Golden Dagger (Our Story Ends...)





Hair Color

Dark Green

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Sea Witch

Previous Partner


Personal Status

Deceased (Fate: Eaten by Titanis)

  • Zane (Partners (Formally))
  • Aphmau (Helping Hand (Formally))
  • Lucinda (Love Interest)
  • Aphmau
  • Aaron
  • Titanis
  • All of Mariana
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Last Appearance

"Our Story Ends..."

Voice Actor

Austin Hively

Tavari is a merman and the true main antagonist of Mermaid Tales.


Tavari was first introduced in Merman when he rescued Aphmau. He made a deal with Aph to get rid of her scales if she gets him a valuable resource, human hair.

After Aph comes back, but with not enough hair that he needed, he summons the crab, Zane. He too also made a deal with him to make him the biggest crab in the sea, a reference to Moana. After that in episode, The Human World, he gives Aph a potion to make her human. After Aph leaves it's reveled that he wishes to make Lucinda a mermaid with the human hair. Zane returned to tell him that a human found Aphmau. Realizing she wouldn't be able to communicate, Tavari hands over a translation potion to Zane to help Aphmau.

As time went on, Zane brought back two mermaids along with human hair. Seeing that one of them was a princess, he showed a desire of breaking the barrier himself. He also gave Zane three potions to give to Aphmau: one to extend her time as a human, one to help her communicate longer, and one to kill her as a last resort. Zane questioned him, with Tavari saying that Aphmau was gullible and would drink it if asked to.

A few moments later, Tavari managed to make a potion to at least wake Lucinda up. After that, he went back to Katelyn and Teony and gave them both potions, telling them that the potions will rid them of their scales. He wasn't entirely truthful, as they started to suffocate as he tells them they should probably swim to the surface. Katelyn accidently left her sea crystal, which Tavari claims as his own as he lets the surface dwellers decide both her and Teony's fate.

Having a sea crystal, he only became more greedy with power, desiring to have a full human to make potions from as he whipped out a golden dagger. He leaped from the ocean and snatched Aaron from Redbeard's ship. Aphmau followed him and saw him pinning Aaron to a rock to make him drown to death. Turning to see Aphmau, he calls her a useless mermaid and tells her that she could've done this from the start. Aphmau demands to let Aaron go. Tavari questions her, with Aph saying that Aaron is nice. Tavari then mocks her by saying that she thinks everything is nice and that she has no opinion and that is how Mariana controls her. She makes a comeback by saying she has an opinion on him, saying that he's a jerk.

With Aaron starting to die, Aphmau tackles Tavari off of Aaron and grabs his dagger. She swims away with Tavari hot on her tail. He manages to grab back his dagger and manages to cut her several times on her arms and torso. Aphmau manages to find a cave and seal herself in. Tavari tells her to come out so he could make her bleed more. As she refuses, he mocks her again by asking if she's afraid of her own blood. He then turns around to see Titanis staring at him. Paralyzed in fear, he could only watch as Titanis swims towards him. Agonizing screams, tearing of flesh, and crushing of bones are then heard as the camera looks away.


He has dark hair, fair skin, and green eyes. He als has dark blue tail and light blue bracelets.


When he was in Mariana, he was in denial of their teachings of peace and isolation, believing that Mariana is nothing but a brainwashing prison and that its people are idiotic and gullible.

Tavari can be categorized as a greedy jerk. He only allies with people that are of any use to him. He does so by manipulation and promises that he won't fulfill. He will also lie if it means he will be trusted. He will then backstab those he allies either due to impatience, the person failing, or just to further his own goals. He prefers to be sneaky with his backstabs, but will not hesitate to be aggressive when his true nature is exposed. When he gets what he wants he will just want more.

He seems to take joy in harming others, whether it be vocally or physically. If he were to kill someone himself, he would show no mercy and make sure the murder would be slow and painful, whether it be forcing someone to drown or making them bleed out from constant cuts with his dagger.

Even though he was killed, he was somehow able to pass on his malicious nature to Lucinda, who was once a fighter for good.




  • Unlike other merfolk, Tavari's ears are fins. This may indicate that at least his head had contact with the surface.
    • He also did not obtain any scales when he leaped out of the water to snatch Aaron.
  • Tavari could possibly be another yandere character, his predecessor being Ein.
  • The origin of the name Tavari is very likely a(n) Aramaic variant of the name Tavaris. 
    • The names meaning means Misfortune.
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