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A Shadow Knight army (left) led by Gene (right)

Shadow Knights are an antagonistic faction in Minecraft Diaries. A Shadow Knight is formerly classified as a human, particularly a guard, who has died and been reborn in the Nether to serve the Shadow Lord. Their purpose is to serve the Shadow Lord and do everything in their power to revive him. All Shadow Knights experience the phenomenon that is The Calling.


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As of Season 2, the Shadow Knights seem to have become stronger and have built a Nether portal somewhere in the world from which Shadow Souls are escaping into the world. We find out in the end of Season 2 Episode 36 that the portal of the Southern Wolf Tribe was somehow reopened by Zenix, another Shadow Knight.

In Season 3, due to the return of Shad, the Shadow Knights are even more active. A decent number being led by Gene to hunt down Zane and kill him for stealing the fragment and also to find Alina as she holds Shad's relic and kill her mother, Aphmau.


Shadow Knights are mostly created from people who died that the Shadow Lord himself handpicked or those who had died in the Nether. They undergo mental and physical change, which is insanely painful even though they're already dead, some of which having their memories altered by Gene.

To achieve immortality and enhanced powers, a Shadow Knight must fully turn their back on any remnants of their humanity by travelling to the overworld and killing the person they cared for the most or were closest to. For instance: a family member, sibling, close friend, lover or their Lord. A Shadow Knight who has not done this yet is called a "premature Shadow Knight".

There is no method for curing a Shadow Knight as they became this after death. However, Knights like Sasha, Laurance, Vincent, and Vylad have been able to keep control of themselves through mind over matter and chosen not to listen to or follow the Shadow Lord.

Shadow Knights develop more feelings and feel more human when being in the overworld for too long - Laurance still has feelings for Aphmau, though he already had them before he was turned; another example is that Vylad mourned for Garroth under the impression that he was dead.

All Shadow Knights, even premature ones, can transform into a larger version of themselves that is more powerful, with special armor and weapons. Although each Shadow Knight keeps the physical appearance of when they died and have appeared differently, they all have the same default form of a blood red suit of armor with black designs all over them. Each Shadow Knight is also capable of having a matching blood red helmet with black markings, though most named Knights barely if not never wear them, and a blood red and black sword. If they transform into their strongest Shadow Knight form, red particles will be seen circling them and their eyes will go either a deep blood or purple. Full Shadow Knights have blood red at all times in either form with no way of controlling it as it becomes their natural eye color.


The main goal of the Shadow Knights seems to be helping the Shadow Lord, Shad the destroyer, rise to power in the Overworld once again, although their original motives are vague. They seem to want the Lord system gone, which may be the reason why a Shadow Knight must kill their past Lord, besides the obvious reasoning that quite a large amount of Shadow Knights used to be Guards before their death, for a Guards main purpose is to protect and care for their lord, thus making them the one they care for most.

As of Season 3, they acquired the new goal of killing Aphmau as she is known now as Lady Irene and taking her daughter, Alina, as the Shadow Lord ordered. This is supported by Gene saying that Aphmau must be dead and Alina be taken for Shad. This is most likely because Shad wants his relic back from within her, though it's also proven during a flashback in MyStreet: When Angels Fall that Shad planned to turn her into a relic (Whether this be for revenge on Irene for doing the same to their own daughter or a separate reason is unknown).

Another goal as of Season 3 is for Zane to be hunted down and killed for stealing a fragment of Shad's soul.

