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Shadow Lord
  • Shadow Lord
  • Shadow King
  • Shad The Destroyer
  • Unknown
  • Divine God (Formerly)
  • Human (Formerly)


Professional Status
Previous Affiliation(s)

Divine Warriors

Previous Partner

Lady Irene (Ex-Lover)

First Appearance

"Into The Dark"


Oh Irene, I can tell you want so bad to believe that I am the man you loved.

Shadow Lord (in Aaron's Body) Season 3 Episode 2

My reign will spread into the world. Man shall know no leader as great as I. No hope for the future will come. I will make sure of that.

Shadow Lord, Season 1 Episode 18

 Biography Edit

The creator of the Shadow Knights, also known as the Shadow King and Shad the Destroyer. As he is shown in the series, he is very weak and can't do much. He lives in the nether and is thought to have created the Shadow Knights. He first appears in S1, Ep18 as a guard over the wolf pup Kiva, but he is easily defeated. Shadow Knights worship him as a great, honorable leader and work under him, trying to bring him back to full power.

He is seen again later in the season when Aphmau is trying to rescue the Chicken Shaman and is once again fairly easily defeated in " ." Later in S1, we see Shadow Knight opening the Portal to the Nether to get to The Shadow Lord.

In The Angel Irene, Hyria reveals that when Enki and the others defeated Shad, they shattered his relic and threw him into the Nether, where he became the Shadow Lord. Although he is not shown as clearly in the images that recall the history of him when he was his true first form he is shown very clearly in Aphmau's memory and seems to look like Aaron. In the last minutes of the episode Laurance has gone to the nether portal and says,"... I need to find someone..." and it is where we are left off at.

In Season 3, according to Zane, the Shadow Lord has gained a physical body by using Aaron's body. He is then seen at Laurance's fort talking to Gene when he saw Aphmau who in turn saw him. He ordered Gene to deal with Laurance while he handles Aphmau.

He was able to deflect the barrier that Hailey made and taunt Aphmau about his return in Aaron's body as he is the one that she loved while still alive. He then sensed Alina nearby and wanted Aphmau to bring her to him as she also belongs to him, and when Aphmau refused and attacked him, he easily deflected it with his sword and knocked Aphmau off the platform warning her that he will take everything from her, including her daughter when he rises again and exits into the Nether.

He later informed Gene of the death of the Heart of Darkness and that Zane must be killed for stealing his relic and that he doesn't want it to fall into Aphmau's (Irene's as he refers to her) hands.

Appearance Edit

In his weak state he appears as a figure with floating purple eyes with ender particles floating around him. Resembles an Enderman in height.

When he was Shad the destroyer, he appears with black hair, tanned;pale skin, and a blackish-grey leather looking hood.

After the death of Aaron, he had taken his body, claiming it as a "Perfect Vessel." His appearance is that of red and black armor that's more lord-like with a area where his metal plates and chainmail meet on his chest. There is a reddish aura around his eyes and small cracks coming from his eyes as he is surrounded by a red particles.

Personality Edit

Nothing much is known about his personality except for the fact that he is evil and wants to ruin mankind.

In season 3, after knowing that Aphmau is Lady Irene, he now desires to get revenge on her and get her daughter, Alina, to him, as she has his relic.


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