"Scrub" (By Lady Grandma)

"Boyfriend" (By Ava's parents)




Dual Knives, N/A Magic









Hair Color

Salmon pink

Eye Color


Professional Status


Personal Status


  • Ava ("Prisoner')
First Appearance

"To The Other Side"

Voice Actor

Michael A. Zekas

Noi is one of the main protagonists in My Inner Demons.


Not much is known about Noi, other then that he is the lowest ranking of Asch's Guards/Knights and a cinnamon roll

In the first episode, To The Other Side , it is shown that Noi, Pierce , Rhys , and Leif are all trying to collect a Soul , where they fight over for who gets to give it to Asch. Where Pierce grabs the Soul, and Asch casts a ring of fire around Pierce, while everyone bows while Asch checks on them. Lady Grandma comes along, and Noi says a remark about the last Soul they killed, which Lady Grandma hits Noi with her cane and tells him off.

Said from Lady Grandma, that the magic throughout Daemos is fading, and that everyone in Daemos might soon lose their magic. Lady Grandma then flirts with Pierce, following up that she needs someone with power to help her make the spell. Pierce, being too awkward to go up, asks Noi. Where Noi calls Lady Grandma "old", and she throws a book at his face. Where Asch asks Leif to take it, where Rhys intervenes. Lady Grandma then has Noi hold her hand, while she makes the spell for Asch to cast to lead them to the "new world" to find magic for Daemos. Noi then drains his power from doing this act. Asch then takes the spell from Lady Grandma, and casts it, which opens a portal to the new world. Asch and the others find out that the new world they are going to is Earth. Asch, followed by Pierce, Lief, Noi, and Rhys, go into the new world.

While stepping into onto Earth, the oxygen level for them are heavily dangerous (I.E. Noi and Asch's skin start to 'burn' from the sun, and Leif can hardly breathe and move, along with Rhys and Pierce having a hard time breathing as well) And Asch suffocates from the "lack" of air, and 'dies'. Where Ava just so happens to be throwing out her garbage, where she encounters the boys, and see's Asch on the ground. Ava then proceeds to give Asch CPR, and bring him back to life. Pierce then grabs Ava and sticks her on a tree branch by her sweater/hoodie.

After this, Asch and the gang look around, (and get picture attacked by two girls,) and Noi spots two cosplayers across the street, thinking they are from Deimos. The cosplayers explain that they don't role-play, which confuses Noi, as they ask him about "how he attached his horns to his wig". Noi, being confused, watches how one of the cosplayers removes a horn from his wig. Because of this, Noi screams and faints.

Later, Asch and the gang head back to Ava, where he demands her descend from the tree, where Ava begins to yell at Asch, and not understand that they aren't role-playing. Asch gets angry, and burns down the tree Ava is stuck on, letting her down. Ava is shocked by this and grabs Asch's horn to see if it is real, because of this Asch blushes, (and Lief says "Not in public!", so Grabbing horns / rubbing them could be sexual for demons / Daemos ). Pierce then covers Noi's eyes, making sure he doesn't see Ava touching Asch's horn. Ava realizes that Asch and his friends, are in fact real demons, and she passes out. Johnny, Ava's cat, then rubs up against Asch's leg and leads the gang to a place so they can take Ava and not be seen. Where Asch follows him, along with Leif, Noi, and Rhys, while Pierce carries Ava away.

In the episode "Ava's Demon Boyfriend," it is revealed that because of Noi's compassion, he tended to be a target back in his world and that if it weren't for Asch sparing him, he would've most likely been dead by now.


Noi has pale skin, Salmon pink hair, and orange eyes, along with orange horns that stick out of the sides of his head and directly upward. Noi wears a collared navy and yellow short-sleeved shirt, and his right arm has white and yellow bandaging, while his left arm has grey and yellow armor. Noi's belt is white, as well. Noi wears yellow pants, with grey and brown armored boots.


Noi sometimes acts like the youngest of the family, and can be sometimes naive and does or says things without thinking. Examples are him speaking ill of the dead, calling Lady Grandma old, running over to the cosplayers. He is also shown to be quite feisty. He is shown to also be very fearful due to him screaming in the other direction when he annoyed Ava's cat. At times, he also can be paranoid and insensitive. He is also known to be a sweet little confused cinnamon roll at times <3.

Trivia Edit

  • Noi would've been killed back in his world (because of his compassion) if it weren't for Ash sparing him
  • Noi likes pizza
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