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Rhys' Lucky Break
Episode 22
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October 31 2023



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Pierce Shows His Strength

"Rhys' Lucky Break" is The 22nd Episode of 'My Inner Demons'. It Premiered On October 31, 2023.


"It's The Fall Festival! All of The Boys Try Their Hand At Winning the Princess' Heart!"


The Episode Starts With The Daemos Talking about What They See Around Them. Asch Then Calls For Ava, calling her 'prisoner'. Ava then runs over to him and covers his mouth, telling him to call her Ava in Public So it Does Not Raise Suspicion. The Scene Then Cut To The Car Where Lorelai and Her Friends Are. Lorelai and Steve argue until Lorelai refuses to talk to him, even going so far as to tell Kristen to tell 'the wind'(Steve) some things. The scene ends there.

Back at the Carnival Ava Tells them that people often give stuffed animals to their lovers. The Daemos then Run off To Win A Stuffed Animal. Pierce, Asch, and Noi Try To Shoot A Basketball But Keep Missing. Rhys Tries To Get A Ring Around The Bottle. Leif Tries To Get Playing But Scares Everyone instead. Rhys Won A Stuffed Purple Poodle To Give To Ava.

They then realize Ava is Missing! After searching for her, they meet up, in a panic. Ava then comes back from Helping Mr Dracula, and is surprised to find the daemos worried about her. Ava Apologizes For Walking off Without Telling Them. Ava Explains She Will Talk about The Marriage Thing Later As The Episode Ends.



  • According to Ava, the Daemos have been on Earth for about a month at this point.



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