Professor Modzilla
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Hair Color


Eye Color
  • Purple (Right Eye)
  • Green (Left Eye)
Professional Status

Mod Researcher Scientist


Polly (Old Realm) (Girlfriend)

Previous Partner

Polly (Ex-Girlfriend)

Personal Status

Alive (in his old realm)



First Appearance

"New Guy in Town"

Biography Edit

Professor Modzilla (his real name is Monty) is a scientist that came from an alternate universe. He was introduced as a new person in town studying mods along with his son/clone, Tommy.

As a kid, he was inspired to discover mods because when he was young, he was once saved by someone with Obsidian tools from the "Obsidian Tools Mod" that was just discovered by a scientist. Ever since then, he dedicated his life to discovering new mods. As kids, he and Polly would work on mods together and they even kind of liked each other.

One day, however, his village was attacked by bandits and he decided to try a mod he had been working on to send monsters to another dimension. When he was grabbing the machine, the bandits came in and smashed it. The device backfired and sent him to another dimension, including him.

When he awoke, he was now in the realm where Mod Mod World exists in. He soon found out it was like he'd been born here. His parents, (Albert and Tessa), weren't his parents, and his best friend, (Polly), wasn't his best friend. He also found a scar on his face that wasn't there before. His parents in this universe said he'd been born with it.

In the last episode of the first season, he found a way to get back to his universe. Leaving Tommy (his younger clone) behind with Aphmau he decided to go back to his home universe. Of course, this was Tommy's choice to stay behind to live with Aphmau that was until the series void paradox in which he later came back after the void destroyed his home world

Appearance Edit

Prof. Modzilla wears a mostly white lab coat with green buttons. He has one green eye and one purple one, due to a failed experiment. He also sports a blackish-purplish scar, something from said experiment.

Personality Edit

Modzilla seems to be a kind guy with a tough attitude. He, as Tommy puts it "lost the ability to feel after he lost everything".

Gallery Edit


Professor Modzilla (Mod Mod World) image gallery


  • He has a black mark of paint on his face when he was transported to another dimension to hide his scar.
  • He is in love with Polly from his original world.
  • He appears in the series void paradox as his home dimension is destroyed by the void