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Stay With Me

Aaron's Losing Battle

Scene 1[]

Music Playing - OST 015 - Step Lightly by Farrell Wooten[]

Camera slowly pans up on Derek. 2 Armed Guardian Forces are putting him

at gunpoint. Enter Michael.

Guardian Force 1: Halt!

Guardian Force 2: Sir?

Micheal looks up at Guardian Force 2.

Guardian Force 2: Sir! Its dangerous! You shouldn't be here. Only authorised personelle are allowed in this room.

Michael grabs Guardian Force 2 by the shoulder and starts to control him

Guardian Force 2: I'm so sorry Michael, of course you're allowed in here.

Guardian Force 1: Wait.. What?!

Guardian Force 2: He has access to The Ultima.

Guardian Force 1: Since when Jack? We were given Specific Orders! No one is allowed to see The Ultima under ANY circumstances!

Michael: I think it’s... a little too crowded in here

Music Playing - OST 036 - 140 Miles Per Hour by Bonnie Grace[]

Guardian Force 2's eyes turn green and then shoots and kills Guardian Force 1. Derek is surprised.

Music Playing - OST 037 - Burned Books by Craft Case[]

Michael: I have something I need you to do. Go Outside.

Exit Guardian Force 2. Michael grunts in pain and keels down

Michael: Derek Lycan... It's an honour.

Derek: Michael... Where is Terry?

Michael: Oh don't worry, he's safe.

Derek exhales in disappointment.

Micheal: What! Nothing witty to say? No apology? (chuckle) It’s been years Derek...

Derek: How did you escape?

Michael: (laughs) You know what's adorable? The very fact that you truly believed: You could seal me away forever. There is no way a low-life mongrel like you could seal ME away on your own.

Derek: Still using your old tricks?

Michael: I don't argue with results.

Derek: If you could control people, why didn't you use it on us? On me, or Garte?

Michael: As powerful as I am, I can't control a cursed soul. This magic is still... imperfect.

Derek: You make so many potions, so why couldn't you make a potion to fix your stupid problem?

Michael: Ah my potions, the funny thing about my is: The more you use them, the longer it takes for their effects to settle.

Derek: Hm. Must be hard being you.

Micheal: (sigh) You were smart to turn yourself in...

Derek: You have what you want?

Micheal: Do I? What I have in this room, is a man who has failed at protecting this world. A man who has failed at protecting his family.

Derek: What do you mean? You have The Ultima.

Micheal: Unfortunately, he isn't here. Don't take me for a fool Derek! I know that the curse was passed down, as it has been for many, MANY, generations.

Michael Exits and Derek is shocked.

Scene 2[]

Music Playing - OST 019 - Jetlag by Jones Meadow[]

Kawaii~Chan sits down on the sofa and starts watching TV. Cut to Aphmau and Zane, who are in Aphmau's room packing clothes. Transition back to Main room with Kawaii~Chan, Aaron, Garroth and Melissa.

Melissa: You look tired for someone who had a night of fun!

Aaron: I think you have had enough fun for all of us.

Melissa: Huh? Is it that bad?

Melissa looks like a racoon.

Aaron: You look like a racoon

Melissa: Darn It! Melissa shakes her head. There! So... about last night...

Aaron: Hm?

Melissa: What did you guys think of the casino? I saw how you two were dancing, so you must have come around to the idea of being ok to go out.

Aaron: Well.. it was actually really nice, I had a lot more fun than I expected.

Melissa: And none of us got noticed!

Aaron: Yeah... that was a big relief.

Melissa: Plus it was nice to see everyone unwind for a change. All of this is incredibly stressful. I'm glad we could do that for everyone.

Aaron: Same.

Melissa: By the way... I didn't realise that you were such a klutz on the dance floor.

Aaron: What does that mean?!

Garroth: Oh yeah! (laughs) I saw that too!

Aaron: I.. I.. I don't dance often! Was I really that bad?

Melissa: Ehhhh, it was like watching a train wreck. You're usually a bit more graceful when it comes to those kind of things

Garroth: First off, no one is as graceful as me... Second: It was hilarious seeing Aaron trip on his toes and trying to act cool!

Aaron: Garroth!

