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Realm Breaker MyStreet Season 6 Ep 14 Ethereal Bonds

Aphmau using the realm breaker

The realm breaker (not to be confused with Shad, who holds the title "Realm Breaker, or the episode "Realm Breaker") is a powerful magical item in MyStreet used to open and destroy realms. It has the power to seal beings of great power away. After being used by Aphmau (MyStreet), it was not seen being recovered.


Realm Breaker MyStreet Season 6 Ep 11 End of a Lifetime

The realm breaker from above

The realm breaker, as seen in MyStreet, is a large, pale blue orb with gold wire trim, forming a long teardrop shape connecting to the top center of the orb. The gold trim continues with a large circular shape with a purple teardrop shape in the center. That pattern is repeated four times around the orb. Upon use, it glows a bright white.


MyStreet: When Angels Fall[]

Rowan brought a mysterious suitcase with him on his mission to aid Aaron and his family at Starlight Wonderland when the Guardian Forces took over.[1] When Aaron asked, Rowan promised to tell him after the mess was over and to protect the suitcase.[2] After Aaron was forced to abandon the suitcase when he was captured, Terry rediscovered it and conveniently identified the object.[3]

When Aaron was teleported to the Irene Dimension by Aphmau (MCD)'s power.[4] Upon her death, Irene's Cathedral faded away and left Aaron to succumb to the void.[5] After trans-dimensionally navigating to each other, Emmalyn announced that the only way to break Aaron free from the void was with a realm breaker, then gave it to Aphmau (MS). Aphmau held the realm breaker and felt his presence and location. The realm breaker glowed and opened a portal between their world and the void, the edges appearing in a crystal-shard pattern. After carrying Aaron back into their dimension, the portal disappeared.[6]

Minecraft Diaries: The War of the Magi[]

Minecraft Diaries Season 2 Ep 33 Realm Breaker

Aaron using the artifact to open the Demon Warlock's pocket dimension

While not explicitly the same object, an artifact very similar to the realm breaker was used by Aaron (MCD) to break through The Demon Warlock's pocket dimension and rescue Aphmau (MCD), Dmitri, and Nekoette. Aaron declined to elaborate on the artifact use had used.[7]

Minecraft Diaries Season 2 Ep 81 His Choice 3

Aaron using the Divine Fragment with the artifact to break into Irene's dimension

Aaron later used this same object along with the Divine Warrior Kul'zak's Divine Fragment to open the Irene Dimension and retrieve Garroth and Zane. Aaron uses what appears to be another realm breaker-like artifact to shatter the realm and return the three of them to the Overworld. Aaron uses yet another unknown artifact to retrieve Esmund's relic, killing both Zane and himself in the process.[8]


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