Great Lorddom of Phoenix Drop, Village of Peace and Tranquillity
Some attributes
First Formation: Years before Season 1, Episode 1
Second Government: Federal Monarch-style Lorddom
Third Unknown
Other attributes
S2 Settlement

The Phoenix Drop settlement in Season 2

 Phoenix Drop is a prosperous village, located in the north of the Ru'aun Region. Known for being one of the most influential villages of it's time, for protecting villages In need from dark forces and O'khasis' influence. The village was a major tourist attraction in the region before it's downfall. Levin became the Lord of Phoenix Drop during Season 2, and as of Season 3, Aphmau has returned to her position as Lord. The village's population is heavily influenced by the Irene religion, with only a small minority of the populous not worshipping Irene. The village has the best civil rights in the entire region that gives even non-humans high civil rights.

Phoenix Drop is the main village Aphmau resides in. It was a beautiful town with many people. It has a Lady Irene statue, which is very rare. Aphmau was the Lord of Phoenix Drop until she disappeared in the Irene's Dimension. 15 years later, in Season 2, Phoenix Drop has slowly become decayed, many of the villagers left in a panic searching for Aphmau and none of them wanted to take over the position as Lord. All that remains are ruins, large trees, Aphmau's house, (kept intact by Levin and Malachi) and a small settlement of the remaining villagers at the beach. Levin has taken over the position of Lord in Season 2. Levin asked Aphmau if she wanted to take back her title as Lord, and Aphmau refused, saying Levin was destined for this. Aphmau wants to possibly make a new village now that Levin is Lord of Phoenix Drop. Aphmau and her friends then rebuilt the wall to help her children take over Phoenix Drop again back from the bandits. After three years, Phoenix Drop has become a much bigger town, and travelers from all over Ru'aun come to see Lady Irene. (Lady Aphmau)

Aphmau has a larger house and a bigger better dock now.

Parts of the villageEdit

Decayed Kawai~Chan & Emma'sHouses

Kawaii~Chan's House + Emma and Corey's House

Housing district:Edit

  • Aphmau's house. (Intact)
  • Cadenza's house. (Decayed)
    Decayed Market


  • Emma and Corey's house. (Decayed)
  • Emmalyn's house/library. (Decayed)
  • Kawaii~Chan's mini café/house. (Decayed; renovated as of Season 3, Episode 1)
  • Dale and Molly's house. (Decayed)
  • Nicole's house. (Decayed)
  • Kiki's barn. (Decayed; renovated as of Season 3, Episode 1)
  • Lucinda's house; In Phoenix Drop as of Season 2, Episode 58 (Intact)
  • Brendan's house. (Decayed)
    Decayed Guard Quarters

    Guard Quarters


The Guard Posts: Edit

  • The Guard Towers 1, 2, 3, and 4. (Decayed)
  • Old Guard Post (Now Guard Quarters, now decayed)

Other: Edit

Old Docks

The Old Docks (S2)

  • Lady Irene Shrine (Intact)
  • Ungrth's Grave (Decayed/Robbed)
  • The Docks (Decayed at the beginning of Season 2, now fixed at Season 2, Episode 82)

The Settlement: Edit

  • Dante and Kawaii~Chan's house
  • Levin's house
  • Donna and Logan's house
  • Tree House/Guard Tower

The Walls Edit

The walls that surround Phoenix Drop offers protection to the villagers. It was built by Brendan, Brian, Corey, and Dale. In the battle of Scaleswind and O'Khasis against Phoenix Drop, some of the walls were destroyed by Black Mages.

Phoenix Drop Gates

Season 2 Edit

Now there is a second set of walls inside the older, decaying ones that protect the small settlement the remaining Phoenix Drop villagers created. In Season 2, Episode 5 "The Relic," the walls have been repaired with regular stone in the outro of the episode. The group (people from Irene's Dimension group) went mining, cut off vines, and tested the gates. They made it as a surprise for Levin, to keep bandits away from Phoenix Drop, and expand their territory once again. (Except the Stranger, who kept watch, and Katelyn, who went out to purchase improved materials to improve the walls to be much more resistant, and deter any large amount of bandits.)

