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Abs-olutly Lovers


(The video starts with the screen rippling, like in a dream, then straightening out and showing Aphmau and Aaron holding hands and talking)

Aphmau: I'm- I'm so sorry, I didn't mean for this to happen. Laurance and Garroth are just— jealous butt heads.

Aaron: It's alright.

Aphmau: I wish there was a way I could make it up to you and your rock hard abs. I mean, whoops.

Aaron: What's wrong?

Aphmau: It's just, Aaron, I've always had these feelings for you since I've met you. Kiss me.

(The image ripples before sliding away as the screen shows Laurance and Garroth talking)

Laurance: That's not what they're doing right now, Garroth!

Garroth: She's still with him, even after we spent the entire day trying to break them apart. She fell into his arms, had breakfast with him, pretty much showed him off to her friends, went to a cake shop, and had cake together, then dinner, and saw him in his boxers! How could she not be in love with him by now! She's even taking him to the movies tonight!(i mean…he has a point)

Laurance: She said she was taking him because she wanted to make up for what we did to 'im. (sighs) Look, I've been thinking, maybe we are just being completely irrational and jealous. (You think?) Looking over our actions after just one whole day, no wonder she doesn't want to tell us where she's moving to. I'm thinking we just order a pizza and call it a night. If she's going to go out anywhere with Aaron, it's really none of our business. I just— think we overreacted.

Garroth: Uh— ye— uh, you're right. I don't blame her if she gets with Aaron. If anything, we just pushed them together more. Should we get an outside opinion or something? Maybe we just need someone to talk some sense into us.

Laurance: You're right. Let me give them a call.

(The screen changes to show Dante standing up and talking to Laurance and Garroth, who are sitting on a couch) (Who decided Dante was a good person to go to if you want sense?!)

Laurance: That's the whole story.

Dante: Wow. First off, how dare you guys not invite me to Olive Garden!

Laurance: Sorry, it was a spur of the moment kind of thing. Plus, Nicole was there and I didn't think you'd want to come.

Dante: W-What?! Why would you think that?!

Garroth: Oh come on, Dante. It's pretty obvious.

Dante: Okay, whatever you're thinking, stop. Plus, I wouldn't be talking about the obvious if I were you, Garroth. Second, I don't think you guys are overreacting at all!

Laurance: What?

Garroth: Are you serious?

Dante: Absolutely! Look, you guys have liked Aphmau for how long? And here comes this Mr. Handsome Dreamboat in to sweep her off her feet! He's basically challenging you guys for her hand!

Laurance: Wait, I-I don't think that's—

Garroth: I knew it!

Dante: Look, I think you guys are going at this issue the wrong way. Why don't you guys find another girl to pretend fight over to make Aphmau jealous!

Laurance: That's... actually... not a bad idea.

Garroth: Hmm, never thought of that. Do you think she'll get jealous of that? How would that help us?

Dante: I'm one hundred percent sure she'll get jealous. Look, it'll go like this.

(The screen slides down to show Aphmau in front of the movie theater)

Aphmau: Garroth, Laurance, why are you guys fighting over her, and not me? I-I can't believe I would miss the attention so much from you guys. Ugh, forget stupid sexy Aaron, you are both my boyfriend now.

(The screen slides back up to show Dante standing in front of Garroth and Laurance again. Dante turns around and makes kissing sounds)

Garroth: Uh, I'm pretty sure we can't both be her boyfriend at the same time, but I get what you mean. It will make her appreciate us.

Dante: Exactly! Now, where can we find a girl evil enough to go along with such a plan?

(The screen fades out and comes up on Aphmau and Aaron standing in front of the movie theater)

Aphmau: (sighs) What?

Aaron: Are you okay?

Aphmau: No, no, I'm not okay. I'm not okay at all, it's—

Aaron: What's wrong...?

Aphmau: I— (sighs) I feel— (takes a deep breath) I feel like— (sighs again) everything that has happened to you today that was just, over the top, and (sighs again) just, terrible, I feel like it was all my fault. I- I didn't mean for you to go through all the shenanigans that Laurance and Garroth have put you through, and, (sighs) the fact that you had to walk out of the bathroom with just your boxers on at the restaurant? (makes exasperated gaspy noises) That must have been so embarrassing for you, and I'm so sorry, it's just— (sighs) (FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME)

Aaron: ...I walk around with no shirt all the time. It was like I was just wearing shorts. It's not a big deal.

