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The Ro'Meave's are the current royal family to rule over O'Khasis and are mentioned many times throughout the Minecraft Diaries series. They hold the title of Lord of O'Khasis. Currently we do not know of the current lord of O'Khasis as of right now since Garte was old, he could have died in the last fifteen years. It seems as if he is still alive by current rates. The known members alive are Garroth, having just returned from the Irene Dimension , Vylad, and Zianna, who has been last seen in captivity in O'Khasis by Tu'la. Garroth and Vylad broke their mother Zianna out of captivity and killed a Jury of Nine member,s named Ivy the Venom Scythe while they fled. Zianna took Shad the Destroyer's Relic from Ivy.

As of 'His Choice', Zane has officially died, but it has now been revealed in A Goddess Divine that Zane somehow survived his supposed death in His Choice and has now become a Shadow Knight

Ro'Meave Relic[]

Not much is known about the Ro'Meave relic except that in Season Two, it was in possession of Zane, and when he was killed, the Relic had gone to Garroth. The Relic has shown properties of being Esmund the Protector's. It has not shown any certain powers bestowed upon the possessor, except for a set of blue and gold armour that appears upon the relic's host and what seems to be a kind of supernatural speed. This is revealed in A Lord and Her Guards.


  • Garte - Lord of O'Khasis
  • Zianna - Lady of O'Khasis (Marriage)
  • Garroth (Oldest son, next in line for rule)
  • Zane (Garroth's younger brother and the middle child in the family)
  • Vylad (The youngest son in the family, a maternal sibling/half-brother of Garroth and Zane. He was adopted by Garte when he found out that Vylad wasn't his son.)


  • The Ro'Meave last name was revealed for the first time in Trick or Treat Misadventures Side Stories in the first episode. Garroth, Dante and Laurance were turned into little kids by a potion made by Lucinda and Garroth finds out he isn't in his castle. He introduces himself as Garroth Ro'Meave, coming from the city of O'khasis. Aphmau replies that Garroth was very formal but she was considering carefully what to reply to him in the text. This was also the moment when it was revealed that Vylad is the third Ro'Meave brother.