Secret Lovers
MyStreet 24
Season 1, Episode 24
Post Date February 8, 2016
Duration 12:56
Written By *Aphmau
  • Dom
Directed By *Aphmau
  • Dom
Produced By
Edited By
Storyboarded By
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"Mr. & Mrs. Travis"
"Date Begins!"
"Secret Lovers" is the 24th episode of MyStreet. It premiered on February 8th, 2016.


"Travis is excited for Valentine's Day! So he approaches Aphmau to ask her a question."


Aphmau is going through her mailbox and gets an unexpected letter from Travis. After she finishes reading the love letter, Travis emerges from behind and she attacks, flipping him on his back. 

Travis stands up and reminds Aphmau of the upcoming Valentine's Day. Laughing at the occasion, she explains that it's weeks away, but Travis clarfiy that it is the next day. Aphmau proceeds to run to her home, but is stopped by Travis, who asks on her whereabouts. She explains that the day is filled with competition from Garroth and Laurance, who tries to upstage each other. 

At the steps, Travis explains the previous day involving her and Aaron, which Aphmau persuades him to forget. Travis thoroughly adds on that Aphmau does have an attraction to Aaron. Exhausted, Aphmau her situation with Aaron, which Travis takes advantage of. Travis continues by suggesting that Aphmau and Aaron join him on a double date with Katelyn . He then flashbacks to his attempts to sway her for a date and finally receives an angry yes from Katelyn. 

Aphmau smiles at Travis' desparation, as he explains that bringing the two on the date will make Katelyn more comfortable and open up. Confused by Travis' sudden plan, he takes Aphmau's phone and text Aaron that contains a message, making her to enraged. A few moments pass as she receives a message from Aaron, causing her to faint. 

Blacked out, Aphmau is awoken by her friends and asks what happened. Garroth and Laurance explain that she had turned bright red and fainted, prompting the two rush across the street and brought her inside. Kawaii~Chan arrives to give water to Aphmau, but is interrupted by a doorbell ring. 

As Aphmau recounts the previous event, Aaron asks her on her condition, which she replies shockingly. Travis interferes by firmly asking Aaron to sit next to Aphmau, thus angering Garroth and Laurance. The two then take Travis away to talk to him personally. Much to her surprise, Kawaii~Chan returns to the living room and takes photos of Aaron and Aphmau.

Travis briefly explain the situation to Garroth and Laurance, but is the opposite of what he said to Aphmau. Garroth and Laurance fully understand and the three return to the living room. 

Back at the living room, Travis announces the date in front of the group, which Katelyn reacts to negatively. Garroth and Laurance asks Travis if they could join, along with their dates, which everyone reacts to surprisingly. In her thoughts, Aphmau is amazed by the sudden occurence. Kawaii~Chan suggest bringing Reese and Michi, while Aphmau speaks up on bringing Zane. Travis then makes a call to Dante, who would bring Nicole as his date. 

In the kitchen, Aphmau upset at Travis on lying to Garroth and Laurance. Travis apologizes on his actions and Aphmau advises to play the date very casually. Travis makes a final comment on the plan backfiring that he hopes for he and Aphmau to hook up. 



  • According to Aphmau, Garroth and Laurance compete for Aphmau's attention more during Valentine's Day, usually by outdoing one another. For example, one of them buying fireworks storing them in the house. 
  • The couples attending the date are: Aphmau and Aaron, Katelyn and Travis, Kawaii~Chan and Reese, Dante and Nicole, Garroth and Cadenza, Laurance and Lucinda, Zane and Michi. 


Secret Lovers - Valentine's Date PT.1 Minecraft MyStreet Ep

Secret Lovers - Valentine's Date PT.1 Minecraft MyStreet Ep.24 Minecraft Roleplay


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