• Shadow Knight
  • Human (Formerly)

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Hair Color

Light Gray

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  • Phoenix Alliance(possibly)
Previous Affiliation(s)

Old Meteli


Shadow Knight

Previous Occupation(s)

Guard of Meteli

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Sasha (MyStreet)

First Appearance

"The Lord's Journal"

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Sasha was the fiancée of Kenmur before she died and became a Shadow Knight. On a trip to the Nether, she sacrificed herself to save everyone from the monsters. She fell into lava and only survived because Gene brought her back to life as a Shadow Knight. Gene also altered her memories, so that it seemed to her that they had left her there instead of her sacrificing herself to save them. She also appears to have often teamed up with Zenix before he went insane. Sasha also reveals she and Gene were "close, but not so close" when Aphmau had told her Dante was Gene's brother.

Sasha was Laurance's mentor in the Nether and was said to be 'kind'. Laurance also mentioned he fancied her before Kenmur 'took her'.

Sasha is an immortal Shadow Knight and has killed her lord. She shows no feelings and thinks that Laurance is 'too' connected to the Overworld to have a love interest in Aphmau.

Sasha appeared in Phoenix Drop in "The Shower" and was quickly invited in with normality, especially from Brendan, who was quite excited with the new woman, while Aphmau started with a bit of suspicion, but that quickly cooled out. Eventually, Aphmau goes on a mission to find Levin's suspected mother, and when returning, Laurence and Sasha meet eyes, Sasha quickly running off, leaving her journal in the house she had been staying in.

15 years later, in Season 2, Sasha hasn't changed at all and is found by Aphmau in the forest when she (Aphmau) was giving Celestia's mother, Luna, a proper burial. She asks Aphmau for help and Aphmau decides to take her back to the town for interrogating. She reveals that she was seeking help to stop events currently going on in the Nether and is willing to join their side if they can help her. What happened in the Nether is that Zenix went crazy, opened a portal, and started to kill, or absorb, her friends the shadow knights. At the end of S2 Ep.13 Kenmur accidentally stumbles upon her and becomes distraught at the sight of her.

At the end of S2 Ep. 100, it is revealed that Laurance broke Sasha and Michi out of the prison they were being held in prior to answering the Calling. When Laurance asks what the two of them will do, Sasha mentions that she is going with Michi to the Tu'La region, and will be living with Michi since they seem to be getting along just fine. She tells Laurance "Say 'Hi!' to Gene for me... If he's still alive." before walking off with Michi. It is unknown what her and Michi did next, but chances are they most likely got a boat and sailed off to Tu'La, never to be seen in Ru'ran again.



Sasha has light grey hair and purple eyes. She wears a black hoodie with very very dark grey shorts and black and purple shoes. In S2, this outfit temporarily changed into a long black dress with ripped white cuffs, a hoodie, and black shoes. However, in Ep 100, when Laurance breaks her out of prison, she changes back into her old outfit. The reason for this is unknown, but it is possible that she wanted to avoid being instantly recognized by Aphmau & crew if they were to go to Tu'La.


She is mysterious and often hides her true personality from others throughout Minecraft Diaries. When living in Phoenix Drop for a short while, she appears to be quite respecting and kind, yet hid most of what she did, including using Brendan during her stay. While conversing with Laurance in a later episode, attempting to convince Laurence to become a Shadow Knight, she seems much more cold with her attitude and words. Laurance comments in a later episode that Sasha was kind for a Shadow Knight.

Sasha looks kinda cool


Kenmur: It is said by Laurence and the Chicken Shaman that Sasha had been Kenmur's past lover and fiancé before entering the Nether and becoming a Shadow Knight. Before that, information is not given, and it doesn't seem that Kenmur brings up the subject of Sasha. When he dies in Season 3, Sasha felt his death and questions why she suddenly feels sad, hinting that she may still have thoughts about him.

Laurance: One of Sasha's older friends, both being guards for the village Meteli. With the information that Aphmau and viewers have gathered, it is guessed they may have been quite close, but nothing more than close friends. When in the Nether, Sasha stayed behind, one of the main people she was protecting was indeed, Laurence. Eventually, when Aphmau brings Laurence to Phoenix Drop, Sasha is forced to run away, Laurence having recognized her. While Laurence was in the Nether as a shadow knight, Sasha was his mentor.

Chicken Shaman (Castor): Also may have been a close friend of Sasha, but not much was on the subject of these two. Other than that, the Chicken Shaman (Castor) helped Aphmau to open Sasha's journal that was sealed by magicks.

Gene: Both being Shadow Knights, Gene was the one who messed around with Sasha's memories, changing the truth of how she died, to a new version of Sasha's friends leaving her behind, giving Sasha the anger and power-hungry want to become a Shadow Knight. Gene and Sasha are seen together in a couple scenes, but no more information is given. Sasha herself said she and Gene "were close, but not so close."

Brendan: A townsfolk and friend of Aphmau, living in Phoenix Drop, Brendan was the first to talk to Sasha when Aphmau was passing through the town. It was fairly obvious Brendan had a major crush on Sasha, but Sasha's feelings weren't given away back until it was shown she had been using Brendan. After Sasha left the town, Brendan was left heartbroken and incapable of doing anything except moping.



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  • Sasha is a name of Russian origin meaning "defender of man". The name is commonly found as a diminutive of Alexandra.
  • Sasha is the first character to appear on a S1 thumbnail other than Aphmau.
  • It's possible that Sasha will turn over a new leaf and join the pheonix alliance, although nothing is certain.