Canon, popular, and silly ships in the famous series Minecraft Diaries and MyStreet (+ more!) and their status, plus a few OC's. Enjoy!

Canon Edit

Zane~Chan (Zane/Kawaii~Chan) Is a ship that recently, has been gaining popularity. Some of their best moments together started all the way back in Love~Love Paradise. Although, these moments were small. It was also revealed in a mini-game "Snuggle Buddies" that Kawaii~Chan had a crush on Zane. They also had a few moments in Lover's Lane, but nothing too big. In one of the mini-series taking place after Lover's Lane, 'A-con', the episode titled 'Kawaii~chan and Zane' features the two having a heart to heart after KC breaks up with Damien. In Aphmau's year, they begin to get a bit closer. Zane trusted Kawaii~Chan enough to tell her that Aaron was a Werewolf and that he got hurt, badly. Kawaii~Chan hugs him, telling him that if he needed to talk, she was there for him. The Ghost in Kim tries to keep them apart since she likes Zane.

In Starlight, they have a lot more moments. Zane smuggles Kawaii~Chan into Starlight since she blackmailed him with what he told her. She felt bad, and Zane admitted that he would've brought her if she asked nicely. He hides her in the bathroom and tries to keep Garroth from finding out. Eventually, he does, but he agrees to keep it secret. She is extremely grateful for the two of them and questions if she deserves their friendship. When Zane gets very sunburned, she gives him a bottle of some lotion that she made especially for him. Later on, she tells Zane about her past, something she has never told anyone, showing she trusts him enough to tell him about such big pieces of her life.
During the Haunted House attraction, Kawaii~Chan confessed to Zane about how he understands to her words, thus the ship is now canon as the two kiss. Since then they have been on a date and plan for more in the future. It was also mentioned in 'The Sims: Matchmaker' that Aphmau's viewers had constantly been asking for the ship to be made canon, and one of Jess' goals in the series was to bring the two together.  

Lonna (Logan/Donna) - They adopted Yip, a wolf pup from the Eastern Wolf Tribe village. Yip was the only survivor when Zane attacked the village, he is the son of the tribe's Alpha Werewolf. Donna's mother hires Zane, the High Priest of Lady Irene from O'khasis to have them marry, this is the first time Zane comes to Phoenix Drop. As of Season 2, Yip has developed a human form, also Logan and Donna have 3 more children, one female, and two male twins.

Dolly (Dale/Molly) - In Season 1, episode 5, Aphmau had them marry each other. They have had two children, Brian and Alexis. Brian was revealed to be a traitor around the end of Season 1. The two left Phoenix Drop, but Alexis chose to stay and become a guard. Dale and Molly send little care packages to Alexis from time to time. Currently, it is unknown where Brian is located after the 15 years that Aphmau was gone.

Dan~Chan/Dante~Chan (Dante/Kawaii~Chan) - When Aphmau was in Irene's dimension, Dante and Kawaii~Chan got together. They had a daughter named Nekoette~Tan, who is the little girl in a pink dress with pastel-blue hair and cat ears like her mother. They told her all kinds of amazing and adventurous stories about Aphmau, and Nekoette~Tan looks up to her.

Coma (Corey/Emma) - They are also married off by Aphmau and have one child, baby Kyle. Kyle grew up to be a guard in Phoenix Drop. Like Dale and Molly, Corey and Emma left Phoenix Drop.      

Dancole (Dante/Nicole) - In Season 2, episode 27 and 28, Dante and Nicole dated before Dante married Kawaii~Chan. In episode 27, they find out Dmitri is Dante 's son. Dante had no clue about this because Nicole hid Dmitri from him.      

Kemmalyn (Emmalyn/Kenmur) -  In Season 2, Episode 51, they got married after being in the Irene Dimension with Aphmau. Kenmur has dated different girls in the past, including Cadenza, but she does not have hard feelings about them being married as she made the dresses and tuxes for their wedding. Sasha is hurt but comes to peace with it. Unfortunately, this ship has sunk because Kenmur is dead in MCD. (Similar to Aarmau in the same series) Although in MyStreet, it's canon due to both of them dating peacefully.

