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"The Drama Queen!"

"Villagers and Spiders Unite!"

Minecraft Diaries Origins [Ep.1] - Royalty Reborn!


Jess: Hey, guys! Aphmau here, and I am introducing a brand-new independent series called Minecraft Diaries. Now, guys, this series is going to be indefinite and it's going to be really, really awesome. It's going to focus around showcasing various mods, various minigames, and just anything and everything that has to do with Minecraft, and it's something that I kinda wanna put a ton of creativity into, so you might see some, like, story-like elements introducing mods and stuff like that, or you might see some really cool things going on with face-cam... Maybe I'll get costumed up? Who knows? It's just going to be really awesome and I'm so super pumped for this because I think you guys will just really enjoy the ideas and the mods that I have in store for you. So, right now you can see behind me I have my room and I have my cat, I have my bed and I have the most important thing in my room next to my cat which would be my diary where I'm going to be putting in my entries AKA videos, and it's going to be really awesome, so I hope you guys enjoy it, and we're going to go ahead and get started. So, guys, thank you so much for joining me right now and let's get into... Minecraft Diaries.


["Legend of the Lost" by MX47 playing.]

Jess: Long ago, there was a kingdom ruled by a benevolent queen. For many years, the kingdom lived in peace and prosperity... Until one fateful day. An evil king had unleashed a horde of spiders upon the kingdom and although the queen and her knights fought valiantly, they had fallen. Though, it is said that the queen still lives on, just as... something else.


Jess: You dare to enter the lair of the Spider Queen? That's right, ladies and gentlemen, I am playing the Spider Queen Reborn mod. It is the first mod that I will be showcasing in the Minecraft Diaries series. So as you can see, I am a lovely Spider Queen both in Minecraft and in real life, and my Spider Queen charm is just to die for, quite literally because that's what I'm going to be doing. Well, not so much the dying part, more so like I need to feast on other animals in order to produce an army to, you know, sustain my endurance and to make a really, really awesome impression on the other mobs here. Because in this mod, there a ton of cool things you can do that are spider-like. You can shoot web, you can make a little spider army, you can-- What else can you do? Let's see. You can command your spider army, and you can just do all kinds of-- Ooh, there's a spider down there! Oh, wait, I am a spider. Hi, spider! You're so awesome! Okay. Well, now I'm just gonna leave the neighbors alone. But one thing about this mod, as you can see, is that I have a bunch of web on me already. And that is because, as you exist as a Spider Queen, you just basically produce a bunch of string as you go along, so from time to time you'll see that that will tick up every now and then. Now, I've been sitting here for quite a while and it's been quite a wait, but I finally have enough string to get started. So let's see. Um, I'm going to go ahead and be surviving like I would regularly in a actual-- Like, doing a survival and a showcase at the same time. So you'll see me, like, build my spider army, you'll see me, like, try to build a spider nest and stuff like that, but, uh, this is a really awesome mod and I'm excited to share it with you guys. So let's get started. First, I wanna eat that sheep. I know, terrible. But it's the circle of life, and it moves us all. All right. So as you can see, I'm already making web, and web... You're gonna need quite a bit of string for it. But... it gives you the achievement "Back and Better Than Ever." Now this sheep right here is, uh-- Sheep, I am so sorry. The human part of me apologizes, but the spider part of me laughs... at, uh-- Oh, there he is! Oh, I got him! All right, awesome! Now this sheep is cocooned and I can finally eat it. Or, I can just decide to take it with me. So I'm just gonna start bopping him. Bop. Bop. Come on. Come on! Oh, ooh! Look at him now! Oh, he's-- He's just a little-- He's a little cocooned sheep! Isn't that adorable? Oh, my gosh. All right. So I'm going to go ahead and put my sheep-- Whoa. Whoa, I just shot my web. I did not put my sheep down. All right, so I'm just gonna put that right there. I'm gonna put this sheep down right here. And while I'm doing that, I'm gonna go ahead and start-- I'm gonna leave him right there. Well, you know what? Actually, what I'm gonna do... I'm not gonna-- I'm getting ahead of myself. I'm going to go ahead and devour the sheep. So to do that, all you have to do is right-click. And he is outta here! Quite literally. I feel really bad. Aww, his little sheep face! Aww, I feel terrible. But I'm a Spider Queen. I need this. All right. So now that he's gone, I'm gonna go ahead and leave