The Amulet's Secret
Season 1, Episode 100
Post Date

September 28th, 2015



Written by

Aphmau and Jason/Dom

Directed by

Aphmau and Jason/Dom

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"The Amulet's Secret" is the hundredth, and final episode of Minecraft Diaries Season 1, and was uploaded on September 28th, 2015. It runs for 30 minutes and 27 seconds.

(Another version of the summary of this episode is on the transcript.)

Blurb Edit

"The war is over. The lords of Phoenix Drop and Scaleswind begin to work together to restore everything back to normal, or as normal as it can get. However, Zane still lurks in the shadows, waiting to strike."

Episode Overview Edit

Aphmau discusses matters with the Lord of Scaleswind concerning the current state of both the villages' guards, and where Zane has gone. It is revealed that the daughter of the Lord of Scaleswind faked her death. She did this using a strong illusion potion to make the incident look like an O'khasis guard had stabbed her, and pushed her into a river.

After she had done this, she ran away to escape being forced into marriage with the Lord of O'khasis' eldest son, Garroth Ro'meave. In a fit of anger, the Lord of Scaleswind declared war on O'khasis. However, Zane managed to convince the Lord of Scaleswind that not only had Lord Aphmau taken his daughter, but Garroth as well in order to provoke the war between the villages. Enraged, the Lord of Scaleswind declared war on Phoenix Drop, saying that if Nicole wasn't returned to Scaleswind within five days, he would attack the village.

It is discovered that Brian/Velius was the spy/traitor for O'khasis. He managed to kidnap Nicole and her pet fox Roxy, hiding them captive under the Old Lord's House for days, until Emmalyn and Kenmur found her with their heat wave goggles, and brought them back.

After, Nicole was able to halt the war by speaking to her father. After the war has descended from it's full tilt, Aphmau exchanges words with both of them. Aphmau then proceeds to check on everyone who remained in the village, including Katelyn, Kawaii~Chan, Lucinda, Azura, Donna, Logan, Yip, and other friends/allies. While walking through Phoenix Drop, Aphmau finds Laurance, lying unconscious in front of Ungrth's grave.

After Laurance wakes, he reveals in a panicked rush that Garroth is the one that knocked him out, and that he stole the amulet. Aphmau, Laurance, Katelyn, Emmalyn, and Kenmur dash out of Phoenix Drop's gates in disbelief. Aphmau quickly tells Dante to stay behind, and guard the village until the group gets back.

Aphmau finds Aaron in front of a large forest. He explains that if they don't get the amulet back and it falls into Zane's hands, the consuquences would be grave. They follow him into the depths of the forest after him. Aphmau and her friends then see Garroth handing the amulet to Zane in a clearing, Lillian standing behind them.

Aphmau asks Garroth for the reasons behind his actions. Zane smugly taunts the group, explaining how Garroth felt betrayed due to a disloyal woman and his supposed "brother," Laurance. Laurance attempts to take Garroth down with his sword, but Garroth is victorious as he transforms into his stronger Jury of Nine form with the amulet Zane gave him. Katelyn takes on her own form, but Garroth is victorious again, and Zane steals her Jury of Nine power, much to her surprise. After this, he raises the amulet, and a white light blinds them all.

The six find themselves in front of a monstrously massive temple, shining bright in white, but with the purple symbol of the Divine Warriors in the center of it. Emmalyn anxiously says that this is the dimension of Lady Irene, and every minute that goes by there, a year goes by in the overworld. Kenmur and her run off, attempting to find a way out. Aphmau, Laurance, Aaron, and Katelyn proceed into the temple.

They see Zane holding the amulet out, exclaiming greedily how he will finally have Lady Irene's power, Garroth and Lillian flanking him and standing gaurd. Aphmau, to everyone's surpsie absorbs The Relic into her being. Zane grows enraged, shouting about how he worked too hard for her to just come along and destroy it, and how he would destroy her.

Zane transforms into his Jury of Nine form, except his face is coated black, his eyes a pearly white. His voice becomes contorted, wheezy and maniacal. Katelyn goes for Lillian and later triumphs over her. Aaron fights Zane, and Laurance goes for Garroth. Laurance manages to convince Garroth to stop fighting for Zane, shouting at him desperatly to instead protect the people he actually loves. Aaron is wounded by Zane, and he sees his chance. He advances on Aphmau and she stumbles back, Zane raising his sword. As he swung it down, Garroth jumps in Zane's way, his sword parrying Zane's. Garroth confronts Zane, telling him he was a fool blinded by his lies. An elf appears with a white portal behind her. (We later learn this is Zoey.) Emmalyn, Kenmur, Aaron, and Katelyn escape through the portal. Aphmau and Laurance stay back for a minute, Aphmau not wanting to leave Garroth behind. Garroth confesses his love for Aphmau, and tells her and Laurance to go through the portal while he holds back Zane. Aphmau is reluctant, but she agrees, and Aphmau and Laurance go through the portal. The episode ends.

Trivia Edit

  • This is one of the only episodes to not feature a character in the thumbnail. The other episodes are "All Aboard!" and "Home of the Tribe."
  • Aphmau mentions that Dante is guarding the village. However, in the scene when Garroth is giving Zane the amulet, he is shown there twice. This is likely an error and Dante was probably originally going to go with the group to the Irene Dimension.
  • The duration time of the episode is 30 minutes and 27 seconds, making it the longest episode of Minecraft Diaries Season 1.
    • This is also the longest finale of Season 1 and 2, and the longest episode in Minecraft Diaries in general.
  • The number 100 in the thumbnail is white with a pink outline, different to all other Season 1 episode numbers, which are pink with white outlines, and episodes 50 and 99, which are orange with white outlines.
  • At 22:26 in the video, an ostrich is seen on top of the temple. At 25:05 as the relic appears in front of Aphmau, a chicken spawns in behind her.


The Amulet's Secret Minecraft Diaries S1 Ep

The Amulet's Secret Minecraft Diaries S1 Ep.100 Roleplay Adventure

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