Brendissa/Bissa (Brendan/Issa) - They are a married couple with a daughter named Dell. They live at the old chicken shaman's house and have renovated it into a horse ranch. They have since moved onto     

Gate / LifeGuyde (Guy/Nate) - A ship from Mystreet, first appearing when Guy takes Nate on a date in season 2 and then reappearing later in season 5. The two have a boat called the S. S. Gate since it's their ship name.   

Aarmau (Aaron/Aphmau) - In MyStreet, Aaron and Aphmau were dating after the events of "Aaron and Aphmau" in MyStreet. Since the episode It's Time... came out, Aaron and Aphmau are now engaged. 
Now in the MCD, on the 97th episode of MCD, Aphmau revealed she was pregnant with Aaron's child. Aarmau is also one of the most popular ships. To fans, who have answered Aphmau's Twitter poll, Aarmau was only 23%, making it third. Some characters in MyStreet even ship it themselves, mainly Kawaii~Chan. The ship is also supported within the series, not by shipping, but more so respect for the two. It's popularity mostly grew due to Jess's liking to it and his voice after, Jess's husband. Although canon in Mystreet, it is no longer likely to be canon in Diaries since Aaron's death, however prior to that the two were together (Since Aphmau was pregnant with Aaron's baby)

Aaron had the most kisses with Aphmau in MyStreet, since he's her boyfriend (now fiancee) after all.


HyLuke/Lukeria (Hyria/Lord Luke) - This ship is canon in Minecraft Diaries, and most likely MyStreet.

It is unknown how they met or how they got together or how they even worked out [Hyria is 900+ Years Old and a witch, Luke probably 20-30+ years old when they met and was a Lord of a village who hated witches and witchcraft users], however, at some point in their lives, had their daughter Lucinda. However, they broke apart as Hyria refused to leave the forest and 'abandoned Luke and Lucinda.' [Coming from Lucinda] Although Hyria is still alive and well, Lord Luke is deceased.

Travlyn (Travis/Katelyn)

This was shipped in both MCD and MyStreet. Travis had a crush on Katelyn since MyStreet Phoenix Drop High in MyStreet. This ship grew quickly when they kissed in "Cosplay and Chaos!" Also in MyStreet S2, Katelyn seemed to be showing concern when she realized Travis was left behind at home. As seen in the episode "Boy Shopping", Katelyn admits that their relationship is "complicated" when Aphmau asked. It seems to be the next ship to become canon, even though there are haters, in the episode "Katelyn's Dad VS. Travis " it is basically directly referenced. Travlyn has started to decrease in popularity after the episode "The Cruise Back Home", but there are strong hints it may happen again, with how close the two are in MyStreet. In Aphmau's year, Travis shows his deep concern for Katelyn, also they were also pretending as girlfriend and boyfriend until at Starlight. They were doing that for Travis' dad; Terry. There are strong hints that the relationship between the two will be increased and possibly their feelings will be confessed.

Later on in episode 15 (Reborn part 2) of When Angels Fall, Katelyn held a presumed dead Travis in her arms and cried, hoping that Travis was still alive. While Katelyn holds him, Travis wakes up and tells her that he would want her to take his last breath away. When she realizes that he's alive, Katelyn sets Travis down and pulls him into a kiss.

In episode 15 (Reborn part 3) of When Angels Fall, it's confirmed that Katelyn does indeed have feelings for Travis (which is most definitely reciprocated).

In MCD, while Travcinda was pushed more in the beginning, towards the end there were some obvious hints and the two spent more & more time with each other. Their ship was popularized by a group of Tumblr fans and there's a resurgence of love for the ship resurfaced since the start of Season 3 of MCD.

non-canon ships Edit

Lovely Picnic
Garmau (Garroth/Aphmau)

Garmau was probably the first ship ever made. The ship of Garroth and Aphmau. Garroth admitted his feelings towards Aphmau in the last moments of the season 1 finale. As of Season 2, Aphmau and Garroth were in a different dimension where Garroth had kissed her. Garmau was believed to be the most well known and most popular ship before S1 Ep. 99 where people were still shipping it. But when S1 Ep. 100, the season finale, came people began to abandon the ship due to Garroth's betrayal. Until season 2, when Aphmau saw Garroth in the dream place where Garroth kissed Aphmau. Many continued to ship this because of the fact that Aphmau named her adoptive daughter, Garnet because of Garroth, and also because Aphmau did everything just to get Garroth out of the Irene Dimension.

