Southern Wolf Tribe
Some attributes
First Formation: Unknown
Second Government: Elective chiefdom
Third Unknown
Other attributes
The Southern Wolf Tribe is a werewolf tribe that is known for their good relations with Bright Port.

History Edit

In Season 1, Boldolf is alpha of the small wolf tribe that Aphmau visits trying to recover the Lord of Brightport. Zenix once tried to burn it down. Kiki is very good friends with most of the wolfs there.
Burning Wolf Village

the wolf tribe after Zenix set it on fire

Later in Season 1, Lowell becomes Alpha of the wolf tribe and are at war with the Eastern Wolf Tribe.

In episode 36, the village they had near Bright Port in season one is in ruins and the nether portal there is lit up by Zenix.

As of Season 2, The Wolf Tribe village has since decayed. The most accepted theory is that the group relocated, but we are not sure.

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