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"Attack on Phoenix Drop"

"Welcome to Phoenix Drop"

*Laurance lying on ground/grave*

*Ext. Aphmau House with Nicole and Lord of Scaleswind*

Aphmau: I wanted to call you here because I wanted to see exactly what you were doing with your guards right now. I'm not suspicious of you, but I wanted to give you an update on what's going on with me and what I have my guards and soldiers doing. Right now they're all out looking for those that are injured and helping them get back to health. Even if they are O'Khasis guards I still believe they deserve a good clean bill of health. However, that doesn't excuse their actions and I'm still planning on holding them trial for what they've done here today. That's my plan. I wanted to see exactly where you stood with your guards.

Lord of Scaleswind: I have my guards in charge of damage control. We've detained as many O'Khasis guards as we could catch. The majority of them ran off with their tails between their legs.

Aphmau: As expected. Speaking of cowards, where is Zane? Have you seen him?

Lord Of Scaleswind: Zane ran off minutes after we broke down the walls. We've yet to have seen him. For his own safety he better not return here, or it'll be my hand that slays him.

Aphmau: If you get to him first then he's all yours, but *sigh* I ffeel like a horrible person for saying stuff like that but I seriously just can't believe what he....How exactly did he convince to attack Phoenix Drop sir? If you don't mind me asking?

Lord Of Scaleswind: As you know Nicole was thought to be dead. We saw her get stabbed and pushed into a river by an O'Khasis guard. Turns out, Nicole actually bought a very expensive illusion potion and faked her own death to get out of her arranged marriage to the elder son of The Lord Of O'Khasis. I was utterly devastated and waged war upon O'Khasis. As you may have seen, I am not one who likes to ask questions, I simply act on my anger - A fatal trait. In any case, after many moons of fighting Zane approached our gates, Just as I was about to give the command to kill him, he spoke to me words I could not believe....Nicole was ALIVE. She was alive and taken captive by the Lord of Phoenix Drop, in order to incite war between Scaleswind and O'Khasis. Not only did the lord of Phoenix Drop take Nicole, but she also took Garroth - to bend both O'Khasis and Scaleswind to her will. After hearing this...I flew off my rocker and came here. The rest you already know.

Aphmau: Wow, I can't believe how everything worked in his favor and I can't believe that he just lied to you like that.

Lord Of Scaleswind: It'll be the last time he ever lies to anyone. I will make sure every allied village and beyond knows of his betrayal. O'Khasis will be the center of conflict for many ages, Even the faith of Lady Irene will shake at the thought of him being the high priest of her faith. He'll be overthrown of his position. ZANE. WILL. PAY.

Aphmau: Pardon me for saying this, but I feel like that's such a rash action to act on right now. I understand If Zane... And believe me, I want him to pay more than anyone. But you really should sit down and think about this before you bust a vein or before any rash actions come into play that could hurt norther people.

Lord Of Scaleswind: Eh, you're right, I just need to rest for a tad. Know that Nicole is not innocent in this either. Her selfish actions caused this as well. I know she's young, but she's still my daughter. I'd have punched her across the face for her actions too, if of course she wasn't my daughter. But the thought of hurting my little girl is beyond me. I need to calm down...Please give me a moment Lady Aphmau.

Aphmau: Absolutely. You are more than welcome to use my home to rest if you choose. I sincerely appreciate you helping out and for calling for peace. That's something I won't forget, trust me. *chuckle*

Aphmau turns to Nicole.

Aphmau: Nicole.

Nicole: Heh, well who knew a girl like me could help bring peace to the world with just a swift uppercut.

Aphmau: I still can't believe you hit your dad but, where were you Nicole? And exactly who took you away?

Nicole: ...Brian took me and hid myself and Roxy inside of that cell underneath - what he called - the "Old Lord's House". He kept us there until Emmalyn and Kenmur came along. Thank goodness too because I couldn't tell what time of day it was anymore. My sense of night and day had faded and I was beginning to question my sanity.

Aphmau: ...So Brian was the traitor all along?

