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"Prized Pupil" by Lady Grandma




Ice Magic
Black and Purple Staff







Hair Color

Dark Brown

Eye Color


Professional Status

Asch's Guard/Knight

Personal Status




First Appearance

"To The Other Side"

Voice Actor
  • Patrick M. Seymour (fill-in one line)
  • James Brown Jr. after ep. 7
  • first 7 ep. Anonymous

Rhys is one of the main protagonists in My Inner Demons.


Not much is known about Rhys, other than he is one of Asch's Guards and Knights.

In the first episode, To The Other Side, it is shown that Rhys, Pierce, Leif, and Noi are all trying to collect a Soul, where they fight over for who gets to give it to Asch. When Pierce grabs the Soul, Asch casts a ring of fire around him, while everyone bows when Asch checks on them.

It was said by Lady Grandma, that the magic throughout Daemos was fading, and that everyone in Daemos might soon lose their magic. Lady Grandma then flirts with Pierce, following up that she needs someone with power to help her make the spell. Pierce, being too awkward to go up, asks Noi. Where Asch asks Leif to take it, where Rhys intervenes. Lady Grandma then has Noi hold her hand, while she makes the spell for Asch to cast to lead them to the "new world" to find magic for Daemos. Asch then takes the spell from Lady Grandma, and casts it, which opens a portal to the new world. Asch and the others find out that the new world they are going to is Earth. Asch, followed by Pierce, Leif and Noi. Lady Grandma tells Rhys to go with the boys because he is the smartest out of all of them.

While stepping into onto Earth, the oxygen level for them is heavily dangerous (I.E. Noi and Asch's skin start to 'burn' from the sun, Leif can hardly breathe and move, along with Rhys and Pierce having a hard time breathing as well). Asch suffocates from the "lack" of air and 'dies', where Ava just so happens to be throwing out her garbage, where she encounters the boys, and see's Asch on the ground. Ava then proceeds to give Asch CPR, and bring him back to life. Pierce then grabs Ava and sticks her on a tree branch by her sweater/hoodie.

Later, Asch and the gang head back to Ava, where he demands her descend from the tree, where Ava begins to yell at Asch, not understanding that they aren't role-playing. Asch gets angry, and burns down the tree Ava is stuck on, letting her down. Ava is shocked by this, and grabs Asch's horn to see if it is real, because of this Asch blushes, (and Lief says "Not in public!", so grabbing horns/rubbing them could be sexual for demons/Daemos). Pierce then covers Noi's eyes, making sure he doesn't see Ava touching Asch's horn, Ava realizes that Asch and his friends, are in fact real demons, and she passes out. Johnny, Ava's cat, then rubs up against Asch's leg, and leads the gang to a place so they can take Ava and not be seen. Where Asch follows him, along with Leif, Noi and Rhys, while Pierce carries Ava away.


Rhys has dark skin, dark brown hair, and blue eyes, along with two blue horns that look a lot like Pierce's, but they are darker and curvier than Pierce's. Rhys wears black skin tight armor, along with a blue chain necklace, and a blue and yellow robe/jacket. His arms have red bandages around them. Along with a yellow and red belt. He also wears black glasses (As of episode 13).


Out of all of the boys, Rhys' personality is more patient and polite. He can be strict, but he is mostly calm and collective. And overall the smartest out of all five boys. He knows what's best for the group during the right moments. In short, Rhys is usually the only one in the gang that actually has some common sense.


  • Rhys' favorite food is ice cream.
  • He needs glasses to see better.
  • The only three times he's lost his cool was when Ava said pizza was better than ice cream, when Leif broke his glasses and when Asch and Noi tricked him at the Fall Festival.
  • He is known for constantly squinting as he has “trouble making out things”.
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