Melissa: (laughs) Calm down! We're just teasing you.

Garroth: We are?

Melissa: (laughs) It was cute seeing you open up and Aphmau leading the way. Besides, you gotta learn how to dance once this is all over. You know, for the first dance for the wedding!

Garroth: Speaking of wedding.. I wonder if there is any left-over cake! Be right back.

Aaron: I literally have 2 left feet when it comes to dancing

Melissa: (laughs)

Cut back to Aphmau and Zane. Zane exits. Aphmau looks at her and Aaron's masks from the night before.

Aphmau: I'm glad he had a great time.

Cut to Zane walking down a corridor, Garte and Zianna interrupt.

Garte: Zane.

Music Playing - OST 013 - Soft Glare by Mar Vei[]

Zane: Hm?

Garte: Your mother and I wanted to speak with you about something.

Zane: What

Garte: Your mother and I have been giving it a lot of thought: Zane, we got caught up in this mess on accident. We happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and this isn't our fight. It's the Lycans.

Zane: Yes, but we are fugitives now. Our faces are plastered all over-

Garte: But we aren't who the Guardian Forces want. If we were to leave, then we could be out of harm's way.

Zane: But what about the others?

Garte: I don't want to see my family in a danger we can avoid.

Zane: Father... Mum?

Zianna: We have to do what is best for you boys.

Cut to Lucinda looking in the mirror and Kim reading a book.

Lucinda: You missed out! The casino was amazing!

Kim: Sounds like you had a ton of fun. I'm sorry I couldn't come, it’s just I had a lot going on.

Lucinda: Kim... are you alright? Is everything ok?

Cut back to Aaron and Melissa talking. Agent R is cooking and Garroth is eating Cake. Rachel approaches.

Rachel: Aaron, can I see you in private for a moment?

Aaron: Sure.

Aaron follows Rachel past Agent R.

Agent R: I'll come with you.

Aaron: Is everything okay?

Agent R: Yeah, it's fine. Lets go.

They follow Rachel into a room.

Music Playing - OST 038 - Faux Fealty by Charles Holme[]

Rachel: Aaron, do you know where your father is?

Scene 3[]

Music Playing - OST 037 - Burned Books by Craft Case[]

Derek is kneeling asleep and is interrupted as Zack enters the room.

Derek: Zack...

Zack: Derek...

Derek: Still his pawn I see.

Zack: Maybe, but you didn't give me much of a choice, now did you.

Derek: You both were a threat. We had to do something.

Zack: You took everything away from me.

Derek: You did that to yourself, long before I interfered. You were a terrible excuse for a father.

Zack: Look at you! Protecting your son up in that hotel! And yet, now you're here?

Derek: Huuh! The hotel!

Zack: We never thought you'd leave.

Music Playing - OST 039 - Lost Odyssey OST - Dark Saint[]

Cut back to the hotel where a Guardian Force Helicopter is incoming and several Guardian Forces are marching up the stairs. Cut to everyone in their rooms. The helicopter is above the hotel as more Guardian Forces break into the front lobby. Cut to Garroth and Kawaii~Chan in the Living Room.

Garroth: What’s that sound? Is it-

Kawaii~Chan: A helicopter?

Melissa is panicked as the Guardian Forces break into the main living area.

Guardian Force 3: Freeze!

Guardian Force 2: Don't Move!

Guardian Force 4: Everybody on the ground!

Melissa picks up the table and hides in it. She looks around at some nearby chairs. Garroth runs out to tell everybody

Guardian Force 3: You! Don't mov-

Melissa throws a chair at Guardian Force 3. Who is now unconscious. Garroth runs into Aaron, Rachel and Agent R's room.

Aaron: Garroth?

Rachel: Whats going on? Whats all that noise?

Garroth: The Guardian Forces! They're here!

Aaron, Rachel and Agent R are all shocked.

Garroth: Have to warn everyone else!

Garroth runs out of the room as Melissa throws more chairs at Guardian Forces. She throws two at once and hits Guardian Force 5 and then runs away.

Guardian Force 4: Stop her!

Cut to Garroth warning Lucinda and Kim.

Garroth: The Guardian Forces are here! In the hotel!

