The Double Date
MyStreet 2 10
Season 2, Episode 10
Post Date July 5, 2016
Duration 14:32
Written By *Aphmau
  • Castor
  • Kristina
Directed By
Produced By Dom
Edited By
Storyboarded By
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"How Dante Got his Groove Back"
"Zane's Pants"
"The Double Date" is the 10th episode of the second season of MyStreet and the 45th episode overall. It premiered on July 5th, 2016.


"Travis and Katelyn go on a date, but they prepare for trouble and decide to make it double!"

Summary Edit

Travis and Katelyn go on a date but not only that it's a DOUBLE date and SURPRISE! Ivy is with Garroth(and Garroth isn't even freaking out anymore)! And not only that, But the restaurant's service is REALLY bad so Aaron and Aphmau pretend to work at the restaurant and make Travis's and Katelyn's date the best!

Characters Edit


  • Travis' paradise outfit is finally shown. He wears a light sea green shirt with a yellow design on the front and green shorts.
  • Ivy's voice actor had a fill in, Vopsea, during the duration of the episode.
  • Aphmau mentions knowing Aaron for a long time, referencing the prequel series MyStreet Phoenix Drop High.
  • According to Ivy, it's been 10 years since she's seen Garroth
  • Aphmau's waitress outfit and Aaron's "Scary Face" makes a return.
  • Ivy is revealed to have lisp, causing her to mispronounce Garroth's name constantly.
  • At 13:48, there is a person sitting on a chair resembling Sasha. 
  • If you look closely you can see there is no toilet in the stall Ivy came out of in the lady's room.
  • The description is a reference to the Pokemon anime

Video Edit

The Double Date - Love~Love Paradise MyStreet -S2-Ep

The Double Date - Love~Love Paradise MyStreet -S2-Ep.10 Minecraft Roleplay-

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