Nicole: Brian was the spy, Aphmau... he's been here the whole time... it really gives me a different look at things as they stand now... If I am to become the Lord of Scaleswind then I am going to have to trust my people, even if they are plotting to betray me behind my back, that thought is...heart breaking.

Aphmau: Nichole, I've known Brian since he was a baby in this village. You don't even know how I feel about that right now.

Nichole: I hope I never know what you are going through. In any case you should go and check on the people who stayed in your village. I'm going to try to explain to my father my actions in the meantime. I really never meant anything such as war to come of this.

I feel like this is the responsibility of an adult who knows what is best for her people...had I known my marriage to Garroth would have caused war...I would have not hesitated to marry him. It sounds weird saying that now that I know him...

Aphmau: You mean you would have married him...*le sigh* you would have married him if it would have prevented a war, I get it Nicole, just.. it's not something we should talk about right now. You just take care of your father and I'm gonna go take care of my people.

Aphmau walks down the step towards the village.

Aphmau: *le sigh* My gosh it's such a stomach turning thought to think of just...Brian...Oh my gosh...Donna?!?

Aphmau walks to Donna who is standing at the edge of the Wheat Field.

Aphmau: Donna?!?

Donna: Aphmau! Are you hurt!?

Aphmau: *Chuckely sigh* I don't understand why your here, but....it depends on what kind of hurt you mean I feel utterly betrayed right now Donna.

Donna: ...I heard. The traitor was Brian all along. I-I still can't believe that...how is Dale going to take this!?! How could Brian betray Phoenix Drop like that..? HE WAS BORN AND RAISED HERE!

Aphmau: There's absolutely nothing we can do about it now.



Aphmau: She's going to have to know, Donna.

Donna: .....

.....Now that I think back on Brian...I remember Molly telling me something about him...you see..Dale was so excited to have a son that he sent him to guard academy as soon as he was old enough...I wonder if...if something happened to him there that caused him to change

Molly did mention how he seemed different from the little boy she sent there.

.....How do I tell her this kind of thing.....?

Aphmau: I don't even wanna get into it, Donna. I kinda wanna drop the subject. Even though, I'm curious myself. Yip? Huh?

Yip: Daddy Logan is so uptight. I think that' what Mommy Donna likes about him.

Aphmau: Yip!? You stayed in Phoenix Drop?!

Yip: Oh! Yes,um...I asked to since Mommy Donna was staying. Daddy Logan then put me in charge of protecting her. Oh, look! My furr changed color because I've been claimed by my parents and my dad is a wolf of brown fur- isn't that cool!!?

Aphmau: (giggles) You know Yip, I could be so mad at you right now, but....I don't think you understand the repercussions of what could have happened, but...(sighs) I'm glad that you're not paying attention to everything just yet. You're too young to know about that kind of stuff. Logan.

Logan: Lord Aphmau, I didn't know you had such valor on the battle field.

Aphmau: Logan? You were in battle?

Logan: Of course I was. This is my home village is it not? I'm also a very capable fighter.

Though, I'm not too happy with Donna right now.

Aphmau: Why? She's alive!

Logan: She is alive, thank Irene

Still....I did not want her to remain here with me. I wanted her to go with Yip on the boat with everyone else. She insisted that she could make a difference here and help heal the injured- which makes sense, she's always had a knack for healing people.

Still...she purposely put herself in danger. I'm not too happy about that, but...you're right. She's alive and peace is upon us. I shouldn't be too upset with her.

Aphmau: Logan....thank you

Logan: For what? Doing my part? Hahaha! You've got some nerve to assume me fighting was for you. It was for the village as a whole. Now...stop talking to me and go make sure everyone you care about is all right.

Aphmau: Same as always, Logan. Just.. .big ole jerk on the inside. Well, jerk on the outside, softy on the inside. I'm sorry.

Umm...alright Um...the plaza. I wanted to see because there were so many who got..Ooh, wait. Oh ,Luc- What? Lucinda's there? What? Wait.

Azura, what's gong on over here?

