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One Last Time...
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Episode 3
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December 9, 2017



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"One Last Time..." is the third and final episode of "Her Wish" . It premiered on December 9th, 2017.


"Renee treasures these moments..."


While Aphmau plays in the snow outside, Renee watches- that is, until Aaron encourages her to join, and she does. The trio start to build a snowman together, teaching Renee how, and she finds it adorable. They build a second one, chatting until they're interrupted by Zane pelting Aphmau with a snowball. She tells Renee to throw one back, which she does- but it hits an unsuspecting Garroth instead, and a snowball fight breaks out.

Renee and Aaron are left to bake while Aph goes to Lucinda's house to wrap Aaron's present. Renee asks Aaron a bit about his family, and almost starts to cry when he says he's glad they met. They start to make the cookie dough, and Renee tries raw cookie dough for the first time before they cook it. Aph gets home and they all make the rest of the cookies (and strawberry puffs) together.

In the middle of that night Renee gets out of bed and goes outside, where "Sylvana" is waiting for her. Suddenly Renee's hair turns to black and her eyes change color- revealing herself to be Alina, Aphmau and Aaron's daughter from Minecraft Diaries. "Sylvana"'s disguise drops too, and an old man stands in her place. Alina doesn't want to leave, but accepts she must go back to her own world. Before she goes, she leaves a present on their doorstep with her real name attached.

The next morning, Sylvana comes to Aph and Aaron's door to greet them. She seems confused when they mention Renee, thinking them crazy. She gives them Alina's gift and leaves. At Garroth's Christmas gathering, Kim bakes while Garroth plays with some toys. Kawaii~Chan and Zane exchange gifts. Katelyn gifts Lucinda a white witch's hat, and Dante gifts Laurance a copy of 'The Only Dating Tips You'll Ever Need (Vol. 2)' by Smooth Dante himself.

At home, Aphmau and Aaron sit together on the couch. Aaron remarks that 'Alina' sounds like a name Aph might use, and they open the present to find three stockings with the letter A embroidered onto them. Outside, there's three snowmen- the two large ones they all built together, and a smaller one with a purple scarf that Alina (presumably) built herself.



  • Lucinda receiving a white witch's house could be a reference to her Diaries counterpart, who was referred to as 'The White Witch' during the timeskip.
  • It can be assumed by Aphmau's reaction to the stockings that she and Aaron were either considering to have or were already expecting a baby.
  • Despite the fact that it's an alternate canon after the events of season 6.



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