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Sea Bun King

Sea bunny



Professional Status

King of Sea Buns

Personal Status


  • Zane (Rival)
  • Sea bunnies (Subjects)
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Jason Lord

The Sea Bun King is a large sentient sea bun, and a minor antagonist in 'Mermaid Tales'.


Not much is known about him before the series, except that he's aware of and has met Tavari before.

He first appears in "Merman?...", when Aphmau is lead to him by other sea bunnies. He asks her if she's Tavari, which she confusedly denies. The King is then shocked to meet a mermaid, especially one from Mariana, and already knows she's lost. He suddenly tells her that his sea bunny subjects are going to eat her, asking for forgiveness- but merfolk is something they've never eaten. He gets aggravated when Aph mocks the tickling of the sea buns' 'feasting', and quickly falls asleep after Tavari shows up to 'save' her.

The Sea Bun King isn't seen again until "Love At First Sight", wherein he finds Katelyn and Teony lost in the ocean. He quickly recognizes Katelyn as royalty from her tiara, and offers the two mermaids shelter and dinner. He orders one of his sea buns to lead the girls to their grotto, and then once they leave he slyly tells another that they plan to eat them after letting that other mermaid get away.

His plan goes well, and the sea buns start 'eating' Katelyn and Teony, but Zane shows up and foils his plan by telling them to just.. stand up, where the sea buns can't reach them. The Sea Bun King becomes frustrated with Zane, since they can't even eat the mermaid he hangs out with, and now he's stopping them from two that he found on his own. Him and Zane fight for a brief moment before he throws a gold coin and distracts Zane, calling him simple-minded. ..And then, he promptly falls asleep, letting Zane, Katelyn, and Teony leave.


He is a giant white sea bunny, with purple rhinophore 'ears'. His eyes are always closed, and he has bushy black eyebrows. On his head is a golden crown.


The Sea Bun King is a benevolent ruler to the sea buns, always looking for opportunities to get them well-fed. He even asks for forgiveness from Aphmau when he orders them to eat her, since he seems to believe that eating a mermaid will let him and his sea buns live forever. He has immense faith in his subjects' wrath, despite them just touching the mermaids with their rhinophores.

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