According to one of Jess' old twitter polls, Garmau was the most popular ship at the time with 31% on the poll. However, the ship lost hope of happening because Aarmau has been proven to be Jess' OTP. With an abundance of reasons from Jess via streams and Aarmau being canon in both Minecraft Diaries and MyStreet, Garmau will never happen. Although he has a crush on her in the series A Royal Tale, that quickly receded as the series continued.
Laurmau (Aphmau/Laurance) is one of the most popular ships in Minecraft Diaries. The ship was mostly a joke during his first appearance but became serious when it was shown he really did love Aphmau. The ship mostly started sailing during Season 2, when Garroth was not there to stop him. In Aphmau's Twitter poll, Laurmau placed second with 25% The ship had its main core during (Season 2 Ep.20) when Aphmau kissed him to calm down his Shadow Knight state. Laurance after that had been more romantic and kissed her during (Season 2 ep.24). They decided it was best to wait for Garroth thinking it was not fair for him. Although, the ship still has a chance for Aphmau did admit she liked Laurance during (Season 2 Ep.4) However, the ship had started to lose hope of coming true because in all series Laurance has been appearing less and less. Also, Aarmau has been proven to be Aphmau's OTP, but due to changes in who controls the series, Aarmau bias may clear away, giving Laurmau a higher chance of happening. However, as of the last final episodes of Season 2 and the first episodes of Season 3, it might be that the ship has officially sunk. This is due to Laurance showing hatred towards Aphmau and dislikes her presence after the Aarmau moments in Season 2. But as a happy moment for Laurmau shippers (and Garrance as well), Laurence still seemed concerned and maybe still cared about Aphmau, Katelyn and Garroth. This is when Laurance...shoved Katelyn and Aphmau off a bridge and told Garroth to hide to prevent them from being seen by Shad As of Season 2, Laurance and Aphmau have kissed twice.

Like with Garmau, MyStreet has little chance of Laurmau happening due to Aarmau being canon, though Laurance did once have a crush on Aphmau, and she thought he was attractive in high school.

Zanemau (Zane/Aphmau)

Very popular ship on Twitter and other social media between us and Aphmau/Jess! Some ship this because Zane wanted to marry her in Minecraft Diaries, while some older fans ship it due to Jess constantly joking about it on Twitter. Aphmau in MyStreet also kissed Zane on the cheek. But TheDragonHat/Andy (Garroth's voice actor) said Jessica or Jess (Aphmau) regretted joking and playing around with this ship because people were starting to take it seriously. It was forged due to it being a joke ship shipped by Jess since she didn't want to reveal what she shipped in reality. While the two appear very close in MyStreet, Zane often acts as the 'dad friend' to Aphmau, and constantly states that they are best friends and nothing more, implying the closeness is due to Zane being unused to social interaction. He also reveals everything to her like he like playing with toy ponies and that he liked Kawaii~Chan.

Travcinda (Lucinda/Travis) Gaining popularity in Minecraft Diaries Season 2 Episodes 55 and 56, it seems to be shipped by a lot of people but since then, Travlyn took over as Travis's main ship and Travcinda more/less is dying. With how close Travlyn is, this ship might not become canon. However, the ship has sunken in MyStreet because Lucinda revealed she had faked an interest for Travis to get Katelyn jealous. Some fans find this ship creepy because Lucinda is 20-25 years older than Travis and would be in her mid-40s while it's suggested Travis is in his early-to-late 20s, though through witchcraft it is likely Lucinda appears closer to Travis' age [Then again, Hyria is 900+ years old and Luke was maybe in his 20-30's when Lucinda was born].  In MyStreet, they're closer in age, having both been in high school together.