Aphmau: Whats all the noise?

Aphmau opens her door as the camera turns around to see Melissa run into the room with Aaron, Rachel and Agent R. Aphmau then sees the Guardian Forces chasing Melissa and jams her door shut, as does Garroth. Aphmau is now panicked.

Aphmau: Oh no, oh no, OH NO!

Cut to Zane now opening his door to see what is happening.

Zane: What is going... on?

Zane sees the Guardian Forces break into Garte and Zianna's room and walked back into his room. Zane is now panicked. He grabs the wardrobe and pushes it in front of his door to lock it. Cut back to the Lycans and Agent R. Guardian Forces are pushing at the door but Aaron and Melissa are holding it shut.

Rachel: They're here.

Agent R: And they've blocked our only exit.

Rachel: What can we do? There's no way out!

The Guardian Forces Helicopter notices the 4 of them in the room.

Guardian Force Helicopter: There's 4 people in east room, It's the Ultima!

Agent R closes the curtains.

Agent R: We're getting out of here.

Aaron: What about everyone else?

Agent R: We'll get everyone out.

Melissa: Where's dad?

Agent R: Derek turned himself in last night. His plan was to distract the Guardian Forces, give everyone an opportunity to get on a boat and escape. Things must have gone south.

Rachel: He turned himself in? And you let him?

Agent R: He didn't want his family to be in danger. He wanted to protect all of you.

Rachel: That... Idiot!

Aaron: Dad....

Melissa: We have to save him.

Rachel: We're getting all of you out of here first.

Melissa: What about you?

Aaron: The door isn't going to hold forever!

Agent R pulls out the briefcase.

Agent R: Aaron, you have to take this, keep it safe.

Agent R puts it in Aaron's pocket.

Aaron: What is it?

Agent R: I'll tell you once we get out of this mess, right now all that matters is you getting out with it!

Aaron: No way! I'm not leaving without Aph!

Agent R: Don't worry. I'll make sure she gets out.

Rachel: If we're getting out of here, we need to do something about that helicopter!

Agent R opens the curtains and breaks the window.

Music Playing - OST 040 - Lost Odyssey OST - Fire Above the Battle[]

Agent R: I'll take care of the helicopter.

Cut to Garroth, Lucinda and Kim hiding in a room. Garroth is holding the door shut.

Kim: No, no, no! Lucinda, the spell!

Lucinda: I haven't prepared it yet!

Kim: There isn't time! We don't have any options!

Lucinda: But I have no idea where we will end up.

Kim: That’s a risk we need to take.

Garroth: What about everyone else? Zane is still out there!

Kim: There's no way we are getting out of this room. I'll be walking straight into handcuffs!

Lucinda starts casting the spell. The Guardian Forces Helicopter is circling the building and notices Garroth, Lucinda and Kim.

Guardian Forces Helicopter: Three in the north room, and (gasp) there's one on the roof!

The Guardian Forces Helicopter Rises to the roof and Agent R is standing there. Cut back to Zane's room where Guardian Forces are pushing at his door.

Guardian Force 6: Open up! Or we'll take down the door!

Zane walks out onto the balcony and sees Aphmau in a similar situation.

Aphmau: Zane! The GF are here!

Zane: I know! They're at my door!

Aphmau: What do we do?!

Zane breathes heavily and inches back towards the edge of the balcony. He looks slightly down then grunts in frustration.

Zane: We have to jump down the balconies!

Aphmau: What?!

Agent R (From the roof): He's right

Guardian Forces Helicopter: Two more on the North and South Balconies. You need to get someone on the roof!

Aphmau: You're both crazy!

Zane: We don't have a choice! They'll be in our rooms any second!

Guardian Forces Helicopter: Subject on the South Balcony is, yes, yes confirmed, it is Zane Ro'meave.

Aphmau: What about that helicopter?

Agent R (From the roof): I said i'll take care of it! Geez...

Guardian Forces Helicopter descends towards Agent R

Guardian Forces Helicopter: Get off the ground! You're under arrest!

Agent R: You're gonna have to catch me.

Agent R starts running towards the edge of the roof. He jumps to a nearby building and the Helicopter follows. He looks back and keeps running.

