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Secret Lovers
MyStreet 24
Season 1, Episode 24
Post Date

February 8, 2016



Written by
  • Aphmau
  • Dom
Directed by
  • Aphmau
  • Dom
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"Mr. & Mrs. Travis"

"Date Begins!"

"Secret Lovers" is the 24th episode of MyStreet. It premiered on February 8th, 2016.


"Travis is excited for Valentine's Day! So he approaches Aphmau to ask her a question."


Aphmau receives a love letter from Travis and attacks him. Travis tells her that Valentine's Day is the next day and suggests a double date with Katelyn and Aaron. Aphmau is shocked and faints after texting Aaron. She wakes up and her friends take care of her. Travis arranges a group date, causing mixed reactions. Travis lies to Garroth and Laurance about his intentions. The group discusses bringing additional dates. In the kitchen, Aphmau confronts Travis about lying. Travis apologizes and expresses his hope to be with Aphmau.



  • According to Aphmau, Garroth and Laurance compete for Aphmau's attention more during Valentine's Day, usually by outdoing one another. For example, one of them buying fireworks and storing them in the house. 
  • The couples attending the date are: Aphmau and Aaron, Katelyn and Travis, Kawaii~Chan and Reese, Dante and Nicole, Garroth and Cadenza, Laurance and Lucinda, Zane and Michi. 



Secret Lovers - Valentine's Date PT.1 Minecraft MyStreet Ep.24 Minecraft Roleplay


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