Stay With Me
Aphmau stay with me
Season 6, Episode 3
Post Date May 5, 2018
Duration 21:13
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"Empowering a Demon"
"Take Them By Force"
"Stay With Me" is the third episode of "MyStreet: When Angels Fall" It premiered on May 5th, 2018.


"A light in the darkness."


An ad plays for a brand new casino opening up in starlight, complete with gambling and a Masque ball. Kawaii~chan is excited but everyone is too paranoid they'll be caught, Lucinda has an idea and leaves for a minute. When she returns she brings masks and assures that as long as they stay alert and keep their eyes open. Zianna then enters the room and agrees to let them go saying that the older adults can hold down the fort

Aphmau tells the Zane, Aaron, and Garroth but they disagree, Aphmau comforts Aaron by saying they can have their own time together if he doesn't want to go, Rowan comes in and tells Aaron that he should go as he wants Aaron to have fun so Aaron, Zane, and Garroth agree.

Aphamu, Aaron, Zane, KC, Lucinda, Melissa, and Garroth are the ones who go to the casino. Garroth goes to a all you can eat buffet. Aaron and Aphmau go to the slot mahcines. KC and Zane gamble what seems to be craps. Lucinda and Melissa remind everyone about the dance so the two couples have a dance together, Melissa and Lucinda have a dance together, and Garroth dances by himself, getting some female admiring.

Derek goes to a guardian forces agency and turns himself in to buy time, revealing an antagonist's return.

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  • The song "Jump up super star" is sung by EllieMonty, who is cadenza's voice actor


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