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The Emerald Secret (Episode)
MyStreet 4 1
Season 4, Episode 1
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February 4, 2017



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"Aaron and Garroth's Mission"

"Unexpected Visitors"

"The Emerald Secret (Episode)" is the first episode of the fourth season of MyStreet


"The first episode of MyStreet Season 4!
This time, Aaron, Garroth, Lucinda and Kim are in a new place... what mysteries await them...?"


On the road, the weather turns to snow as Aaron, Garroth, Lucinda, and Kim continue their drive to the property. Pulling to the front of the house, the four unpack their luggage and prepare to enter inside. Looking up, Aaron immediately notice the abandoned state of the building with the others agreeing with him. Through Garroth's optimism, the group enters the house, despite Aaron's anticipation on the offer from his parents and Lucinda misplacing potions and wand. 

Back in MyStreet, Eli III finds Lucinda's bag and splashes one potion, conjuring two cats to start his feline army. 

Upon entering the house, the group discovers that the electricity of the house is off. Per Kim's suggestion, she goes outside to search for the circuit breaker, much to Lucinda's suspicion. With no options left, Garroth calls his parents but it fails due to the absent of service. The three wait for Kim's return as Aaron's thinks of Aphmau. 

Back in MyStreet again, Aphmau prepares for her trip to the property, but Zane's overprotective nature is released. Finishing up her packing, a knock in the door is heard. 

At the door were Levin and Malachi, requesting to see Aaron. As Aphmau informs the Phoenix brothers on his absence, Zane welcomes them in to know more of the property and his parents' recent purchase. Malachi begins telling the issue on the property.

Back at property, Kim's search comes to a close before a howl from the distance scares her. She contemplates on her decision on joining the trip and the luxuries she had left prior. Picking up the paper the guys had dropped, she runs back inside after a third howl echoes.

After looking around the first floor, Aaron decides to split up as a spooked Kim runs inside. With no luck on the fuse box, the four splits up into groups of two: Aaron and Lucinda, serving as one group and Garroth and Kim as the other. Before their search, Lucinda warns the others to keep on their toes. The four split up to start the search of the fuse box. Moments later, Garroth and Kim look around but as they leave the area, the painting on the wall glows.

In Aphmau's home, Malachi and Levin explain the property's status and owners. Zane reacts negatively as his parents did not ask him to join Garroth. Levin clarify the property's history and its previous owner, who had passed away. Levin whispers to his brother on an important detail, the boiler, which Aphmau overhears. Demanding answers, Levin slips up and tells Aphmau on the boiler possibly exploding upon contact, shocking Aphmau.

Back at the property, the four regroups, finding nothing on the first floor. Kim brings up the letter from Garroth and Aaron's parents, respectively. Reading the letter, the group learns on the nonexistent of Internet service and the location of the fuse box and boiler.

Rushing to the garage, Aaron turns the fuse box on, lighting the inside of the property up. Garroth runs to the boiler to start it, but on contact, it explodes and blasts away, landing on the ground. Covered in black dust, Garroth walks to a corner to rest with the help of Lucinda and Kim. As Aaron follows the group, he finds an emerald on the ground.

Outside, the snow storm has not stopped and pack of wolves is seen looking at the property with a hooded woman, behind them, implying to be their leader.



  • Whilst Aphmau's absense, Celestia, Eli III, and Alexander are to stay with Sylvanna and Eric.
  • We don’t see Eli lll and Alexander anymore after this episode.



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