this right here because I'm gonna need it if I find a spider egg. Now in order to make spider eggs, you're going to need to get quite a few mobs because spider eggs don't come along easily. Um... But if-- Ooh, I got another achievement-- But if you kill quite a bit of mobs, you should be able to get a few spider eggs at least, so we're gonna go ahead and start doing that in a second. I'm just gonna start getting some wood. Now like I said before, guys, I wanna make this like a survival mod-showcase-minigame-showcase kind of series for Minecraft Diaries. And, uh... I'm just, you know, trying to get the regular stuff. Spider Queen's gotta start building her empire here. Empire just doesn't build itself! Um, it's gotta be made. Made by the... hands of the... spider-- Er, I have, like, the legs and hands of the Spider Queen. Spider Queen is being weird now because Spider Queen obviously doesn't know what she's doing with the crafting table. There we go. All righty. So I'm gonna go ahead and put this crafting table next to my cocooned sheep and come over here... All right, now I'm gonna need just, like, the basic Minecraft weapons. Er, the basic Minecraft, you know. Uh... Just the basics to live. So I'm gonna need, like, a pickaxe, I'm gonna need a shovel... Probably gonna need a-- Let's see, I'm gonna need one of these too, so I'm just gonna go ahead and do this. Right there... And then I have-- I don't need the hoe yet. I need the wood... I-I need a sword, just in case. Spider Queen's gotta defend herself. And then a sword... What else is there? Ooh, ooh, ooh! Axe, that's right. Let's go ahead and do that. So I've got the wooden axe, the sword, the-- All right, so yeah, yeah, just got the whole thing. All right, so let's go ahead and start mining and get a furnace because one of the things that I wanna craft right off the bat is the Spider Rod, and that is so I can use it for commanding my spiders. Now... spiders don't listen to you, um, even though you're the Spider Queen and they should... Um, you have to have a rod in order to tell them where to go. So if you wanna go and fight other Spider Queens and destroy their armies, then you can totally do that, but you gotta have the spiders follow you with the Spider Rod. So let's go ahead and make a, uh, furnace right here. Whoops, there we go. Nice. Nice. So I got a nice, little furnace going on right-- Whoa! Uh, didn't place it in the right spot. Uh, I'm just gonna go ahead and move that because I'm gonna get so upset that it's not right next the crafting table. I don't know why, it's just gotta be in a perfect line. All right, so... What do we need to do now? We need to go get some-- We need to go get some-- We need to go get some sand, 'cause I'm going to need some, uh-- Let's see. I'm gonna need quite a bit of, uh... What is it? Quite a bit of, uh-- Oh, wait. I'm just gonna use the cobblestone right here so I can just section this part off. There we go. All right. Well, that didn't work at all, but i-i-it's gettin' there. It's gettin' there. All right. N-No, wait, I have a better idea. Let's just do it like this. Put it down like that. There we go. There we go. Now we're making progress. We're getting a little bit smarter every day. The Spider Queen is evolving into a queen of honor and glory! All right, so l-l-let's-- Let's get this done. Whoa! Okay, maybe not! Maybe not! Maybe honor and glory were something I didn't wanna say, but it's perfectly fine! It's perfectly fine, we're just gonna-- Just gonna get this sand right here... All right, so I think 6 sand is enough. So let's go ahead and put that in the furnace and find some coal, and then we'll start to find another spider because a lot of the recipes in here-- Or the recipes in here... Um, you have to kill regular spider in order to, uh, get a Spider Stone. And the Spider Stone is what's used to craft the Spider Rod and the Spider Night Vision. Uh, I thought I saw some, uh... Oh, there's a spider. Oh, that's a big spider! Oh, that's a big spider. I'm gonna come over-- Oh, there it is! There it is. So the Spider Stone is used to craft the recipes in this mod. Now, one of the recipes is the night vision, which I wish was still in the game. It used to be on the Spider Queen by default so you would always have night vision, but some people apparently wanted to turn it off, so they made it into a craftable item that if you have in your inventory, you can kind of, uh... go to it and... use it and put it in your inventory for you to have spider vision at night. All righty, the day is setting. And as you can see, guys, I have my reputations going on here. I have a good reputation with the creepers, skeletons, zombies, endermen. The other queens and the humans and the evil queen are kind of neutral toward me. But I wanna keep my, uh... My reputation up at least a little bit because I wanna kind of, uh-- I don't wanna be attacked by everything. 