Laurroth/Garrance (Laurance/Garroth) In Episode 20 (The Kiss) of MyStreet Season 1, Garroth Locked Aaron in the toilet to get the role of Romeo to kiss Aphmau. In the scene where Aphmau is going to kiss Garroth, Laurence had a potion from Lucinda to switch places with Garroth (in order to kiss Aphmau). Fortunately for Laurance, Kawaii-Chan shoved Laurance and made him accidentally throw the potion at Aphmau thus switching places with her and Laurance kissed Garroth. In one Pixel Painters, the theme was Kissing and Garroth just decided to let his mind go blank. He ended up drawing him and Laurance kissing, which shows that it was on his mind. In an alternate reality named the Haunted House Series, episode Fall-ing for you Laurance and Garroth got into an awkward situation. Garroth starts flirting with Laurance after Laurance teasingly flirts with him. Garroth pins Laurance against a wall and it's hella gay. (That is to say, there are clear romantic overtones in the scene, despite both characters agreeing it didn't mean anything) Laurroth/Garrance might be one of the best bromances in the series. They have flirted with each other multiple times, especially in Lover's Lane. The best and most obvious moment was when Garroth was making Laurance coffee and asked him if he wanted one sugar or two. Laurance says in a flirty voice," Oh, Garroth. You are enough sugar for me.", to which Garroth giggles and says, "Oh honey bear." Zane then interrupts this beautifulness by saying that they're like an old married couple. In one of the Sims videos, Aphmau asked Garroth if he thought Laurance had a nice butt, to which he replied, "Yeah he does, actually." In another Sims video, Garroth thought to himself "Man, Laurance sucks at cooking without setting things on fire... Because he's so hot! hiueheheuu." Though it should be noted that the machinima series is on the verge of being a crack series.

Vylance (Vylad/Laurence) Is known as a small but dedicated ship, one of Vylad's most popular ones and second popular boyxboy ship for Laurance. It focuses on their interactions in Minecraft Diaries, as both are implied to be very close later in half of season 2, due to their connection as shadow knights, being imprisoned together in the nether and Vylad being shown to take off after Laurance. Both are shown to be considerate about each other and shown remorse, worry & in Vylad's case, shown to defend Laurance. A popular fandom joke on how their reunion in season 2 sounded like a couple who broke up but weren't over each other. In MyStreet, they aren't shown in many interactions, especially since Vylad and Laurance lack the shadow knight connection, and Vylad has little screen time at all and Laurance's character is more similar to how he appeared originally in Diaries, flirtatious and less well developed, and over time he develops quite differently.

Einmau (Aphmau/Ein) A once large ship caused by the chemistry and numerous moments between Ein and Aphmau, as Ein has gained a crush on Aphmau. During the first few moments of PDHS2, the two seem to be going nowhere, but they slowly formed a strong bond with each other. Due to Ein's treatment of Aphmau, he got the approval of Aphmau's mother and Aaron. But later on in Phoenix Drop High, Ein loses the approval of Aaron and they get into a fight. At the end of the fight, Aaron throws Ein out the window and then Daniel, to make it look like Daniel KO'd Ein. So Ein packed away his anger and hatred toward Aaron and saved it for the fourth season of MyStreet, Emerald Secret by making forever potions to make Aphmau love Ein and hate Aaron but Aaron turned into the Ultima and made Ein lose his ears.He broke the potion by hugging Aphmau and reminding her of their past by calling her a stupid potato and almost got himself killed In MyStreet: Emerald Secret, this is a rather questionable ship, as Ein wants to kill Aaron for Aphmau's love; yandere in likeness. He even attempted to steal her away and never let go by brainwashing her and let her do the killing, causing fans to believe he is trying to sink the Aarmau ship, which started a massive flame war between Aarmau fans and Einmau fans. Due to this conflict, some shippers have stopped and abandoned the ship. As the season of PDHS2 continues into the finale after Episode 13 of Emerald Secret, more shippers continued to abandon the ship as Ein's obsession with Aphmau grows as just a perfect girlfriend. Now, since the end of Episode 16 of MyStreet: Emerald Secret, Ein, has been presumed dead said by Lucinda and it is also said that he died in he wolf ambush, so the ship has sunk. In Episode 32 of Season 5 of Mystreet it is revealed that Ein is alive and under the effects of a forever potion, as Aaron sees him on a bridge while waiting with his friends. Its also been revealed that they are half-siblings so... yeah.

