The South Eastern Wolf Tribe King is the tertiary antagonist in Minecraft Diaries: War Of The Magi.
South Eastern Wolf Tribe King
South Eastern Wolf Tribe King






Hair Color

Dark Brown

Eye Color


Professional Status

South Eastern Wolf Tribe

Previous Occupation(s)



Queen Ylva (Wife)

Personal Status



Fenrir (Son)

First Appearance

"Prince of Werewolves"

Last Appearance

"The Vows We Take"

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Biography Edit

The South Eastern Wolf Tribe king is well...the King of the South Eastern Wolf Tribe. We are yet to know his real name. He is the husband of Queen Ylva and father of Fenrir. It is revealed through Ylva, that he and Ylva were forced to marry, but eventually found love. He is a man who used to be kind, but as a war started with the Southern Wolf Tribe, he became a corrupted tyrant. He forced his son, Fenrir, to marry a Meif'wa of desirable traits to fulfill a prophetic vision that in order for the kingdom to prosper, a child born of both Meif'wa and Lu'pine blood must be the next heir to the throne. After realizing that Fenrir already had feelings for a human named Abby, he had her arrested and told Fenrir that she will be killed if he does not cooperate.

Michi was captured, but she convinced the king to give her a month to find a more suitable bride. She returned with Aphmau and Katelyn, having them turned into Meif'was beforehand. The king found Aphmau to be the perfect bride, blackmailing her with Katelyn's life.

When Michi returned to turn in Laurance for refusing to love her, she told the king that Laurance was in love with Aphmau. Unlike Abby, he ordered for Laurance to be executed immediately, but was convinced by Fenrir to force him to watch the wedding first. He died in season 2 episode 20 after falling from the altar on the castle roof after being forced by Laurance in his Shadow Knight form. In one the following episodes, Leona tells Aphmau that King Fenrir is looking for the Meif'was Katelyn, Laurence and Aphmau after his father's death even though both Aphmau and Katelyn did nothing.

Appearance Edit

He has dark brown hair and beard and blue eyes. His crown is gold and dark blue, his nose (as you can see) is somewhat large. He wears silver and gold chainmail armor with red gloves and highlights.


Fenrir and Ylva have both said that the Werewolf King used to be a kind and good person before the war started and the prophecy of the next heir where he became a power hungry, cruel, tyrant. Some say that King Garte and Queen Zianna's situations are related to each others.

He treats his prisoners in a cruel and unusual manor no matter what. Instead of escorting them to chambers, he locks them in cells in his dungeon like criminals. Their belongings are then burned, hinting that he has no intention of releasing any of them until death. He then claims the belongings that weren't burned for himself. He even allows his guards to harass and beat up his prisoners as they are cornered in their cells. When they are escorted out of their cells, they are first knocked out by one of the guards. Even after being chosen for being Fenrir's bride, Aphmau was still treated like a prisoner. He doesn't even have Aphmau say her vows during the wedding.

He will blackmail others, even his own family, by threatening to kill those close to them. He will count a single mumble of a threat from the people he's blackmailing as them calling off the deal. He may or may not keep his own word depending on the situation or the person, as he told Aphmau that her friends will not be killed if she marries his son, but Laurance will be executed anyway for being a love interest. The hostages are locked in cells and are treated as above. It is unknown what he does to his hostages once he gets his end of the deal. Judging from his personality, it is possible that he may imprison them for life or have them executed anyway.

Even in death he is manipulative as he convinced Fenrir to carry on his tyrannical traits and even his goals and seemingly declare war on Aphmau despite her saving his life. Fenrir even develop intentions to force Aphmau to marry him just to make her suffer.





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