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The End Of Ava
Episode 26
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November 16, 2019



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A POTION To Capture Asch!


"The End Of Ava" is the 26th and final episode of 'My Inner Demons'. It premiered on November 16, 2019.


"Ava doesn't realize what danger she's truly in..."


The episode begins with Ava and Zex heading to the apartment building. When they arrive Ava goes in first to let the Daemos know. The title card plays as we see the Daemos in Ava's apartment. Rhys then brings up the fact that they have to head back to Daemos. Leif and Noi reject it saying it is better on Earth on than Daemos. Rhys finally reveals Lady Grandma's plan to bring humans back to Daemos to reproduce.

Ava walks in and explains the situation, the Daemos ask why she can't bring her phone to him. Ava goes to give her phone to Zex to find him outside his door. Zex comes in and the Daemos recognize him so when Ava goes to get a charger they pull out weapons. Ava comes back and they hide there weapons.

Ava then decides to make food while her phone charges. When Ava came to get the food for them Zex holds Ava hostage. Zex then tells Ava the true reason why they came to Earth. Asch apologizes to Ava, As Zex drops a potion which makes all the Daemos including Ava get teleported to Daemos. Rhys then uses magic to make Ava have Daemos horns look like a Daemos as they get teleported. Asch and his knights along with Zex are back on Daemos, Zex seperates from the group to find Ava, intending to make her his prisoner. Ava is seen unconcious on the castle steps with pink Daemos horns and her clothes ripped up and destroyed. Rhal finds Ava and takes her inside the castle for future questioning. The episode and the season ends.




The End Of Ava - My Inner Demons -Ep.26- Minecraft Roleplay - FINALE PART -2