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Rude... But Kinda Cute
Episode 15
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December 20, 2017



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"Rude... But Kinda Cute" is the fifteenth episode of Falcon Claw University. It premiered on December 20th, 2017.


"Kawaii~Chan gets her first job on campus!"


Katelyn and Luka hang out at the café and meet Kawaii~Chan while also bumping into Zane. Luka remarks about the cafe’s coffee lacking quality and says it’s because they’re short-staffed and taking in employees. During this time, Aphmau sneaks into the café with a disguise and tries to make sure nobody recognizes her getting coffee. Either she’s trying to do this so Luka won’t bother her about liking coffee later or because she doesn’t want people talking about her is unknown. Kawaii~Chan talks to the other two about getting a job at the café, which Luka helps out with by talking to Jerry about Kawaii~Chan. She is told that her work starts tomorrow before shop opens.

Turns out Zane was also applying for the job. Kawaii~Chan doesn’t remember him from high school. The two start working as Kawaii~Chan is notably better at Zane at cleaning, baking, and taking orders. However, she is not good at making coffee. Zane tries to sound rude and says he’s not going to help her out, but she takes it as a nice gesture instead. He helps her out of spite. The shift ends and Jerry compliments both for their hard work and also says he appreciated Zane trying to let her learn how to make coffee for herself. Zane is obviously upset that his rudeness was taken more as a nice gesture, so he storms off and swears everything for being stupid.




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