'Cause right now I have the luxury to kind of run around and be able to move around amongst others...? That's a Spider Queen right there. Oh, my gosh. (stammering) I have the luxury of moving around other mobs without them attacking me, so I kinda wanna keep my reputation up, but later on I might wanna start some wars, so... W-We'll get, you know, spider wars-- Oh, there's so many-- Oh, my gosh, that's their army. Oh, my gosh. All right, so I-I-I don't know if they're gonna attack me. I'm just gonna-- I'm gonna have to go kill some regular spiders. And I forget, because I-I just-- Ooh. Maybe I wanna get this creeper. All right, so let's see. I've been having a little bit of a hard time kind of... chewing on this. So I need to-- Let's see, can I--? Oh, oh, I got him! I got him! I got him! I got him! I got him! Okay, all right, so I'm gonna take this creeper back up to my lair. Let's see. Hopefully he'll give me an egg because, depending on what you cocoon and what you eat, you can get a really, really, cool spider from it. Like, ender spiders apparently spawn little minions, so I might wanna go after an enderman in a little bit. But I have my creeper there... All righty, creeper. And I-- I hate to do this, creeper, but I'm gonna eat ya. So, nom! All right, so did I get an egg? Did I get an egg from the creeper? No, I totally didn't. Aw, man. Oh, well, that's okay. That's okay, creeper. So I'm gonna put you over there, and you, I think you're gonna come over here. So come on. J-Just move right there. That way, you guys can be friends. All right. It's a little morbid, but it's okay. It's okay. ...They're gonna love each other and be best friends. All right, so what do I need to do? So right now, I have more web, so I'm gonna go ahead and just make quite a bit of string for me. And, uh, let's go ahead and put that there. I can also make this thing called the Web Slinger. Now, I'm gonna go ahead and make it right now, but there's not really a good atmosphere, or like a good terrain, for-- Ooh. (sing-song) "Does Whatever a Spider Queen Does." (normal speaking voice) I like that achievement. But there's not really a good terrain for me to kinda show this off in because I have to, you know, use it to kinda-- Let me see if I can just kinda maybe show you guys what it does. Okay, so this Web Slinger right here has a little bit of issues because it's been lagging out my server for a little bit, so I'm not going to be using this Web Slinger for this episode, but I will resolve that issue, guys, and we will get right back on into that. But for now, let's go ahead and start trying to build up our army. So, just be aware that this Web Slinger is currently acting up, at least on me. That might be just because I'm on a server, but we'll get to the other part of that. So... All right, so I wanna go ahead and make a chest because I currently don't have "keepInventory" on and I wanna make sure that I have all my nice stuff for me. So let's go ahead and put that right there... I'm gonna put this in here so I don't accidentally use that. I'm going to take the-- Uh, let's see. I'm just gonna keep everything else on me. I-I'll put-- No, I'll take the wooden axe-- I'm just gonna take everything. Why not? All right, so the Spider Queen, even though I am a lovely queen, an obvious good ruler, um, I wanna make sure that I don't die. And that hole is going next. I don't wanna die in a fire. Um... All right, I hope-- I hope that you guys watching this don't have arachnophobia because, uh-- Because this is a pretty achnor-- (chuckling) "Achnorobic." "Achnorobic"? Like, you have, like, aerobics with... spiders. That would be very scary. All right, so there's an enderman over there and there's also spiders. I'm gonna need the spiders as well. So... Oh, oh! So-- Can I cocoon him? I couldn't cocoon him! (shrieks; chuckling nervously) Oh, no! Okay. Okay. Okay. I have to kill him. It's a little hard to cocoon bigger monsters, just so you guys know. It's not as easy as I make it look. But okay, so this guy just doesn't like me right now and I'm totally gonna-- If I kill him-- If I manage to kill him, I'm totally gonna get the boot from the ender people. They're not going to like me very much. Oh, gosh. All right, so just-- Just leave me alone! I didn't anything! I'm sorry! Oh, no! Okay, so just-- D-Did he die? Oh, gosh! This is like the-- Oh, my gosh. Okay, all right, so... I need to-- (panting) Whew! I need to calm down. I need to eat something as a Spider Queen. Now, guys, when you-- (stammers) Oh, man, I'm so flustered from just the encounter with the enderman. All right, so I'm gonna go ahead and get a sheep. Um, let's see. Okay, so good. There's a sheep. All right, I have to really watch how I-- Ooh! (gasps) Spider eggs! Yes! All right, so... I'm gonna go-- Whoa, there's a spider, and I absolutely do need that. So let's go ahead and get this spider right here. All right, spider. Hello, spider. You're mine. All right, so I'm gonna take-- I think that skeleton doesn't like me. Uh... Do you like