Kaimau (Aphmau/Kai) Another popular ship in PDHS2, where Kai and Aphmau bond and form a friendship, to which Aphmau eventually gained an enormous crush on Kai; this is proven when Aphmau grows anxious when she finds out Kai garners a lot of attention from the female meif'was. Aphmau attempted to confess to Kai, before finding out he has a crush on someone else, who turned out to be Katelyn, leaving Aphmau heartbroken. The two stayed as friends, yet it is still unknown if Kai has romantic feelings for Aphmau now, as Katelyn told him about Aphmau's crush. But as reveled in PDH S2 Episode 24 ("What Do You Know About Me? Part 2", Kai (after being asked by Ein why he wasn't paying much attention to Aphmau during the date) said that Aphmau was a little too immature for his taste and that he just wanted a girlfriend. Aphmau (After hearing this,) was instantly heartbroken and confronted Kai while tearing up, which made the ship seem like it was starting to sink a little bit. However, in the following episode ("An Apology" after Kai apologized to Aphmau, she said that she would think about it.. so Kaimau may rise in the end... (?) But it seems that it won't considering Aaron and Aphmau's friendship.

== Less popular non-canon ships ==

Yipona/Leonip (Yip/Leona) Although it's unknown on Yip's side, it is HIGHLY obvious that Leona has a crush on Yip. Leona constantly talks about Yip, but she says it's because he's stupid. (But we shippers know that's all lies)

Leoshant/Liona/Leonashant (Liochant/Leona) A new ship from Minecraft Diaries S3, Lioshant x Leona is a ship based on them both babysitting Lilith and Alina, Aphmau's children.

Katemau (Katelyn/Aphmau) a ship. As of pixel painters with Aphmau and Katelyn, Katelyn has called Aphmau hot. In Minecraft Diaries, there have also been a few hints at it. Katelyn has called Aphmau beautiful, causing her to become flustered. In the side stories, Katelyn has also shown her gratitude towards Aphmau. For example, in episode 28, when Lucinda told Katelyn that if she wanted a hug from Aphmau, she could've just asked. Katelyn denied this, but she was stuttering and blushing. In the Episode Cruise Back Home Part 1, Aphmau and Katelyn were discussing that Katelyn liked Aphmau in College. Katelyn has also said once to Aphmau, 'We've done this before.' when referring to the two of them kissing. And in S2 “Aphmau In Trouble“ after Aphmau almost drowns Kaitlyn yells “Aphmau do you need CPR?” repeatedly implying she wanted to kiss Aphmau.

Natelyn/Katecole (Katelyn/Nicole) A small-ish ship. Katelyn is very protective of Nicole and her dating in MyStreet. And are overall great friends. Kawaii~Chan even tried to ship them! However, there's not much in Minecraft Diaries. The ship was probably started because of their shared interest in fighting, and pugilism. It's been said before Nicole is possibly Katelyn's oldest friend.

Gardenza (Garroth/Cadenza) Both Garroth and Cadenza are seen knocking down doors multiple times in MyStreet. SO they are similar and therefore the ship began.

Jeffrenza(Jeffory/Cadenza) Because we all want Abby to have a great mom.

Gar~Chan (Garroth/Kawaii~Chan) A small ship that started when Garroth said he wanted to steal her heart in Pixel Painters. Impossible to happen in the main series but who knows in MyStreet. But it seems that Zane~Chan will probably happen.

Garlyn (Garroth/Katelyn) The two went to prom together, and Garroth even fought Jeffory when Katelyn burst into tears during prom night. In PDH, the two seem to share a strong friendship with each other, and possibly even romantic feelings later on. It's very cute platonically.

Laurlyn (Laurance/Katelyn) A large ship during the earlier days of MCD, seeing as Katelyn seems to show romantic interest in Laurance, stated in side stories. Kawaii~Chan also used to ship this during the earlier days of MyStreet, but Katelyn was quick to slam down the ship. Also in the earlier days of MyStreet, Katelyn and Laurance went together during the festival.

Vyladly (Vylad/Katelyn) a ship sparked in MyStreet, when it is revealed that Katelyn met Vylad through punching him in the face, all the while seeing him flexing in the basement. During a character QnA, Vylad also mentioned Katelyn to be "kinda cute." In MCD, the two are seen to have little interaction with each other. In later episodes, Katelyn fell onto Vylad during a trip on the sea, later brought up during a discussion about their love interests, in which Katelyn states that she finds his eyes comforting. Katelyn also finds it hard to be around Vylad, due to his uncanny similarities to Jeffory. Even though Vylad's main spotlight is in PDH, he shows little interaction with Katelyn other than minigames. He is seen to have called her "baby" one time, but it's still unknown if intentional, but the subject was easily dropped as they moved onto the game.

