft. We're gonna grab the sword, first off, because I'm gonna need to defend these people since night is falling pretty fast. Let's also grab an axe, there we go. A pickaxe because that's definitely gonna need that. So, there we go. And a shovel, oh we don't even have enough stuff for a shovel, but we have a nice crafting bench here so we didn't have to waste a lot of materials on that. Plus we have a bunch of carrots, we have some zombie's brains, and we're gonna free these people right here because they are just utterly dying! So lets see.

Aphmau begins to break the side of the well using the pickaxe in order to free the people.

APHMAU: I would at least like to have a nice little place settled into.

The people manage to get out of the well.

APHMAU: There we go, you're free people! Run! Get out of there! Don't- Don't- Okay.

Aphmau turns to one of the women next to the well.

APHMAU: Molly's just like hey I was in my bath! This is- This is how I get clean every now and again. All right, follow me. How 'bout you follow me. You follow me.

Aphmau gets some of the people to follow her out of the well.

APHMAU: I'm gonna save the babes first. Come on babes, let's go! Let's go. I'm gonna move all the babes out here. Oh look, their all following me! They are all babes holy crap!

Aphmau opens the door to a small hut and leads the babes inside.

APHMAU: Alright so this is gonna be the babe house right here. Come on in ladies. So, you stay right here. Follow me actually, if you guys could stop opening the door that would be fantastic. It's kind of just slamming in my ear. Alright, so you guys just stay outside of the babe house how bout that? You stay there, and you stay there. There we go. Alright, so this is the babe house right now. I saved them, they are now in-depth. Debt. They are not in depth, they are in debt to me.

Aphmau goes back to the well to save more villagers.

APHMAU: The guards? Well, the guards are really dumb. No wonder nobody knows- [Laughs] [She tries to do an impression of one of the guards] "I say! It's time we take a bath together! A Bath we can't get out of." [Speaking normally] Oh my gosh no wonder nobody's gonna listen to you guys. Alright, so I think the guards are pretty much doomed, yeah, their doomed.

Aphmau replaces the hole she made in the well.

APHMAU: Yeah, we'll just leave them there. Okay... Now I need a few- let's see... I'm gonna get some- try to upgrade my weapons at least. Try to upgrade my weapons, try to get some... maybe a nice bed? Inside of my place? I don't even know if I'm allowed to have, like, the big house. I'm assuming that it's- I mean I haven't seen like a Lords' house or anything around here so I'm assuming that all these houses are up for grabs since the village is really kind of in, like, quite literally in chaos.

One of the villagers asks Aphmau If she is new around here.

APHMAU: I actually am new around here, and I actually haven't properly introduced myself. Kent the guard! All of the guards- Nobody's gonna listen to you guys if you keep acting like that!

KENT THE GUARD: You've heard this from where?

APHMAU: I've heard things from everywhere actually. Yes! See, the guards just keep going inside, they are so bad!

Aphmau falls in the hole for the last time.

APHMAU: I got to fix all of this! Okay!

Aphmau starts to mine in the cave.

APHMAU: Let's continue, let's continue. We were going to get the basic's down here, and as I continue this series I'm definitely going to have to make sure that I do a lot of farming. At least I can say that the nice part is that I found the hole I was originally looking for, so now I have all this really cool material and stuff that I can use. Nothing to fancy just yet. I mean I have coal and that's what really matters at the end of the day, Because quite literally, at the end of the day it gets pretty darn dark. And when that comes this is how the monsters come out and that's when they're like- Oh man, hey did you call for a monster?

A scary cave noise can be heard. Aphmau stopes in her tracks.

APHMAU: What was that? What is that? What was that noise? That was creepy! That was like, really creepy. Alright then whatever, I'll just ignore it for the time being, and start to make some more- start to make a better, like, upgrade for my weapons and stuff. Alright, so, I got- I got a nice little house for the time being until I get, like, you know, evicted for that not being my house.

Aphmau goes back to the surface.

APHMAU: Hello there Kevin the Baker! It's good to see you. And then we have- man we have a lot of farmer's here. Okay. It's time to make some upgrades. There we go, stone sword, all set.

One of the villagers ends up into Aphmau's house.

APHMAU: Why do people keep coming into my house and stay- Why do people keep coming into my house?

The villager disappears.

APHMAU: What- where did you go? What is going on!? Where did he go? Where did he- I'm assuming he went to bed but that was just creepy as heck! I mean come on you don't just stand on somebody's crafting table, look at them, then disappear! It's completely rude! Okay, I'll go with it if that's how this village want's to play! This is a little weird. No, I don't need that, I need a pickaxe- like a brand new shiny pickaxe. There we go. Pickaxe and what else can I get? Basic tools, axe, there we go. Alright so now I can get some weapons. And of course I need some torches and I think we're gonna set down some torches here in the village if there aren't some there already. I don't think there are because just traveling around I haven't seen anything crazy, but I'm gonna go ahead and just you know, kind of light up my area and maybe light up-

Aphmau walks out of her house to place torches around the village before nightfall.

APHMAU: I feel so bad for those guards. Okay, so I can't help but laugh at them because they're just being silly now. Oh god, I hear zombies. Okay, so I'm gonna fix this part because I keep falling down on it. Make it look a little bit nicer later, but for now lets' just start to get the mine going so I can start digging down deep and finding out feelings and stuff like that.

Aphmau spots a creeper.

APHMAU: Oh god there's a creeper.

Aphmau spots a skeleton.

APHMAU: Oh god there's a skeleton.

Aphmau whips out her sword and attacks the creeper.

APHMAU: Go away Creeper! Shoo, shoo, shoo! ooh! ooh! Good I got them!

Aphmau kills the creeper, but a skeleton is right next to it.