Aphmau: (sighs) It's— Aaron, I know, and, I know I invited you to the movies tonight, but I-I don't think this is a good idea after all. I-I seriously don't think it's—

Aaron: ...A-Aphmau?

Aphmau: Look, I'm- I'm really sorry, but I think we should just both go back to our own homes now. Um, I'm so sorry to back out after this, after asking you here, I-I feel really bad for that, but, (sighs) I just have this feeling like things are going to go wrong and I don't want to put you through any more humiliation. Look, I'm sorry, Aaron. I'll see you some other time. (Aphmau turns to walk off, but Aaron grabs her hand) Huh?

Aaron: ...You're not going anywhere.

Aphmau: W-what? I— (sighs)

Aaron: I've had fun today, even with Garroth and Laurance assuming things. Let them assume. You and I know we're both friends and I'm not going to let their jealousy come between that.

Aphmau: Uh— bu-but—

Aaron: This is my request: Will you go to the movies with me? As my date.

Aphmau: W-Wait, wait wait wait what?! But we-we're already here, plus you said we're just friends!

Aaron: I have zero doubts in my mind that they'll show up here. How may times today have you told them we're just friends? Why not just play their game and let them be jealous. Their petty envy is just going to make the night worse. Just go along with it. It's not like a date-date like I plan to kiss you or anything. It's just a title we're giving it. If they show up we can act that way but seriously, let's just call it a date and have fun.

Aphmau: Uh— wha— I get it. Well then, (clears her throat) Aaron, I accept your request for a date. Heh.

Aaron: Well then, shall we go inside?

Aphmau: Uh, sure! Yeah! Um, is there any movie in particular you want to see, 'cause there's a bunch of old ones, actually.

Aaron: I don't have anything in mind... Um...

Aphmau: Hmm, well let's see, a few of them, I've actually— let's see. (takes a deep breath) Huh. Um, I actually like animation features if you didn't know, I'm not a big fan of like, um, I don't know, I don't feel like watching Jurassic World or Pixels, Inside Out was really good, um, so is Minions, I actually didn't get to see all of that but I've seen a small preview of it, and Big Hero 6, oh my gosh. So we have quite a bit to choose from. Um, honestly, huh, let's see, I can't think. What do you— do you have an idea, Aaron? Or... like do you have anything in mind that you want to see, or...

Aaron: I can't decide, why don't we just give that list to the ticket booth guy and tell him to pick at random for us?

Aphmau: Sure, yeah, sounds good. Um, okay, I hope these signs don't mean that we get that movie, but let's see. (She walks up to the ticket booth below the Inside Out poster) Hello!

Laira: Ah a Roulette eh? Here you go! Enjoy the movie!

Aphmau: Oh, well thank you, thank you very much! Uh, may I please have my ticket, Mr? If you don't mind giving me the ticket, there we go. Oh, there you go. Jeez. Oh, oh, uh, heheh I- I guess, sorry about that, did you get your ticket, Aaron? So, I guess we actually are going to go see Inside Out special screening, um, heheh.

Aaron: Cool.

Aphmau: Yeah. Heh. Uh, let's see, uh, where should we— oh, oh yeah, that's right! Let's go get a few snacks, and then we can go to the movie, alright? Um, man, this one's— man, every time I come to the movies, I've been getting really lucky with like no lines being here. Um, do you have anything in mind, Aaron? Like, do you wanna, do you want me to get you something, or—

Aaron: I don't have a preference. I'll let you pick, to be honest though, I'm not really hungry.

Aphmau: Oh, well I guess we just, heh, I guess we just did get out of Olive Garden and everything, so, alright, so yeah, let me pick a few things, um, give me a second. I'm going to— I'm gonna put the ticket right there, um, I'll grab you a few things, actually.

