Lord of Scaleswind

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Nicole Von Ronsenburg


Nicole The Iron Fist




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Phoenix Drop


Lord of Scaleswind

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Dante (Ex-Boyfriend)

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Nicole (MyStreet)

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Princess Rizu

Biography Edit

Nicole was found hiding in the cave system under Aphmau's house in Bright Port with her fox companion, Roxy. She was shown to be able to break the bedrockium flooring under Aphmau's house with her "Iron Fists." Nicole helped Aphmau and Kiki escape through her tunnel system that she found with Roxy. She gave Aphmau a disguise to get past O'Khasis guards that she said made her look like a princess/miner.

Nicole did not say much about herself except that she ran away from her home, Scaleswind, in order to escape her arranged marriage with Garroth.

After going to the Eastern Wolf Tribe and rescuing Malachi, Nicole asked if she could live in Phoenix Drop. She was allowed into Phoenix Drop, and she began to take the small role of a guard for unknown reasons. It was assumed that she simply felt grateful and wanted to give back to/protect her new home.

Her father, the Lord Of Scaleswind, had previously believed that an O'Khasis guard had killed his daughter over two months ago. But, Zane lied and instead said that Aphmau had staged the whole thing and was keeping her captive in Phoenix Drop. When given five days to bring Nicole to the Lord of Scaleswind or Phoenix Drop would be burned down, Nicole goes missing. She was captured by Brian, who had betrayed his home and family for Zane and O'Khasis.

Soon later she is found by Kenmur and Emmalyn via heat sensing goggles. Later it was known that Zane had Brian hide her to start a war with her father to kill Aphmau. Zane didn't know until later that his plan failed. Once rescued, Nicole goes to the main battle in the plaza and punches her father, giving him a black eye, then explains what happened.
Nicole enjoying life

Season Two | Fifteen Years Later Edit

15 years later, as of Season Two, she is now Lord of Scaleswind and has a son, Dmitri. When asked who the father is, Nicole lied that the father died before Dmitri was born and refuses to tell anyone the father's name to hide the fact that Dante was the father. 

In Episode 21, Aphmau and Katelyn are looking in Scaleswind's library for books associated with Lady Irene, or the Meif'wa curse that Aphmau, Katelyn and Laurance were placed under by Michi, when they inadvertently find Nicole's diary hidden in the library. Katelyn decides to read the diary, though Aphmau protests against it, and it was revealed that Nicole was in a relationship with Dante until a bad breakup about seven years prior. As of now, Dante lives in Phoenix Drop with his wife, Kawaii~Chan, and the couple's only child - a six-year-old daughter named Nekoette~Tan.

When Aphmau returns to Phoenix Drop from her temporary stay in Scaleswind, it is revealed that Dmitri stowed away on her ship because he always wanted to visit Phoenix Drop. This occurs after being told several stories by his grandfather that take place there. His mother however, had never let him go. Aphmau is originally frustrated with him, but Kawaii~Chan offers to look after him - as Nekoette~Tan and Dmitri instantly get along when they meet until Nicole comes to get him.

Nicole comes about two days later in a small ship, but stays on the boat for fear of meeting anyone, and asks Aphmau to bring Dmitri to the docks on her behalf. Aphmau explains to Dante that she needs to collect Dmitri on Nicole's behalf. Dante excitedly requests Aphmau to invite her to his home but Aphmau tells Dante that Nicole does not wish to see anyone and her only intention was to collect Dmitri.

Dante, enraged by her consistent avoidance, furiously storms up to the docks and demands for an explanation as to why Nicole has been avoiding him for seven years. In the argument that follows, Nicole starts crying and expresses her anguish over how quick Dante moved on. She is then caught up in the slur of the moment and reveals that Dmitri is Dante's son. She then reveals what really happened all those years ago. After her departure from Phoenix Drop after the two broke up, Nicole returned to Scaleswind but soon discovered she was pregnant with Dante's child.

She waited for three months before going back to Phoenix Drop with the news about the pregnancy, but was shocked to discover that he had moved on, and was in an engagement with Kawaii~Chan, who was already 3 months pregnant with Nekoette~Tan at the time. Distraught due to her love for him, and feeling somewhat betrayed by the fact he had gotten over her so quickly, Nicole decided not to risk tearing apart his new family and discreetly went back to Scaleswind, where she forged the idea of the father being dead before Dmitri's birth, and raised Dmitri as a single mother.

Dante is infuriated by the fact that Nicole didn't tell him about his son, and Aphmau made Nicole agree to explain the truth of the situation to everyone involved - including Dante, Kawaii~Chan, Nekoette~Tan, and particularly Dmitri. Nicole decided to have a small amount of recuperation time before doing so. Dante was in shock, and his wife, daughter and son were not currently aware of what was going on between them until season two episode 28, where everything about his past personal life was revealed to Nicole, Aphmau, and Kawaii~Chan.


Nicole has waist length auburn hair and what appears to be goggles on her forehead. Her eyes are grey with the bottom half being lighter than the top. She wears faded brown clothes with a checkered overlay and leather boots. Nicole has never been seen so far without her "Iron Fist" gloves on in addition to her goggles. In season two she has brown trousers and a midriff-revealing gray top, neither of which seem to be armored and her hair is styled in the same way as Nekoette~Tan's. Her overall style would be seen as Steampunk or Miner-like. Her appearance is thought to be more fake with likely dyed hair, since in season one, when disguising Aphmau, she states "You don't think I really look like this, do you?".

Nicole mostly wears clothing that is brown and steampunk themed. She accessorizes with her signature goggles worn on her head. 


She is very spunky, funny and a master of disguises. She is a "steam-punk" fighter. She also is a hardcore fighter, who does not seem to be afraid of anything, although this may be a facade to hide her true, deeper rooted thoughts and fears. She is also never seen as a pushover and is ready to 'reel in' Katelyn at any time. She has a very similar personality to Katelyn, however in MyStreet she is more calm and joyful. Dante has described her as mischievous as well.

Side Stories Edit

Nicole has appeared in many side story episodes. 

Trivia Edit

  • Nicole is a Greek name meaning "people's victory". It can also be translated to "victorious people".
  • She has/had a fox named Roxy, who would help her find her way through the caves.
    • This makes sense, since Arctic Foxes can sense heat in caves.
  • Nicole's voice actress is PrincessRizu.
  • Both Katelyn and Nicole use unarmed-type/pseudo weapons. Katelyn is the Fire Fist, and Nicole is the Iron Fist, Which makes them "Sisters-In-Pugilist" (Boxing).
  • Kawaii~Chan refers to her as her sister because of Dmitri and Nekoette.
  • Her iron fist gloves can punch through bedrockium, as seen in Season One episode 61.
  • She is good friends with Katelyn. This is most likely because of their fighting style and their similarities in personality.
  • Nicole met Abby during the 15 years Aphmau and the others disappeared.
  • Von Ronsenburg is similar to the character Basch Fon Ronsenburg from Final Fantasy XII, and the name is mentioned in Aphmau's playthrough of Borderlands 2.

Quotes Edit

"Okay, so.. with Roxy's help we were able to mine out another way out. However..They're out there.. all of those O'khasis guards. Wait.. do you think, that maybe.. Aphmau! Go check by the latter! Maybe after they saw you and Kiki weren't in there anymore they decided to go check out in the wilderness - it's possible that we might be able to escape out of the house. Quickly, go check!"

Nicole to Aphmau in 'Princess Aphmau?'
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