Terry Valkrum


Full Name

Terrence Valkrum




Human/Demon warlock




Lightly Tanned

Hair Color

Grayish White

Eye Color

Dark Gray

Personal Status




Voice Actor

Patrick M. Seymour

Terrence "Terry" Valkrum is a main character in MyStreet: When Angels Fall and MyStreet: Starlight. He is the father of Travis Valkrum.


While Aaron and the group were heading to the lodge during "The Emerald Secret", Terry confronted Ein and told him to use a specific potion on Aphmau. He also gave him permission to kill anyone who intervenes with their plans and hurt the wolves’ Alpha if they disobey. He later found Ein laying in the snow, covered with blood. Ein said that he can still be useful, with Michael agreeing.

In "Aaron's Losing Battle", it is confirmed that he is the mastermind behind Emerald Secret and the lodge ambush in the previous episode and who gave Ein the potions and was warned by Kim and Ghost that he is going to make them go against each other.

Later, in “Neither Here Nor There”, Terry woke up in Michael’s office, wearing his suit and supposedly no recollection on how he ended up in there. He sees the design in the book Michael was talking about and looks concerned. Zack enters to talk about the next plan, but when Terry turns around, it is revealed as not being Michael, Zack immediately questions Terry where Michael was.

In "Reborn PT.1", Terry leaves the group to find Travis and try to help him escape from Michael's possession. But is only met with finding out Michael has already transformed into his 'Demon Warlock' form. Which Terry asks Michael what he's done to Travis, to where Michael teleports while Terry tries to talk to Travis. But Michael grabs Terry by the neck, choking him. Michael goes on about how Terry's father "disappeared" without a trace, which is revealed that Michael possessed Terry, and had him kill his own father.


He has unruly grayish white hair and gray eyes like his son, at the time. He also appears to have a black bandana in his hair.


He seems to care for his son a lot and he also loves romance. Much is not know about Terry, but he overall seems to have an caring and fun loving personality. He also likes to joke around. Despite his fun side, he is clever enough to realize that Aaron turned Aphmau into a werewolf. Like Travis, he seems to have a thing for women, even if they are actually friends of Travis.



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  • In Season 6 Episode 7, there is a note Terry left next to a sword saying: Things have been getting rough around here, I can't hold on to this anymore, so I thought I'd let you have it.
    • It is theorized that the sword is either Aaron or Zane's from Minecraft Diaries.
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