Vyladenza (Vylad/Cadenza) Because side characters.

Aarvis (Aaron/Travis) Rarely shipped, and the two barely interact, but it's there, I guess.

Kimcinda (Kim/Lucinda): This ship surfaced during Emerald Secret and it's pretty cute. Although there is no canon romance, the two are often seen beside each other, or just hanging out together alone in multiple situations. Lucinda has shown somewhat of an interest in girls before, which could support this.

Melcinda (Mellisa/Lucinda) During Season 6, Melissa took Lucinda to dance at the casino prom. They danced really close to each other. Both VAs seem to support this ship.

Fendora (Fenrir/Dora/Fenrir/Fedora.) This started when Eya had a fedora at school, started calling it Fendora, and BOOM, Fendora was born.

Michimau (Michi/Aphmau) This ship was started by Aphmau on twitter to start another troll ship (because people were starting to actually ship Zanemau).'

Chadmau (Chad/Aphmau) This ship was started as a joke but has a few shippers.

Aaroth/Garron (Aaron/Garroth) People ship it because they slept in the same bed in MyStreet Season 2 . Garroth also once said Aaron looks cute when he sleeps.

Danron (Dante/Aaron) This ship is cute, Spawned from the love love kissing contest :3.

Aarall (Aaron/Wall) A ship created on twitter that died, but later was revived by Jason, to be later supported by Will, also known as KamiWasa

Garlissa (Garroth/Melissa) A few people ship this because of the way Melissa was acting on the cruise ship in Starlight.

Zanost (Ghost/Zane) (Mystreet) no plz no.

Blazeco (Blaze/Taco) This ship started because of Blaze's love for eating tacos...

Chickmau/Castmau (Terrible Chicken House Builder/Castor) Just because I thought the fandom needed a Chicken Shaman (Castor) x The terrible chicken house builder (Aphmau) ship.

Tablemau (Table/Aphmau) The table that Aphmau and Laurence fought over, The table returned in season 2 altough the ship was not mentioned.

Laurble- (Table/Laurence) The ship in Minecraft Diaries when Aphmau and Laurance were talking. Though hasn't appeared since.

Melimau (Melissa/Aphmau) A ship that was created in Aphmau's Year after Melissa sees Aphmau in her undergarments and compliments her on saying that they were bewitching.

Melissa~Chan (Melissa/Kawaii~Chan) A ship created during Starlight when Melissa told KC “Stand back, cutie!”

Blazin (Ein/Blaze) Somehow became some kind of thing in Angelsville. There is a weird shipping triangle between Garroth, Blaze, and Ein.

Laurki (Laurance/Kiki) I doubt anyone ships this, but my friend and I do. After a misunderstanding turned into an inside joke, it became one of our new OTPs. Yeah, this exists between us at least. ==

Noirce (Noi/Pierce) Not that popular but still a great ship uwu

Rhasch (Rhys/Asch) People ship this because Asch basically talks to Rhys like no one else.

Avalai (Ava/Lorelai) they're just cute ok

Roirce (Rhys/Noi/Peirce) The smart, the silent, and the cute one. What's not to love?!

Noiva (Noi/Ava) One of the many deamos x ava ships.

Teovy (Teony/Ivy)

Huntori (Hunter/Keori) There is a fued between Huntabell shippers and Huntori shippers over witch is better, alot of people claim that this ship is forced.

Anner/Huntabell (Hunter/Annabell) There is a fued between Huntabell shippers and Huntori shippers over witch is better. People claim this ship is better becuase Huntori is forced"

Annori (Annabell/Keori)

Danvis (Dante/Travis) This ship was made popular by an episode of AphTV where they have a show about the "Best Bros"

Zanvis (Zane/Travis) A cute ship between two best boys. Wholesome,cute,and fun.

Dotel/Dantie (Daniel/Dottie) a cute ship between 2 of the pups, very wholesome

Junelyn/Ryne (Rylan/June)

Emmane/Zanalyn (Emmalyn/Zane)

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