me, skeleton? Okay, so Skeleton's pretty cool with me. So I might try to just take this skeleton with me. Let's see. Can I do that? I'm really sorry to do this, skeleton, but... Spider Queen's gotta build her spider army, and, uh... Let's see. Whoa, whoa, whoa! Whoa... Skeleton! Just didn't wanna be-- Didn't wanna be eaten by me, obviously. I really should've saved those string for later, but let's go ahead and, uh... I think we can try to get another Spider Stone. I think that would be pretty-- Oh, there's a Spider Queen. Spider Queen, please don't eat me. I-- Whoa, there's another spider! Okay, all right, so maybe if I just get that spider over there. (stutters) Oh, there it is! Okay. Hello, spider. I am sorry, but I need your guts to make more web and stuff like that. All righty. So let's go ahead and head back to our nice, little abode of Spiderdom. Um... All right, so let's see. Gotta get up here... There's a creeper-- I don't really wanna bother the creeper. I mean, if there's any mob that I don't wanna be on the bad side of, it would be the creepers and the endermen...? What are you? Is this--? Oh! So this is a really-- This is another cool thing about this mod... is the fact that you'll see actual Minecraft players in your Minecraft world. So this is actually someone that has a Minecraft account and they kinda just show up in the world, um... And it's a feature you can totally disable, I just have it on just so we can show you guys, but this is sharkboy678. And I wonder if I can cocoon him. I don't think I can cocoon him just with one thread, so I'm gonna save this, uh, for, like, a sheep or something. But I'm gonna go ahead and start making my little spider army because I need to start fighting other queens and things like that, so hopefully, I can do a little bit of spider crafting. So let's see. Um, the night is actually my element, so... I'm gonna get some wood. 'Cause I wanna show you how to make, like, a-- Well, I can't make a Spider Bed just yet 'cause I need a lot more web, so I'll save my web. But you can totally make a spider web that will allow you to-- A spider web? A Spider Bed, is what I meant to say-- And it will allow you to sleep through the day so you can wake up at night and do all your spider feasting. So let's see. What do I want to get? Uh, so the Web Slinger's in there. Don't wanna mess with that just yet. Um... All right, so I have my glass, and I wanna go ahead and put my spider eggs down. So there's one spider egg and there's two spider eggs! Oh, I love my little spider eggs! And I should really cover up this hole 'cause, as a spider parent, I don't want my spiderlings to get into the hole. Don't want that to happen right there at all. All right, so let's come over... So my spiders are down there to hatch, and it's very good for them to be next to, like, one of these cocoons that are, um-- That are deceased, I think. Or they can be next to cocoons that are alive, it depends on how you wanna raise your spider children. Um, but it helps them grow. So you just keep-- Ohh! Speaking of growing up, look at my spider baby! Oh, you're so adorable! Oh, my spider-- Look, look! Look at the big spider-lady-- Spider Queen, and the spider baby! It's so adorable! It's got blue eyes too, how cute! I don't know what to name you. So I think I might name you... Bob. I think Bob sounds good. Bob... And then we'll name that one when it gets out. All right. So, Bob, you just stay there, and I'm going to go ahead and craft the-- Oh, wait. Did I put away my, uh-- Did I put away my Spider--? D-Did I get the Spider Stone? Oh, I totally did not get a Spider Stone. I thought I had a Spider Stone. Sorry about that, guys. Oh, oh! Whoa, whoa, lava. Hopefully my spiders don't get into that, but let's go ahead and see if we can find another Spider Stone. Um, so those are just regular-- I don't think those are regular Minecraft spiders, so we're gonna have to find a regular Minecraft spider. Um... But yeah, so the spiders are obviously really adorable when they're young, but as they get older they're kind of intimidating, and totally don't like-- Oh! Oh, gosh. This guy looked like he was about to attack me, so I'm gonna attack him. Oh, they drop string! Oh, cool, I need that. I need more of that. I don't know if you can get a Spider Stone from these guys, actually, but it would be really awesome if I could. So-- This is a really ugly-looking spider. Um... Oh, oh, this is-- (softly) Oh, that's a Spider Queen. (normal speaking voice) Um, all right, so I'm gonna-- I need to destroy her minions first. I'm taking them on as, like, a human-spider hybrid. Human-Spider Queen hybrid. I don't want her minions-- If I attack her, I have a feeling her minions aren't going to like that. Which, I mean, who would? Seriously. If someone attacked me, I expect my minions to kind of go at 'em. In the nicest way possible, of course. So, will I get a Spider Stone from that? No, I don't get a Spider Stone from that. But I'm probably gonna try to kill that Spider Queen, honestly. Oh! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! This spider's just going-- Whoa! Oh, man. Oh, man. This spider does not like me at all. This spider might actually-- Oh, wow. This spider-- Did not kill me, but I am gonna get away because that spider looks like it's on the death march. Um, all right, so come on... Don't kill me, spider. Please don't kill me. Okay, awesome, cool-- Aah! He, like, came back from the dead and, like, killed me with the spider--! Spider-- Oh, my gosh. That scared the-- Did you see that?! He totally just destroyed me without even-- So this guy-- Oh, that's a Spider-- Is that a Spider King? Er, I think that's a Spider Queen. Um, Spider Queen needs to get a shirt. All right. So let's see. So I have my baby spider up there, my baby spider Bob... And, uh, he's up there... W-Where is he? So yeah, he's being-- Oh! Look, my other spider! Aww, so I have a little army amassing right now. And I need to get the Spider Rod in order to kind of, uh-- To control them. So let's see, if I can go get my stuff back, that'd be awesome. Is this a regular Minecraft spider? No, it's not a regular Minecraft spider. So if I can get my rod back-- Er, if I can get my stuff back, like my string-- It's gonna be a little difficult because those spiders obviously don't like for trying to kill off their army. But, uh... I don't think I get a bad rep with, um, the other Spider Queens unless I actually kill the Spider Queen, so I might be able to kind of play off of-- I-I might be able to just kill their little minions without actually killing them and I should be fine, I think. I mean, we'll see. (stammers) It's a gray area and a very iffy situation, and I think-- There's, like-- Oh, my gosh. There's more Spider-- There's more Spider Queens there. And-- What is it with me and losing my swords? Seriously. All right, so I'm just gonna take my axe. I think my axe is stronger. So let's see, is this a regular spider? Um... Is this--? Oh, that's not a regular spider. You're not a-- Why do spiders just--? Ugh! They just turn around and they're not regular spiders. All right. So let's see if we can cocoon, like, another sheep or something. I don't wanna mess with, uh-- Don't wanna-- Okay, okay. Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa. Things are attacking me. So I don't wanna mess with other Spider Queens just yet. I really need to amass my army before I start, um... going off into the spider world. All right. All righty, let's come over here... Jump down, jump up, jump, jump, like a spider should. All right. So that spider's following me and I can't let it know where my nest is! All right. There we go. Dead spider. And that spider might not like me. So I'm just gonna-- Uh, that spider's okay with me. So I'm gonna go and try to make a bigger army. If only I had, like, a regular spider I could kill, that'd be great. Uh, let's see. All right, there we go. And I have 5 on-- Let's just make as many as we can, how about that? All right, so I have-- I have that right there. And I don't think I'm going to find a regular Minecraft spider just now because all these spiders are really impersonating and I can't tell who is what or what is what, and, uh, I don't think you can get a Spider Stone from a regular-- From a mob that's from another spider army, which kinda sucks, but that's perfectly fine. So let's go ahead and devour a few more-- Ooh! That's a cool spider! That's a chest spider! So you can have spiders carry things for you. And that's really awesome 'cause the spider could pretty much follow you around and you can transport your whole base of operations, so I might have to make use of that spider. But for now, let's go ahead and start killing some more sheep. Hello, sheep. Ooh! Uh, that sheep, I don't wanna mess with that sheep because that sheep-- Did you give me anything cool? No, you didn't. How about you, sheep? All right, you, and then you... Let's see. So that sheep didn't give me anything cool... Ooh, ooh. That sheep gave me another egg, which is awesome. I'm gonna go put that down. Um, all right, so this sheep... What are you gonna give me, sheep? Ooh, this sheep gave me some more eggs! I'm just rolling in the eggs right now. All right, so-- And I cannot find a regular Minecraft spider which is perfectly fine. So, we're going to go ahead and start putting down our lovely spiders, and then next time, guys... We'll put down-- Oh, my spiders apparently have not, uh-- Have not stayed here in this area. So let's not put down those eggs just yet until we get a Spider Rod. All righty, guys, well, thank you so much for joining me for the Spider Queen Reborn mod in the Minecraft Diaries series. Until next time, guys, let me know what you think in the comments below, and I hope to see you later. Farewell from the Spider Queen. Mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha!

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