(Aphmau turns to the food service worker)

Aphmau: Uh, let's see, um, I'm going to grab, you know what, I really like these strawberry smoothies here, I'm going to grab 2 of them, and I'm just going to grab a bunch of tacos, and popcorn I think. Yeah, let's just grab all the popcorn I can. There we go. I grabbed all that popcorn, hahaha! I hope Aaron doesn't think I'm a pig. Should I put some away? No, I should get a healthy choice, like a, um, there's not really anything healthy on here. I guess pickles are healthy, I could just grab a bunch of pickles, let's grab a bunch of 'em. That way he doesn't— I'll just keep this in my pocket, the popcorn in my pocket, and I'll get some tacos and pickles, which sounds disgusting, but okay, fine, hehehe! Ah, alright, Aaron? Uh, where'd you go? Where'd you—

(Aphmau sees Aaron and walks over to him)

Aphmau: Oh, there you are. Heh, hey look at these little guys! Aren't they cute! Oh, I see why they're here. Ha. Alright, um, ready to go? Come on, let's go grab a seat. Oh, I grabbed you some pickles, here you go. I don't—(she gives him the pickles) they're very healthy, um, hehehe, yes. Just, pre—

Aaron: ...

Aphmau: Hehe! Ah, hehehe! They're- they are really, really healthy. (They're just pickles, there are many healthier vegetables (if pickles even count as vegetables)) And, I-I'm not hoarding any tacos or anything like that. Uh, how about we sit over here? Here we go. Uh, alright. Movie hasn't started yet. Here you go. And, ah! Hehe!

(The camera changes to show Laurance, Garroth, and Michi, who just waled into the theater and noticed Aphmau and Aaron)

Laurance: There they are. Michi, are you ready?

Michi: Does this mean that Laurance will date Michi later?

Laurance: I will never date you. Not after what happened.

Michi: Heh, fine. But I better be getting lots of yummy diamonds for this.

Garroth: Laurance, how dare you turn down such a stunning beauty like Michi. You should totally Date Michi, and forget all about Aphmau, who I can totally take care of for you. Uh, me.

Laurance: I know we're on friendly competition Garroth, but if you ever say that again, I will end you.

Michi: Say, you're not too bad looking either, Garroth.

Laurance: Stop, you two. Come on, let's go sit in front of them.

(The screen fades out to show Aphmau and Aaron as they watch Garroth, Laurance, and Michi walk over)

Aphmau: Oh my Irene. I knew it.

Laurance: Oh, hi there Aphmau, Aaron. Don't mind us, we're just here with our... new love interest Michi.

Garroth: Yes! She is very beautiful. I hope to... be... her... uh, boy... friend... one day.

Laurance: No, Garroth, I hope I don't ever find you and Michi in the forest making out, and assume that it's really you guys, and and up going evil for a period of time to work with my brother to doom the land. (Wow Laurance, and for those of you who don't know, this is a reference to the last few episodes of MCD S1 where that happens but where Garroth sees a fake version of Aphmau and Laurance making out in the forest)

Garroth: A guy goes evil one time and never lives it down!

Aphmau: Guys, just- uh!

(Aaron puts his arm around Aphmau and she blushes)

Garroth: What the!

Laurance: Aphmau! Why aren't you pulling away?!

Aaron: Maybe because we're really on a date, thanks to you guys.

Laurance: Uh! Aaron!

Garroth: That's it! I've had enough of him!

(A hissing noise sounds and the screen goes gray before revealing Garroth in his MCD Jury of Nine form and Laurance in his MCD Shadow Knight form. Then, the outro music starts to play)

Garroth and Laurance: (in strange voices pertaining to their new forms) You'll regret the day you met us! Prepare for battle.

Aaron: (with his arms still around Aphmau) Heh, bring it. I have the ultimate weapon.

(Aaron snaps his fingers, and a bunch of screaming fangirls appear)

Laurance: (In his normal voice, at the same time as Garroth) Ah, okay! I get it, you win! Ah ah ah! Where's my fangirl army at a time like this!? AH!!!!!!

Garroth: (in his normal voice, at the same time as Laurance) AH ah ah!!!!! (breating heavily) AHHHHH!

(The camera pans across part of the movie theater and the outro plays)