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Light Gray

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Bright Purple

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Phoenix Drop High


Works at SK Night Club

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Phoenix Drop High Student

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Shadow Knights

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Sasha (Diaries)

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Sasha is a character on MyStreet who is a former Shadow Knight.


Little is known about her other than she is the only girl in the Shadow Knight's group in MyStreet Phoenix Drop High.

Link ArcEdit

During the sports festival, she is paired up with Jeff to compete against Aphmau and Kawaii~Chan. However, she did not appear to care for winning and instead she let them win. 

She is later seen wearing a maid outfit during the Bake Sale. She is aligned with the witchcraft group, led by Lucinda, having audience noted of there friendship 

It is said in "Shadow Knights Rule!" by Zenix for Sasha to "Stop drooling [over Gene] Sasha, it's pathetic", although Sasha denied doing so, saying "Jealous?" it indicates she might have feelings for Gene.  


Sasha has long, wavy light gray hair, violet eyes and a pale complexion. Her school uniform consists of a short-sleeved white shirt with blue buttons and a blue bow around the shirt collar, as well as a light gray pleated skirt, white ankle socks and black shoes. On the weekends, she is seen wearing a long-sleeved faded purple shirt, ripped blue jeans and black shoes. She looks very similar to both Hyria and Katelyn.


She is calm, collected with a sarcastic undertone and a quiet person. 

Her interests are palm reading, potions and witchcraft. Sasha also seems to show smartness out of all the Shadow Knights as she recommended that Zenix be the leader, instead of them trying to recruit more members and finding a new leader.

In MyStreet, she doesn't let any personality out and seems really cold, but cared for when Gene was missing after he got captured by Garroth and Laurance. She also showed concern for Zenix in both a mini game episode and a Phoenix Drop High episode

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Trivia Edit

  • Sasha is a name of Russian origin meaning "defender of man". The name is commonly found in Slavic countries as a diminutive of Alexandra.
  • It is revealed in "Skipping School" that Sasha does palm reading as a small hobby.
    • Zenix later says that she learned her "fake palm reading" abilities from the internet when he was responding to Sasha.

Quotes Edit

We get bad grades because we miss class and tend not to listen to our teacher. So obviously it reflects on our records. It's an attempt for the "man" to control us with these letters that we find so much validation in. [...] Honestly, Gene, Zenix, and I are very smart when it comes to our studies. We're just bored because nothing challenges us in academics anymore.

Sasha, MyStreet Phoenix Drop High - "Playing Hookie"

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