Azura: Happy to report that the peace seems to have settled in. Hayden and a few others have taken patrol outside of the gates. The wolf tribe is sniffing out any allied with O'Khasis or even Zane if they're lucky. Right now everyone is scattered trying to do their best to help others. Glad to see you are doing the same.

Aphmau: (Sighs) Yeah. I'm trying my best. More so trying not to sulk and just get more active. Uh...why are you dancing exactly? This isn't the time to...

Luke: HA! Thought you boys could out run this old man, eh? I may be old, but I'm in the best shape if my life! HAR! HAR! HAR!

Aphmau: Well, I guess they're all here. At least a good portion of them.

Lucinda; Well, haven't seen you in some time Lord Aphmau.

Aphmau: Lucinda!? Why are you here?

Lucinda: I'm here because I'm a fighter, not a coward to run like a wolf with it's tail between it's legs. i was the second line of defense within the walls. Though really that Azura should have put me at the walls- I heard Black Mages broke through the walls-of course i could have stopped them with a counter spell.

Aphmau: Then, why weren't you at the wall?

Lucinda: Hmph,because...Azura said that I had to wear armor that covered my curves. Look, I'm a warrior but I'm not changing my clothes to be in some clunky armor set. She didn't seem to understand that I can conjure up invisible armor that's just as good. Does she think I'm some kind of dumb woman? Hmph, but...I didn't want to argue with her due to the serious nature of the war.

Aphmau: I'm glad to have a friend like you.

Lucinda: Hey, stop getting mushy on me. We've got more work to do. My father and I rounded up who we could of the O'Khasis guards. There's not too many left thanks to the Scaleswind Guard. We'll make sure the ones that are left behind are cleaned up.

Aphmau; Alright. Thank You, Lucinda. I really appreciate this. I wonder....Can you tell me where Z-

This is gonna be weird to ask, but can you tell me where Zane went?

O'Khasis Guard: We will never betray O'khasis or our Priest Zane!

Aphmau: Alright. Fine.

Um...Oh my gosh, the village is in such shambles right now.

Oh my gosh! Wow.Yeah.

Um..Kawaii-Chan? What? You too?

Kawaii-Chan:Ah! Aphmau-Senpai!


Kawaii-Chan: Hm? Oh! Kawaii-Chan sat that Lucinda-Chan was staying to fight so..well.. Kawaii-Chan wasn't going to let Lucinda have all the fun. Both Lucinda-Chan and Kawaii-Chan were put on the second line of defense seeing as we're both very powerful magicks and witchcraft users. Thankfully, we weren't need for the battle as it ended in peace but, now Kawaii-Chan is glad she stayed-she's healing all the injured back to health.

Oh! Please don't move sir! Sorry Aphmau-Senpai, Kawaii-Chan has to get back to work.

Aphmau: I swear you..you and Lucinda are such sweethearts.


Sota: Ah, Lord Aphmau..a pleasure to see you again.

Aphmau: Um, who are you?

Sota: Hm, don't remember me I see! Well, rightfully so we've only met once. I was the guard who greeted you when you last visited Scaleswind. Although back then i wasn't aware you were a Lord. I am the Head Guard of Scaleswind. Has the Lord of Scaleswind given you your invitation?

Aphmau: he's been busy helping me clean up.

Sota: I see, and rightfully doing so he is.

I might as well tell you what we discussed then. We both want to extend an invite to you and your people to reside in Scaleswind until the damage has been cleaned up here. We understand you might want not take up our offer, however know that it's there should you need refuge for any reason. Now, I'm going back to my task at hand.

Aphmau: Okay..Um..Thank you for the kind offer. I really appreciate that and I'm so sorry I didn't recall you.

Katelyn, I saw you come down here a few times. What are you doing? Oh my god. oh, even Kawaii-Chan's place is destroyed.

Katelyn: Azura really should have put the magicks users on the front line. They probably would have stopped the wall from being torn down. Though...I understand why she was reluctant to do so...it's only been recent that more magicks users who specialize in other abilities started to participate in battles, but...Oh well, what's done is done.

Aphmau: Yeah. Can't go back on it now. I'm just glad we didn't need the second line of defense.

