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Hair Color
  • Light Blonde
  • Light Pink highlights
  • Hot pink tips
Eye Color
  • Light Pink/Magenta
Professional Status

Mod Researcher Scientist


Laila (Girlfriend and Assistant)

Previous Partner

Modzilla (Ex-Boyfriend; Rival)

Personal Status


  • Renee (Older Sister)
  • 5 Unnamed Older Sisters

Polly (Old Realm)

First Appearance
Voice Actor

Elsie Lovelock

Biography Edit

Polly comes from a rich family and is the youngest daughter. She has six older sisters (one being Renee). Her parents are both scientists and so are her older sisters, they are well known scientist except for Polly. Her dream is to be a well known scientist just like her family. She is the ex-girlfriend of Professor Modzilla (Monty). Polly is a very knowledgeable person, but does not know how to deal with love situations. She loves cats like her best friend and 'intern' Laila.

After Professor Modzilla moved back into his original dimension, she stole all the equipment from his lab despite it rightfully belonging to Tommy. When people from other dimensions start getting dragged into their own, She rebuilds Mobzilla's dimensional portal so they could bring him back, hoping it would resolve the issue. She did however plan to take credit as the "first" person to invent interdimensional travel. When Mobzilla came back from his dying dimension, he destroys the machine to prevent the Void from leaking through the portal. Polly however points out the black substance on the disabled portal.

Appearance Edit

She has blonde hair with light pink highlights toward the end and hot pink ends. In season 1, she wears a white lab coat and a pair of magenta goggles, which she has never been seen without. Under her lab coat, she wears a black and white striped shirt, where the white stripes are two times thicker than the black. In season 2, she wears a lab coat over a light pink shirt, which has a ribbon on it, and a short dark blue skirt with red sandals.

Personality Edit

Polly has a terrible attitude in the current realm where Aphmau is in Mod Mod World because of her parents and siblings. Her siblings (such as Renee) always brag about having better this, better that, compared to her overall achievements.

She is also a terrible person because she forces Aphmau to take care of emotional situations for her instead of doing them herself like an adult. She is able to acknowledge her own weakness when it comes to love life and can be very kind to young children, as seen with her interaction with Tommy. As years past however, she now saw Tommy as a brat.

In Mod Mod World, she showed a love interest in Laila. It was hinted that they might even share a bed. At the time of Void Paradox, it was confirmed by both women that they are dating.

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Polly (Mod Mod World) image gallery

Trivia Edit

  • In side stories, Polly is portrayed as being lazy, but she's still a cat lover.