This page contains the majority of ships found in the shows: MyStreet, Phoenix Drop High, Minecraft Diaries, Mod Mod World, Falcon Claw University, HeartPoint, My Inner Demons, and every other series ever.EDIT: Hi there! I saw how unorganized this was so I decided to edit it! :3 P.S there wasn't any ship names for My inner demons so I made them up. Don't hate on this pleb. <3

My Inner Demons SHIPS

  • Noiva (Noi x Ava) SHIP <3
  • Ascha (Asch x Ava)
  • Rhysa (Rhys x Ava)
  • Leifa (Leif x Ava)
  • Peirca (Peirce x Ava)
  • Jakea (Jake x Ava)
  • Piernoi (Noi x Pierce)
  • Rhasch (Rhys x Asch)  
  • Roi (Rhys x Noi)  
  • Leifva (Leif x Ava)  
  • Peirsch (Peirce x Asch)  
  • Roirce (Rhys x Noi x Peirce)  
  • Noif (Leif x Noi)  
  • Avalai (Ava x Lorelai)  
  • Andvon (Andrew x Devon, AKA Ava's dads)  

Phoenix Drop High SHIPS *holy cow soo many SHIPS

  •  Garmau (Garroth X Aphmau)
  • Aarmau (Aaron X Aphmau) [Canon in MyStreet] [Aphmau's Ship]
  • Zene (Zane x Gene)
  • Zanchi (Zane X Michi)
  • Jeffmau (Jeffory X Aphmau)
  • Brendmau (Brendan X Aphmau)
  • Danmau (Dante X Aphmau)
  • Michimau/Michmau (Michi X Aphmau)
  • Laurlyn (Katelyn X Laurance)
  • Jefflyn (Jeffory X Katelyn)
  • Fenbby (Fenrir X Abby)
  • Brendan~Chan (Kawaii~Chan X Brendan)
  • Genemau (Gene X Aphmau)
  • Zenmau (Zenix X Aphmau)
  • Einmau (Ein X Aphmau) [Sunk due to Ein's psychopathic tendencies, as well as the two being half-siblings.]
  • Kaimau (Kai X Aphmau) [Previously canon]
  • Garrance (Garroth x Laurance) [Pseudocanon]
  • Vylante (Vylad x Dante)
  • Katemau (Katelyn x Aphmau)
  • Katelyn~Chan (Katelyn x Kawaii~Chan)
  • Garrdenza (Garroth × Cadenza)
  • Jylan (June x Rylan)
  • Kawaiimau/Aph~Chan (Aphmau x Kawaii~Chan)
  • Blottie/Daze (Blaze X Dottie)
  • Blaniel (Blaze x Daniel) [Pseudocanon]
  • Blaaron (Blaze X Aaron) [Pseudocanon]
  • Reesemau (Reese X Aphmau)
  • Melimau (Melissa X Aphmau)
  • Garrissa (Garroth X Melissa)
  • Bune (Blaze X June)
  • Danielmau (Daniel X Aphmau) [Sibling 'ish' ship]
  • Rymau (Rylan X Aphmau)
  • Dotmau (Dottie X Aphmau)
  • Kaceymau (Kacey X Aphmau)]
  • Blaze~Chan (Blaze and Kawaii-chan) [Aphmau's ship]
  • Aarchi (Aaron X Michi)
  • Garlyn (Garroth x Katelyn)
  • Garvy (Garroth x Ivy)
  • Sylack (Sylvanna X Zack) [Broken Ship as they divorced]
  • Ericbeth (Eric X Elizabeth) [Broken Ship as they divorced]
  • Teovy (Teony X Ivy)
  • Dotniel (Daniel X Dottie)
  • Kimcinda (Kim X Lucinda)
  • Jenron (Jenny x Aaron)
  • Jenmack (Jenny x Mack)
  • Laurkim (Laurance x Kim)
  • Laur~Chan (Laurance x Kawaii~Chan)
  • Danvis (Dante x Travis) 
  • Garcinda (Garroth x Lucinda) 
  • Kei/kein (Ein x Kai)
  • Kazein (Blaze x Ein x Kai)
  • Eichi (Michi x Ein) AKA just a REALLY scary ship.Brr... 
  • Aarlyn (Aaron x Katelyn) 


  • Katelyn~Chan (Katelyn x Kawaii~Chan)
  • Katemau~chan (Katelyn x Aphmau x Kawaii~Chan)
  • Katecinda (Katelyn x Lucinda)
  • Travlyn ( Travis x Katelyn)
  • Gardenza (Garroth x Cadenza from Mystreet)
  • Garcinda (Garroth x Lucinda)
  • Aarmau (Aaron x Aphmau)
  • Garmau ( Garroth x Aphmau)
  • Larmau ( Laurence x Aphmau)
  • Zane~Chan (Zane x Kawaii~Chan)
  • Zanvis (Zane x Travis)
  • Laurcinda (Laurence x Lucinda
  • Melcinda (Melissa x Lucinda)
  • Ivancinda (Ivan x Lucinda)
  • Melkimcinda (Melissa x Kim x Lucinda)


  • Ryomau (Ryo x Aphmau) [Canon]


  • Huntebell (Hunter x Annabell)
  • Keonter (Hunter x Keori)
  • Anneori (Annabel x Keori)


  • Garmau (Garroth x Aphmau)
  • Laurmau (Laurance x Aphmau)
  • Lonna (Logan x Donna)
  • Yipona (Leona x Yip)
  • Leonachant/Liona/Leochant/ (Liochant x Leona)
  • Kylexis (Kyle x Alexis)
  • Dolly (Dale x Molly)
  • Coma (Corey x Emma)
  • Bissa (Brendan x Issa)

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