Guardian Forces Helicopter: He's on the run!

Aphmau: He's distracting them!

Zane: Now's our chance!

Aphmau: Are you sure?!

Zane: We have no choice!

Aphmau looks down. Zane also looks down and the deep drop. It looked like about 80 meters. He started breathing heavily.

Guardian Force 6: Take the door down!

Zane is even more panicked now. He climbs over the balcony ledge and starts climbing down. One of his hands slip and he lets go. Aphmau is barely hanging on the edge of the balcony and breathes heavily. She then lets go and starts to fall.

Zane: Aphmau!

Zane flings himself onto the balcony below as Aphmau grabs onto the next balcony ledge just in time.

Zane: Hold on! I'll come help!

Aphmau: Wait!

Aphmau climbs up back onto the balcony and is hyperventilating.

Aphmau: I'm fine!

Zane: Aph, we need to go down at least one more!

Aphmau: You've gotta be kidding me!

Music Playing - OST 041 - Lost Odyssey OST - Battle with the Demons[]

Cut back to the Lycans in their room.

Rachel: Remember, once we get out, go straight for the door. I'll be right behind you.

Melissa: Right.

Rachel: Good, now, are you ready?

Melissa and Aaron: Lets go!

Rachel breaks the door and pushes the Guardian Forces out of the way to give Aaron and Melissa a chance to escape.

Rachel: Go!

Aaron and Melissa run off. Cut to Garroth, Lucinda and Kim, where Lucinda is casting the teleport spell.

Kim: Come on, come on! We have to go!

Lucinda: Almost got it, there!

Kim: Garroth! Now!

Garroth: Right!

They run towards Lucinda to get teleported.

Garroth: I'm sorry Zane...

Lucinda: Here goes nothing.

They all disappear. Cut to Guardian Force 6 walking onto Zane's Balcony. Camera moves down the hotel until it gets to Zane and Aphmau.

Zane: We have to hide!

Guardian Force 6: You hear that?

They go into the rooms that are near them. Zane walks in on a kid watching Spider-Man.

Kid: Spiderman?!

Zane: No, no no, kid, I’m not- listen, my friend and I are in danger, and we need to stay here for a bit

Kid: Bad guys?

Zane: Yeah! Really bad guys! Can you help?

Kid: Anything for you Spiderman!

Cut to Aaron and Melissa running to the exit.

Guardian Force 7: Stop right there!

They Stop. Guardian Force 7 is walking towards them at gunpoint.

Guardian Force 7: Don't! You! Move! Bravo, the is- GAH!

Kawaii~Chan comes in and knocks Guardian Force 7 out with a vase.

Aaron: Come on! We have to go!

All 3 of them run into the main hallway. Aaron and Kawaii~Chan run into the stairway shaft. As Melissa is about to go in, the lift door opens and in it are several Guardian Forces and Toby. Melissa is shocked. She runs towards the stairway door and jams it shut and destroys the door knob.

Aaron: Melissa! Melissa, what’re you doing?!

Toby: Hold it! Hold it! Hands in the air, and nobody is going to get hurt.

Melissa: Aaron Just Go!

Toby: We've got Melissa Lycan in the top lobby. Aaron Lycan is in the Stairwell. I need delta team to head-

Michael (Controlling Guardian Force 2): Kill her.

Guardian Force 2's eyes turn green all of a sudden. He takes his gun and aims it at Melissa. Aaron is knocking at the door on the other side. Gunshots appear on the wall. Aaron now has Ultima Eyes. Toby pins down Guardian Force 2.

Toby: What have you done!?

Music Playing - OST 042 - FFVIII OST - Succession of Witches (Piano Version)[]

Aaron: No...

Kawaii~Chan: Aaron? Aaron! We have to go!

Toby: Sir! She... she was un-armed! We're supposed to take them alive!

Kawaii~Chan: Aaron? Your eyes! We need to go...

They walk down the staircase. Whey they reach the bottom they are out of breath, they run through the alleys. Agent R is pinned by 3 Guardian Forces on a nearby building. Zianna, Garte and Rachel are all in handcuffs in the main living room. Rachel is traumatised.

Music Playing - OST 012 - I Am Falling For You by Loving Caliber[]