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Hair Color

Chocolate Brown

Eye Color

Dark Brown

Professional Status
Previous Affiliation(s)

Phoenix Drop High



Previous Occupation(s)
  • Phoenix Drop High Student
  • Teacher's Aid
  • Volleyball Club Member
Personal Status



Teony (Mermaid Tales)

First Appearance
Voice Actor

Kimberley Anne Campbell

Teony was a junior at Phoenix Drop High. She was one of the members of the volleyball club (alongside with Katelyn) and was a teacher's aid for Mrs. Peacock.

Biography Edit

MyStreet Phoenix Drop HighEdit

Teony was a sophomore at Phoenix Drop High when Aphmau was a freshman. She was the first person in school to talk with Aphmau during the first episode. It was later then revealed in episode 2 of Phoenix Drop High: "Werewolf Class" that she is a member of the volleyball club.

In "Art Buddies!", she is seen strolling by Aphmau, Garroth, and Laurance and headed to her class. 

In "Shadow Knights Rule!", she found Aphmau being harassed by the Shadow Knights and warned the group to return to class or face the consequences. As Aphmau headed to class, she said that the former was cute.


After high school, Teony continued her education with the plans to become a veterinarian. However, while in college, she did not keep good contact with her close friends, focusing entirely on her studies. However, she also grew close to Ivy, an old classmate. 

She reunites with Aphmau and Katelyn in the episode "Blast From The Past!", where she is seen at the Love~Love Paradise Resort with Ivy, who she is apparently helping recover from a break up.

Appearance Edit

Teony has long chocolate brown hair that meets her hips in slight waves, dark brown eyes and a fringe that almost covers her right eye. She has a dark complexion.

In high school, Teony wears the classic Phoenix Drop High uniform, consisting of a white short sleeved shirt with gray accents, buttons and a light blue bow. The uniform also includes a short dark gray and white skirt and black dress shoes with long white stockings.

As an adult, she is seen at the Love~Love Paradise Resort wearing a yellow and pink two-piece bathing suit.


Teony is extremely intelligent and studious and also participates in after-school sports and the student mentoring program. This makes her seem like a 'well rounded student'. She also is a peacemaker and can solve a fight between friends with ease. She falls in love easily and is hinted to have a crush on someone in Season 2 of Phoenix Drop High. She also seems to have a talent for flirting, but gets easily flustered if she talks to someone that she has a crush on. Our last mention of her was in the winter mini-season leading off of Lover's Lane, where it was mentioned that she was in Paris, possibly with a girl she met during Love~Love Paradise, opening the strong possibility that they are together.

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Trivia Edit

  • Teony is a Greek girl's name, traditionally spelt as Teoni, which means "Godly".
  • The episode "Shadow Knights Rule!" is the first episode in which she speaks using her voice actor, Kimberley.
  • In "Prom!?", Teony is revealed to be openly gay and first lesbian character in MyStreet Phoenix Drop High.
    • Teony's interest on girls are brought up once more in the episode "Katelyn's Dad VS. Travis". Aphmau recalls her hanging out with Teony, but the two stopped to talk to a girl she liked. 
  • Teony is the first lesbian to ever be introduced in any Aphmau series and the second LGBT character.
  • Teony, alongside Ivy, are the first MyStreet Phoenix Drop High characters to fully appear in MyStreet. 
    • Unlike Ivy, she doesn't have a Minecraft Diaries counterpart.


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