Aphmau's House Edit

Aphmau's House

Aphmau's Home in S2

Phoenix Alliance (Season 2) Edit

As of Season 2, the Phoenix Alliance has disbanded. New Meteli is now a part of the new Phoenix Alliance. Castor's/The Chicken Shaman's `Chicken Village' became a part of the Phoenix Alliance in Season 2, Episode 8 - The Shaman's War. Scaleswind became a member of the alliance in Season 2, Episode 25.

Enemies (Season 1) Edit

  • Zane (High Priest of O'Khasis) (Presumed dead as of Season 2, Episode 81; returns in Season 3, Episode 1)
  • Lillian (Prophet/Masked Man) (Deceased)
  • Brian (Traitor/Son of Dale and Molly) (Fled)
  • O'Khasis (Except Katelyn and Garroth)
  • Sasha (Shadow Knight, )
  • Gene (Shadow Knight)
  • Zenix (Old Apprentice Guard/Traitor) (Fled)

Enemies (Season 2) Edit

Pheonix drop in season 1.. and dale

Phoenix Drop in Early Season 1

Villagers Edit

Lords, Present and Former: Edit

  1. Malik (Deceased)
  2. Aphmau (Season1 and Season3)
  3. Levin (Season 2)

Guards (Season 1): Edit

  • Garroth (Head Guard, now Jury of Nine Guard) (In Irene's dimension)
  • Laurence (Second in Command, on a list of candidates for the Jury of Nine)
  • Dante (Rogue type, two katanas, no shield, on a list of candidates for the Jury of Nine)
  • Brian (Revealed to be a spy, son of Dale and Molly, fled presumably to avoid capture)
  • Dale (Former Guard/Phoenix Drop ‘Accountant') (Left Phoenix Drop)
  • Katelyn (Former Jury of Nine Member)
  • Brendan (Left Phoenix Drop but occasionally comes back to pretend to be living there)
  • Corey (Left Phoenix Drop)
  • Nicole (Daughter of Lord of Scaleswind, Lord of Scaleswind as of Season 2)

Guards (Season 2): Edit

How and why

Phoenix Drop during the war against Scaleswind and O'khasis

Magicks Users, Witchcraft Users, Werewolves, etc... (Season 1): Edit

  • Laurance (Shadow Knight)
  • Malachi (Ghost) (Now a human)
  • Kawaii~Chan (Animation Magicks)
  • Zoey (Elf of Yggdrasil Forest, Barrier Magicks)
  • Logan (Werewolf)
  • Yip (Werewolf, adoptive son of Logan and Donna/child)
  • Lucinda (Witch) (Left Phoenix Drop, came back in Episode 53 of Season 2)
  • Emmalyn (Librarian and Minor Witchcraft User)
  • Kiki (Animal Magicks; Can talk to animals) (Left Phoenix Drop and went to Scaleswind)
  • Lillian (Prophet/Masked Woman, Deceased)
  • Sasha (Shadow Knight)
  • Aphmau (Lady Irene's descendant, possibly)
  • Levin (Lady Irene's Descendant)
Phoenix Drop Tree

Magicks Users, Witchcraft Users, Werewolves, etc...(Season 2): Edit

  • Aphmau (Former Lord, Lady Irene)
  • Emmalyn (Librarian) (Minor Witchcraft User)
  • Yip (Werewolf, adoptive son of Logan and Donna/teen)
  • Logan (Werewolf)
  • Zoey (Elf of Yggdrasil Forest, Barrier Magicks)
  • Kawaii~Chan (Animation Magicks)
  • Laurance (Shadow Knight)
  • Lucinda (Witch)
  • Garroth (Descendant of the Divine Warrior Esmund)
  • Travis (Demon Warlock, Descendant of the Divine Warrior Enki)

Normal Villagers/Merchants (Season 1): Edit

  • Emma (Mother to Kyle)
  • Molly (Mother to Alexis and Brian)
  • Oliver (Merchant) (Season 2; Status Unknown)
  • Logan (Merchant)
  • Donna (Healer)
  • Cadenza (Seamstress, Daughter of Lord Hayden of Meteli) (Season 2: Left Phoenix Drop & Lord of New Meteli)

Normal Villagers/Merchants (Season 2): Edit

Children (Season 1): Edit

Children (Season 2): Edit

Children (Season 3): Edit