Out of Time
Mystreet Season 6 Ep 9
Season 6, Episode 9
Post Date October 14, 2018
Duration 16:45
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"Too Late PT. 2"

"Out of Time" is the ninth episode of "MyStreet: When Angels Fall" It premiered on October 14th, 2018.

Description Edit

Let your rage consume you.

Synopsis Edit

With the population of Starlight now in the main resort checkpoint, the Guardian Forces now ask Michael to allow permission for the to go people in as witnesses. Michael allows it, and the people enter.

Meanwhile, by the main walk, Michael enjoys tormenting Travis, thanking him for being an easier vessel for him to use. Trapped, Travis can only look on, in tears, as Michael torments him with the possibility that, should he ever try to escape, he can simply kill Katelyn, who is trapped under forever potion effects. A helicopter arrives and a GF soldier asks Michael to enter. Michael agrees, but also tells Katelyn to get ready for her part, though she states that she want to stay with him. Michael plays along, and she agrees to get ready...

Aaron looks on, traumatized with the fact that Aphmau and all his loved ones are dead. With a gym bag in hand, he heads for the Resort Lake...

At the Resort Lake Bridge, Ein is ecstatic. He laughs on the fact that Aphmau is now dead (but not really). He greatly enjoyed killing her and watching Aaron's expression when it happens. He wonders when Aaron will finally come, while people begin to approach the lakeside. They notice werewolves on the bridge and wonder if the Ultima is amongst them. The GF order them to continue walking....

Blaze spots Aaron, which cause everyone at the bridge and lakeside to begin demanding that they kill him or arrest him, as he is the reason that they in this situation. Soon, GF soldiers surround the bridge, while Michael watches from a helicopter above. Blaze is the first to confront Aaron, demanding him to explain himself on the matter. He tells him that he lied and he should tell them all why this is happening. Aaron, close to tears, asks him to move, but Blaze refuses. Soon, Blaze tells him that it was Aaron's fault that all his loved ones are dead, which goes too far. In an fit of rage, Aaron gets his Ultima eyes and murders Blaze by slashing him in the chest. Other werewolves get involved and try to tackle, but Aaron kills them as well. Now alone with Ein, they confront each other, with Ein laughing over the deaths. Aaron's anger reaches a breaking point, transforming himself into the true form of the Ultima. The nearby people, who become terrified at seeing Aaron, back away, but they look into his eyes, and die as others flee.

Both Ein and the transformed Aaron soon fight each other, and after a few fights, Aaron pins Ein and soon slashes him through the chest, killing him. From his helicopter, Micheal watches and soon orders two people form the other helicopter nearby to stop Aaron. Both Katelyn and Garroth jump out, and soon proceed to fight with Aaron. After seemingly winning, Aaron is defeated by both of them and is knocked unconscious.

As groups of people that escaped the Ultima attempt to clean up the damage, Michael lands nearby and arrives at the place where Aaron lies. Jokingly, he states to a semi-conscious Aaron that his grandfather should not have done the same as he did, which resulted his death, and claimed it was quite satisfying that this all happened. With an open eye, Aaron looks at Michael, to which in turn he states that he can't turn him, as he is also a cursed soul, which meant that neither of them can hurt the other. He asks Aaron to keep his anger, as they (the GF) had killed his parents, and soon orders Katelyn and Garroth to collect him for transport to The Cannon before he transforms back into a human.

Alone, Michael head to the bridge and soon spots a ray of light take the sword. He calls out to Irene, mocking her on the fact that she could do little to fix what she could and that her time is coming and the best she could do is hide. If not, he was going to was going to enjoy every moment hunting her down.

Trivia Edit

  • Kai was seen in the crowd.
  • Jess stated that Aaron was supposed to decapitate Ein when she wrote the plot for this episode, but there were animation errors and it would be extremely graphic.
  • This is the only When Angels Fall episode to not release on a Saturday.
  • This is the final When Angels Fall episode that does not premiere.
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