Oh, it's one of the.. I believe this. I'm sorry i don't recognize your uniform. Are you a..

Bright Port Guard: Nothing to report mam'!

Aphmau: Alright. I'm gonna go check on the outside now. I think that that's best that i go check and try to help either find Zane or just do something that would help the entire village. Maybe even bring some back , some injured back. I-I just.

Aphmau: (Gasps) Laurance! Get Up! Someone Help!

Laurance is laying down in bed

Aphmau: He's coming too. Laurance!

Laurance: Uggh.....

Aphmau: Laurance, please don't leave me...

Laurance: Leave you? Heh, you'd have to do something pretty stupid for me to ever even consider that...oww..where am I?

Aphmau: in your room, I found you unconscious

Laurance: Unconscious....? That doesn't sound like me...GAH My head really hurts! Whoever knocked me out---...wait...knocked me out...?


Aphmau: Nobody's seen Garroth since the peace started Laurance.

Laurance: NO! LORD APHMAU!


Aphmau: W-What?! Laurance I think you hit your head too hard. You're delusional right now.

Laurance: Look into my eyes Aphmau.

Garroth took the amulet. He knocked me out and, he took the amulet from my pocket...

Lord Aphmau, I have no idea what he's thinking, but as long as that amulet is on him he's a target for Zane's onslaught. We need to find him. NOW!

Aphmau: Why would he?! What!?

Dante: Garroth...why? We need to get Kenmur, his invention can help us find Garroth faster!

Aphmau: I agree.

Katelyn: Let me help look for Garroth with you..If he took the amulet, I've got a bad feeling about this.

Aphmau: Yeah. Laurance, if you're well enough to come with us, please do. Let's start a search party for Garroth now! Quickly!

Aphmau: Wait! Wait! Dante! Dante, I need you to stay back and protect the village. Please. We all can't go. I'm trusting you.

The gang leave Dante behind to guard the village

Aphmau: Uh..

Aaron: I see you've finally caught up.

Garroth went out this way.. I've been tracking him, but we'll lose him if we don't get to him now.

Aphmau: Why would he take the amulet?

Aaron: He must be taking it to Zane. Zane knows that amulet can take him to whatever dimension he desires..

Aphmau: Why would he want to go to another dimension?

Aaron: I have no idea.

It's Zane...whatever he's up to, can't be good

Aphmau: Wait...The Nether!

Aaron: ...We need to stop Garroth now.

Aphmau: Lead the way now.

Aaron: Let's go, he went into the woods.


Aphmau: Alright. Kenmur, are you ready?

Kenmur: I'll keep an eye out for any heat signatures. If we're close to him, I'll see it.

Aphmau: Alright. I'm sure Dante will be fine protecting the village on his own for a little bit. Let's go!

Garroth and Zane exchanging amulets.

Aphmau: Garroth! Garroth, what are you doing?!

Zane: (Laughs) You're too late. Lord Aphmau. Garroth is now a member of the jury of nine. He faithfully serves me.

Aphmau: Wh-What!!?

Laurance: You obviously have him under some spell! Let him go, Now!

Laurance charges after Zane

Garroth: Zane does not control my actions. He guides me down the right path. My loyalties rest with him now.

Laurance: Garroth, you have to be kidding me. What happened to you?

Zane: (Laughs) Can't you tell little Laurance, Garroth has become a faithful member of the jury of nine. My devoted guard.

Aphmau:N-No. You're Lying!

Zane: It was so easy to corrupt my poor poor big brother here. After all, the one thing he cared for in his life was suddenly ripped from him by someone who he considered to be his loyal friend. The one person he loved and the person he trusted having a relationship right behind his back. How pathetic big brother! I can't believe you ever loved such a backstabbing woman in the first place. Now Lillian here, she's a woman of great loyalty to me. I'm glad she was there to talk to you when you needed someone, Garroth. I sent her to check on my beloved brother.

Garroth: Lillian was able to talk me out of being foolish and trusting Lord Aphmau with my heart. I know better now.

Zane: Then show them exactly what you are.

Laurance: YEAHHHHHH!!!!!!