APHMAU: Oh god there's a skeleton! Oh a skeleton.

Aphmau kills the skeleton.

APHMAU: Okay. Alright. I'm good, I'm fine, I'm good.

Zombies can be heard in the distance.

APHMAU: I hear zombies and I don't like it. I don't like it at all.

Aphmau starts to dig towards the zombie noises.

APHMAU: I think they're coming from this way. I'm gonna be honest I hear from like around here. I kind of really wanna find them too if there's zombies in the walls. I don't need- I don't need zombies coming over to my place and being like hey we just decided to invade! Just all randomly. Yeah, I hear a bunch of zombies. I want to find them... I also need to find some, some, some iron, make better weapons, maybe some diamond? That would be amazing if I found diamond on the first episode. That would be fan-freaking-tastic actually! Don't think its gonna happen though. And I still see more like, little health bar thingies. Down that way. So let me go take a look down here and see if I can find something cause these guards.

Aphmau starts to dig down towards the health bar.

APHMAU: Are they drowning? Like, are they legit drowning?

Aphmau digs into the well.

APHMAU: Oh god. See, I have a feeling that this would be a wonderful idea if- oh my god are they dead? Did they die? Did they drown them- what!? They're gone! Oh my god! Okay, that cool... I'm a little sad. But at least we know why the village isn't gonna listen to the guards anymore because they're just gonna get themselves murdered and stuff. Okay. Let's see, I hear zombies. I don't know if there's like a little plot hole of zombies around here? But that would be wonderful if there was like a little saddle I can already mount a steed. I'm getting way to ahead of myself. I'm still to get- I still got to take the baby steps first. The first episode you just got to, you know, just chill out and pick flowers and stuff. I mean that's all you can really do. Aside from you know just building up your repertoire with people. Which I haven't really done. And there's a bunch of flowers here. I'm gonna grab them all. Make this place look a little bit- a little bit more scenic.

Aphmau rounds the corner on the surface after she gathered her flowers to see a herd of zombies.

APHMAU: Oh gosh. Oh gosh! There they are! There's the zombies! They were trying to attack the guards and they were being like- oh the guards are smart! Their hiding themselves... You cowards, don't do that! You got to come out and fight! Fight for your right!

Aphmau breaks the well yet again, Giving the guards a chance to escape.

APHMAU: To party! Get out, get out, get out. All right you know, I'm gonna leave that open just in case the guards decide that they're gonna stop being so flaky and oh-

Aphmau opens the door to one of the small houses.

APHMAU: This is where Aiden the farmer lives! All right that's Aiden the farmer.

Aphmau runs off to check on the rest of the houses. She rushes to the babe house when she see's it being attacked by zombies.

APHMAU: Then we got the babes! they need help, they need help, they need help! These babes are lucky that these monsters didn't go after them.

Aphmau turns to Brendan's house and see zombies trying to break in.

APHMAU: Oh gosh, oh gosh. Why are- Oh my gosh. The zombies are trying to get my babes. Already! I didn't wanna be throwing in the action this soon! Okay, all right, all right. Babes? Babes. I gotta push you inside. Come on you got to be-

Aphmau sees someone in the house that is not a babe.

APHMAU: Was this someone else's house? Was this the farmers' house? Can you please just get-

Aphmau accidently hits one of the babes.

APHMAU: Oh my gosh can you please just get inside? I'm sorry I had to hit you but you're just- you're not- you're not helping me help you. So get in the house. There we go. All right. There's the babe house. Babe number one. Here's-

Aphmau hits the other babe.

APHMAU: Alright there we go, wake up! Come on we got some work to do. I'm sorry I had to hit you. I didn't mean to, I really didn't mean to, but I'm trying to save your life here. I'm trying to safe your life. I'm thinking of you. Come here! Hurry before the zombies and the spiders get in!

Aphmau walks out of the babe house. The babe that she was trying to get in is gone.

APHMAU: Where did you go!? She doesn't like me anymore and I completely-

A spider climbs down the babe house, attacking Aphmau.

APHMAU: oh god a spider! Okay, Alright. Whoo! Alright, alright. Babe house, I don't know where babe number three went but I had- I had to wake her up and I'm sure she'll be fine. The guards are doing their job. So I'm gonna go into my house retreat for the night. Oh my gosh, alright. So, I've got quite a bit of work to do Literally, there's so mu-

Babe three appears and enters Aphmau's house.

APHMAU: Oh hey, look she made it! You made it, I'm so happy your here! All right so just stay right there, stay right there, you, you, you, can stay with me tonight all right? You can stay- I'm sorry, I'm sorry, about having to wake you up, it's such a rude manner but you know I really just- I really was looking out for you're safety, Emmalyn the librarian. You know, this is actually a nice place for you so you can hang out here because I got lots of books, you can read books and have like a great time here, you, you, you'll be fine, you'll be fine don't worry, I got you baby. Alrighty guys, well thank you so much for joining me for this episode of Minecraft diaries. We still have a lot of questions that need to be answered, like where did that guy go in the beginning and how am I going to actually fix up this village because it seems like there's a lot more problems than I had originally anticipated.

Aphmau zooms in on a creeper.

APHMAU: We got a creeper infestation problem over there, we got our guards which are making like a huge guard soup here, I might have to like just cover this thing up.

Aphmau fixes the well and covers it up.

APHMAU: I don't think there's any more guards down there thankfully so yeah- I'm just gonna- I'm just gonna cover this place up right now. So yes, guys thank you so much for joining me for this episode of Minecraft Diaries and I will see you all in the next episode! Until then, hopefully, Emmalyn won't be mad at us anymore.

[Third Person]

APHMAU: Until then, take care. Buh Bye!