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Adventurers Guild



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"Dreams of Estorra"

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Aw, scrunchamacrunch!

Rune, after seeing the boars swarming her and Aphmau

Rune is one of the main protagonists of Dreams of Estorra. Rune's weapons are a pair of daggers, one dark red and one green, which she carries on each hip.

She first appeared in "Dreams of Estorra", as she was being chased to the forest by Aphmau for stealing an item from an EVI.


Rune is one of the main characters in Estorra. Her class is Rogue.

She is first seen being chased by Aphmau for stealing an item from an EVI. She then later went with Aphmau to the guild hall where they meet Simon, who later joined with them in doing a quest as a party.

While looking for Aphmau, she along with Simon learn that the world is real according to Owen and later went with Aphmau to find ghosts, which is later revealed to be a bunny and later release it to find its family. When Aphmau and her ran into Braxton while looking for info about whether or not Owen's claim is true, Aphmau and Rune decided to experiment with him by talking about his history and when that didn't work, Rune decided to kiss him to determine there's a reaction with a player kissing an EVI, which they discover that Estorra is real, since there's no love in the game and head off to find Simon.

Curious about learning about Dryads, she tried to talk to two Dryads. However they treat her with no respect, calling her a 'half-breed', only to be saved by a silent sentinel Dryad from earlier.


In Game[]

She has short, messy, light green hair that slightly passes her shoulders. She has dark skin and wears a green headband. The hooded scarf on her head is mint green with lighter patterns on the long edges and drapes all the way to her thighs. Her clothing consists of a black sleeveless bodysuit, black boots and dark green knee socks that are connected to her bronze-colored armor. Her armor consists of bronze forearm bracers on each arm and tassel, which are tied in the middle. She also has shoulder armor, white in the center and brown around it.

She has two daggers. The one she uses for her left hand is thin and has a teal blade with thin, red edges and a red guard and hilt. The dagger for her right hand has a wider blade that is red, outline with white and has blue edges. There is also a small, green circle above the base of the blade with a yellow line starting above it. The guard and hilt are blue, with the guard bending down at the end. When not in use, she keeps her daggers on the opposite sides of her waist.

In Real Life[]



As a thief, she is a mischievous and sneaky individual, but she also possesses a more outgoing and joyful attitude far from the thieves archetype. Rune does have good intentions as she only wants to steal from the greedy to assist the helpless. However, she prefers to play solo rather than stick with a partner or party.

She is a quick thinker. When she was cornered by Aphmau, she immediately put on a facade in an attempt to look more trustworthy and innocent, despite it ultimately failing.

Rune has a blunt personality, as she cut-off Aphmau's catchphrase due to it being used frequently. This then showed her more sarcastic side to belittle Aphmau's statements. She later criticized Aphmau on her magic skills.

Although a thief, she is not a great liar. Her inability to lie comes from her immaturity. When her quest was at a pause, she complained about the outcome of her mission.

Rune has expressed multiple times of long dreams and aspirations, showing her perseverance and straight-forward attitude. She dreams to join the Rogue's Charter, a group that accepts the most experienced thieves. She admires Robin Hood, finding him charming and the prince of thieves. Rune also respects high leveled players and guilds, hoping to one day reach the similar title.

She is headstrong, underestimating her opponents' skills at the first encounter. Rune faces danger with a smile on her face, even when the situation is extreme, causing her to be reckless at times. Once her mind is set on a quest, she is willing to finish it until fully completed. However, when outnumbered, she turns desperate, but holds her pride to scream for assistance.

In "Bunny Love", it is revealed that like Aphmau, Rune doesn't care about her parents and gets a little nervous at the mention about parents, even stating that "it's not like they're not going anywhere anyway" showing that she rather be in Estorra than in the real world.

Powers and Abilities[]

Rune is an experienced thief, but her skills are not as refined as other players. She is capable of stealing from unsuspecting players and EVIs.

Desktop Chase 1920x1080

GrandpaBats', Sean Dillon's, interpretation of Aphmau chasing Rune in DOE E1

She is proficient at using daggers. While she was surrounded by fiends, she was able to defeat a few of them before being saved by a passing player.

Shown in the promotional images, she can traverse trees. Leaping short and high trees altogether.


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Rune (Estorra) image gallery


  • The name Rune is a masculine given name from the Old Norse word run, meaning "secret".
  • Rune's eye color has gone into several processes since the beginning. In her concept art, she is seen with brown eyes, in promotional images, she is with yellow and orange eyes respectively and lastly, her final design is with marigold-colored eyes.
  • In Episode 7 "Aphmau's Teacher", it is revealed that she is half-dryad, which are treated as second class.
    • The one thing that stands out about her compared to the other Dryads shown in the episode was her eye color, which was more of a orange while the other Dryads had green eyes.
  • In the first promotional image she appeared in, she is seen with Aphmau as they traverse through the trees. The caption states "Sometimes people meet in weird ways!", which foreshadowed their meeting in the series.
  • Her weapon was showcased on social media by Will.[1][2]