Shad is the main antagonist in Minecraft Diaries: The Realm Protector & a minor antagonist in Minecraft Diaries: Rise Of Phoenix Drop. He was once one of the Divine Warriors, as well as the lover of the Lady Irene, before being betrayed and plotted against. After years of fighting between the Divine Warriors, he was defeated and locked away in the Nether in a weakened form where he remained for the first two seasons of Minecraft Diaries, until the death of his descendant Aaron, granting him a physical form.

Shad Minecraft Diaries



  • Shad the Destroyer
  • Realm Breaker
  • Judgement

Shadow Lord

  • Human (Formerly)
  • Divine God (Formerly)
  • Shadow Knight
  • Demonic Broadsword (Formerly)
  • Shadow Knight Crimson Sword (Currently)




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Shadow Lord

Previous Occupation(s)

Divine Warrior

Previous Team

Divine Warriors

Previous Partner

Lady Irene

Personal Status

Deceased (As of MyStreet Season 6)

First Appearance

"Into The Dark"

Voice Actor
  • Christopher Escalante
  • SungWon Cho (Fill-in)


Shad's life is a complicated one. Nothing is known about his childhood. He was found by Irene in the woods of an unknown village, where he'd been unintentionally destroying their crops. The people feared him, and told Irene to be careful when looking for him. They fought briefly, yet over time the two became friends, and sometime after Irene gave him the relic of the Destroyer, they became lovers. This love lead to confrontations with Esmund, who also loved Irene. The two fought constantly over her, causing her to lose her ability to love. Due to this, the other Divine Warriors blamed Shad and plotted to kill him. Shad became twisted when he discovered their plot, and transformed into the Shadow Lord.

To prevent more fighting, Irene locked him away in multiple realms, which he learned to free himself from, until the final battle in the Irene Dimension. He was defeated and locked away in the Nether, his form shattered as well as his relic.

Sometime after his defeat, he caused the war between the Wyverns and humans, hoping to use the Wyverns rage against humanity, until a woman (most likely Irene) communed with the Wyverns, explaining the truth behind the war.

He then created the Shadow Knights, and declared himself the Shadow King. Shadow Knights worship him as a great, honorable leader and work under him, trying to bring him back to full power. Shad first encounters Irene's modern incarnation, Aphmau, in the Nether as a guard over the wolf pup Kiva, but he is easily defeated by her.

He encounters Aphmau again when she is trying to rescue the Chicken Shaman and is once again fairly easily defeated. Later on , a Shadow Knight opens the Portal to the Nether to get to The Shadow Lord.

He had not gained a physical body until he took refuge in Aaron’s body after his death.

3 years after claiming Aaron’s body as his own, he emerged from the Nether when he spotted Irene/Aphmau fleeing from him. There, in the Overworld, he sensed Alina, Aaron’s daughter and demanded Aphmau hand her over, due to the fact she had the last remaining piece of his relic. When he returned to the Nether, he sent Gene to kill Zane for stealing a fragment.

Later, Shad decided to return to the Overworld to scan the area and was able to sense Aphmau in Skystead, where he found her spying on Hailey. He laughed and mocked her and they proceeded to fight, with Aphmau managing to run away.

He found her again almost instantly, this time, mocking at how cowardly Irene appeared to be, while Aphmau tried to deny the fact that she was Irene. While mocking her, he changed his voice to that of Aaron’s to try and manipulate her, but she saw through it just in time and managed to escape. Despite this, Shad still laughed at how she had fallen for his trick.

His time expired in the Overworld and he returned to the Nether where he discovered Gene had failed him, sending him to the Torture Chamber. Shad tried to meditate and confront Aaron, who had held back his body from killing Aphmau in their prior fight, but Aaron was determined to fight for his body back. All the while, his own voice did not return.

When Aphmau was possessed by Irene, Shad sensed it and smiled wickedly. 


Shad seems to have had a romantic interest in Irene. He later claimed he hated Aphmau because of the relic she (Irene) gave him, wanting to take away everything she cared for and watch her suffer. He is a controlling, angry Shadow Knight. Yet he wasn't always like this, he used to be Irene's most trusted friend, to the point where she would trust him with her life.

He does not take failure so easily, especially towards his Shadow Knights. When Gene decided to toy with his brother instead of finding Zane, Shad tossed him into a wall and sent him to the torture chamber. He was also disappointed that he didn't even kill Dante.

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  • The name Shad is an English baby name. In English, the meaning of the name Shad is "Biblical Shadrach"; one of three young Hebrew men who survived being cast into a fiery furnace. This may be a reference to why Shad is the Shadow Lord in the nether.
  • A homage to Shad appears in the MC RP series "Croi-Dragon", which featured an antagonist known as "Christopher the Destroyer" who also wielded a demonic broadsword until the loss of his right arm.
  • He is referred to as "Weakened Shadow Of The King" in Season 1.