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hey guys!

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Category Pages that Need Name Changes[]

Page Problems[]

Pages that need a different title, need history reverted, ect.

Notice: It is impossible to rename Category Pages. If you see one incorrectly named, you have to recreate the page with the correct spelling so please do that yourself or report them above.

  • "Enki (Travis' Mother)" needs to be renamed to "Travis' Mother." Travis said "my mother... Enki Rest Her Soul." That does not mean his mother's name is Enki. It means he is religious and he is asking Enki to rest her soul. The current title comes from a misunderstanding and is spreading incorrect information.
  • The "Getting Close In a Locker" page (PDH S2 Ep. 13) needs to be renamed "In a Locker", since the episode was renamed.
  • "Titanis (Mermaid Tales)" -> Titanus, please. It's not confirmed either way how it's spelled, but I can't think of any reason it would be TitanIs over TitanUs.
  • "Seabun King" -> Sea Bun King. Sea bunny is two words, so sea bun would be too.
  • "Ava Is Dead!" needs to be deleted, as it's an incorrect title :(
  • "....Who Is The Boyfriend?" needs to be changed to "...Who Is The Boyfriend?". Three periods instead of four.

Pages that need deleting or moving for cleanup purposes:

Comments that need to be deleted.[]

If the problem is spam, please report the USER and the comment.


Have any ideas for our Admins or community to make our Wiki an even better place? Say them below!

  • I want to ask if we could have a page wear all there is is aphmau memes.
  • I would like to ask we make the pages look cleaner and a bit more professional-like. Though this Wiki is more on the recreational side, I suggest we make it look neater. ~I agree however let's keep it on the simple side
  • Add links to downloads of the maps(including the hide and seek ones) so that we can enjoy the things that you have. ~Sadly this is impossible as the maps have not been released ;-; but we did beg Aph for the skins and that kinda worked...
  • Have links to the specific links to certain episodes so if someone wants to recap an episode they can find it though that certain page. For example when Aphmau and Laurance are fighting over the tables love in ep.82 in season 1, they could just click on the link and it would bring them to that episode on YouTube.
  • Possibly get inspiration from the stacyplays wiki.
  • We can use the more detailed templates, for things like characters or describing items, to make it look a bit more professional.
  • Stop deleting OC pages (Some people can't do blogs)
  • Stay consistent (i.e: saying S1 E26 and then saying season one episode 26).
  • I wonder if we could put the overall lore and the diary entries for MCD into separate pages. It can be annoying down the lengthy page. It's already long and it's still in development!
  • Shouldn't there be a separate format(s) for side characters and minor characters? There are some information that of certain topics that don't exist.
  • I think we should have more on the personalities and trivia pages.
  • Hm, I personally think we should have a format for episodes so pages don't get confusing.
  • Change MyStreet character images on home page to season 6 images instead of season 4
  • Remove the MCD characters on the home page that haven't been seen in the remake
  • Adding the mod links, it's extremely hard to find the exact mods used in the series. It would be great for fans trying to experiment with them.
  • I moved/helped move pages to one category rather than an two with the same meaning, for instance, "Phoenix Drop High Students" is used rather than "MyStreet Phoenix Drop High Students", but I put pages in "MyStreet Phoenix Drop High" rather than "Phoenix Drop High". I could move one of them back over to make it more uniform, but that's kind of a pain to do, however the way it is is probably confusing for people making pages. Should we make a page to be linked to this one that has a list of the used category names or something?
  • Make an Aphmau roleplay wiki, or a category for this wiki page for the people who want to roleplay. I know the threads exist, but it's a pain keeping track of all of the roleplays that are happening. This would be a really nice feature for me and others!


  • Removal of excessive fan info. from the main pages. Keep those in the comments, forums, and blogs. <><I think we should limit the fan info but don't remove it all. If it's not hurting anyone and gives the page a broader perspective, then I say keep it. But if it's like "Garmau is my OTP" or "I think Aaron sux", delete it. 
  • Clean category sections. Most of the times, categories aren't exactly giving a specific category but comments.
  • Remove categories that make no sense. Categories are supposed to be separate pages into a specific category. For example, the category female means the character is of the female gender, however, we have seen 5 variations of this "category". Female, Gender Female, Gender: Female, Gender: female, and Females. This is a bit excessive. You're categorizing characters into the same five categories, which are all the same meaning. This applies to Minecraft Diaries categories, like MCD, Minecraft Diaries, Minecraft Diaries S2, Minecraft Diaries War of Magi. It is too much, when it can be done with less than four words. 
  • Destroy Categories such as MCD season 1 and leave it as MCD Season 1, destroy categories with less formality and leave those with more. 


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  • Lycan Resistance page
  • Her old Pixelmon series