Known Shadow Knights[]

  • Shadow Lord - Also referred to as Shad the Destroyer, is leader of the Shadow Knights. He is their lord and the one who personally chose each and every one of them to become Shadow Knights. After taking Aaron's body as his new vessel, he began searching for Aphmau and her daughter to obtain his relic back.
  • Laurance - While he is technically a Shadow Knight, he held onto himself by thinking about Aphmau while undergoing the transformation but he has transformed into his Shadow Knight form a couple of times. Laurance was thought to have become evil after the events of late Season 2 and in the Season 3 trailer, but was proven wrong as Laurance tries to hold back Gene when Aphmau, Katelyn, and Garroth and Zane are in the Nether. Even though he now resides to the Nether, Laurance led a rebellion against Shad, along with Zenix. Even now, it seems he is not in stable minds as he constantly has human emotions and Shadow knight emotions. He has not been able to control his Shadow Knight transformation either. He is physically strong, but mentally weak, as stated by Vincent. It is unknown whose side he is truly on, as he constantly changes between Aphmau to the Nether due to his inability to control his mentality as the series progresses.
  • Zane - thought to finally be dead for good, though he managed to convince the Shadow Lord to allow him to become a Shadow Knight. After an undisclosed amount of time transforming and being tortured in the Nether, he came out of the portal in Bright Port wearing what seems to be the new Shadow Knight outfit. He was immediately spotted, captured and forced to lead Aphmau, Garroth and Katelyn into the Nether with the promise of bringing them to Laurance. Though soon after fulfilling his end of the agreement, managed to escape not only them, but also through the portal and passed the guards. He later kidnaps Emmalyn and forces her to research information about Shad (the Shadow Lord) and his fragment he'd managed to steal, all while trying to get away from other Knights who were sent to kill him and retrieve the fragment.
  • Zenix - Garroth's former apprentice, corrupted by power. He became a Shadow Knight long before, or around the same time as Sasha, as a kid. One day, he was found by Garroth and became his apprentice. He has been conspiring against other Shadow Knights to raise the Shadow Lord by himself and control him. At the beginning of Season 2, he reopens and enters the Southern Wolf Tribe's Nether portal to singlehandedly slaughter much of Shad's army. In Season 3, Zenix appears more stable, having teamed up with Laurance and joining his side of the rebellion.
  • Gene - After being executed at his lord's orders, he caught the attention of the Shadow Lord who resurrected him. Gene turned and destroyed his village, wiping everyone's memories, except for Dante's. For his incredible power, he became Shad's right hand man (with some resistance from Zenix) and oversaw the murder of Lord Malik. He was last seen being beaten by Laurance's rebellion and sentenced to the torture chamber as punishment.
  • Vylad - Initially appearing as a mysterious antagonist, Vylad turned against the Shadow Knights and rescued Aphmau from Zenix - or rather, Zenix from Aphmau. Vylad is the younger half-brother of Zane and Garroth, and he is the one responsible for rescuing Matilda and leaving Levin in Aphmau's care. Vylad was also the one who summoned Aphmau outside of Phoenix Drop using a staff given to him by Hyria. Vylad refuses to elaborate on his actions as a Shadow Knight, implying he has committed awful things and he's remorseful. He has control over his Shadow Knight calling.
  • Sasha - Kenmur's old fiancée, who sacrificed herself in the Nether to save her friends, thought to be dead. Gene turned her into a Shadow Knight. In Season 2, she was found by Aphmau and taken in to the cell in Phoenix Drop. When the Phoenix Capital was found, they moved her there. At the end of Season 2 though, it is found that her and Michi had been freed by Laurance when he was not in a fully stable mind and had escaped to Tu'la together. In Season 3 it is revealed in a brief glimpse that she could sense a disturbance when Kenmur died, causing her to hesitate as she was running with Michi.
  • Vincent - He is a full Shadow Knight and has been for the past 100 years. He is currently the second in command guard or third wheel of New Meteli. He became a full Shadow Knight by killing his tyrannical lord brother.
  • Alexis - she was briefly turned into a Shadow Knight by Zane when she was a baby. Later, Laurance stated that she wasn't a proper Shadow Knight due to the means she was turned, suggesting she was not as strong as even a premature Shadow Knight. In Season 2, there are no signs that indicate that she is still a Shadow Knight.
  • Glenda - Attempted to sacrifice Cadenza to open a Nether portal. Deceased as Aphmau killed her to save Cadenza.