Aphmau: Garroth, why?

Zane: This is the four members of the nine taken when they unleash their full potential. Can't you feel the darkness radiating from his heart? (Laughs)

Look what we have here, another traitor.

Garroth, relinquish her of her jury title, now!

Garroth and Katelyn Battle out, Garroth Wins

Zane: You don't deserve this power. I know you like Jeffrey are not truly loyal to me.

Laurance: You won't get away with this, you coward! Come here and fight me yourself!

Zane: I would love to. I truly would, however with this amulet in my hands, I don't need to waste my time with the likes of you.

Teleported to another dimension

Aphmau: I don't understand.

Aaron: W-Where are we...?

Aphmau: Where are we is exactly what I want to know.

Katelyn: This place is giving me a very ominous feeling.

Laurance: Wherever we are, Zane and Garroth have to be around here somewhere.


Aphmau: What?

Kenmur: Emmalyn...?


Kenmur: Emmalyn, calm down... I thought you'd be ecstatic to be in such an honorable place...?


Aaron: I'm sorry, but..this is our one chance to stop Zane. I'm afraid this opportunity is too good to pas up.

Laurance: ....I agree with him. We need to take this time to stop Zane here and now.

Katelyn: I see...then that means...if we're able to stop him here or even allow 100 years to pass...we can better the world either way. I'm in.



Aphmau: I'm sure they'll be fine. Emmalyn knows so much about this dimension she-

Aaron: Zane is inside..if what Emmalyn said is true, then he wants Irene's power. Are you all ready to face him and Garroth?

Laurance: We have to do this

Aphmau: I agree with you Laurance. We have to do this

Katelyn: I agree

Aphmau: Let's go.

Zane: Finally! It's mine! Irene's relic. With this added to my strength I will-

Aphmau: What the!??

Zane: Th-This is Impossible! You can't be her! No. I have worked too hard and killed too many useless plans for this to happen to me now. That relic will be mine even if I have to rip you apart to get it's power.

(Laughs) Ripping you apart is something I've wanted to do for so long. It's a shame you have to die really. We could have been something special together.

Aphmau: You know that would never happen.

Zane: (Laughs) What a shame. You?

Aaron: You won't get out of here this time.

Zane: Funny. I was about to say that to you as well.

Laurance: Garroth, why are you doing this?

Garroth: Zane is the only one who cares for me and is a true brother.

Laurance: Are you even listening to yourself right now? He tried to hurt the people you are sworn to protect.

Garroth: How can I protect when my heart was ripped to sherds by the woman I love? The so called brother I trusted.

Laurance; Garroth, Snap out of it! If this is about Aphmau and love, then why?

Garroth: What do you mean?

What do you mean? You no doubt know why!

Laurance: Garroth, I understand that you love Aphmau, however you have to be willing to accept the fact that she might not return those feelings. Don't you see how corrupt this has made you become?

Garroth: (Groans)

Laurance: Look at me. You are not defined by the person you love.You are Garroth, protector of the innocent, sworn to care and love for those in need. When did the Garroth I know allow himself to be consumed by one person's love? You cannot be jealous of every man she meets forever. It'll just drive here away from you. You have to let go before you can truly be Garroth. Garroth worthy to protect others.

Zane: (Laughs) What a pathetic fool. I should have killed you along with your entire village that day. I'm gonna curse you. Now...for you.

Aphmau: When I get my hands on you Zane.

Zane: Don't worry, I'm losing my fiance. Remember? You promised me your hand at the wall. This will hurt you more than it hurts me.

Garroth: I was blinded by your eyes.

Zane: Oh look, you've come to senses. Such a shame. I was enjoying our quality time together. Now I have to kill you too.

Laurance: Quickly, Let's get out of here now!

Zane: No! You will not get out of here alive!

Garroth: Good. I'll hold him off.

Aphmau: Garroth?

Garroth: This is my fault. I should have known better. Run Aphmau. Now Go. be with someone who deserves you.

Aphmau: Garroth, No! I can't leave you behind.

Garroth: I said go.

Now..let's end this Zane.